Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 23

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 23

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23th Meal: My first time touring the street stall

Yawn! I am so tired, really!
Yes everyone, I am a 5 year old white elf called Eltina.

The moment has arrived!
Today might be the day where my dream of touring the street stalls is finally realized.
Due to being overly excited, I woke up at 4 in the morning.
It felt as if I was a child preparing for an excursion.

However, there was still work to be done in the morning. That’s right.
It took about 1 week to heal all the soldiers who sustained injuries.
Well…it took a long time.

It’s hard to believe that we survived the battle.
I am currently healing the patients under a casual atmosphere.
This was how the healer association used to be ~ it is really touching.

Ordinary citizens also started coming over for treatment.
During war periods, healers would prioritize treatment of soldiers.
As a result, ordinary citizens could only endure before their turn.

Eleanor-san, what would those citizens with injuries do then? I asked her.
It seems the priests from the bigger church would go around to heal people for free.
But it appears that the number of them is also insufficient, so priest like Delkett-jiisan had to travel around to many places.
All the priest also worked hard…

[I was also tasked to help high priest Delkett initially. However…]

She had no choice since she was chosen to help the hero.
Really, the number of healers is severing lacking…

Currently, there are about 100 healers in this country.
Isn’t this number too few in comparison to the number of soldiers? Seriously.
It is thanks to me that the number of casualties reduced to such a small number.

There are 20 healers, 4 priests and me working in the capital’s healer association.
There are also 7 more healers in the returning group of healers.
Among the adventures, there should be a few that are capable to heal injuries.
Well, it is better than having no healers at all… but they really pushed us so hard!
We could only make use of those we could.

The remaining healers were sent to various villages and cities to work.
It seemed that they were not called back, in case the cities or villages suffers from any disaster.
In other words, if those places only had one healer, there wouldn’t be any healers to attend to all of those with injuries.
Furthermore, those healers who were assigned to the remote areas were all excellent A ranked healers.
If they were not A ranked, they wouldn’t be able to use magic to heal diseases easily.
B ranking healers would be exhausted after using that magic once.
I could not understand such feelings as I had been using it multiple times in a row even during training.
However, it should not cost more mana than using my [wide heal] prior to adjustment.
[Wide heal] without any tuning is really terrible. (Roll eyes)

[You drank too much! Control your intake of alcohol!]

[Oo, I did not die!?]

I used [cleanse] to treat the last patient for the morning.
[Cleanse] is a high ranking healing magic, a wonderful ability which is able to remove all abnormal status from a target.
However…that magic, requires a scary amount of magic power.

The mana consumption of it is equivalent to the non-tuned [wide heal].
The [cleanse] I am using now is the product of my tuning.
That is to say, the mana consumption was greatly reduced! Gahaha!

[Take care~]

My job today has ended.
I wrote the patient’s medical condition on the paper.
It’s that fellow’s medial record.

[Thanks for your hard work, Saint-sama. Are you going out today?]

The person that happened to pass by my patient is Tiffany-neechan.
She would be taking over me in the afternoon.

Ooh, her green hair was tied into a ponytail.
This is it, this! Not a man tying ponytail, but a woman tying ponytail.

[Did you change your hairstyle?]

Until now, Tiffany’s hair had always reached her waist.
This new hairstyle is also good, as a ponytail gave her a new image.

[Yes, does it suit me?]

She smiled sweetly and asked.
[It suits you well], I replied and clapped my hands.
It seems that I am also getting excited.

[Thank you very much. That makes me very happy]

This was nothing.
We started chatting subsequently, ohh… Eleanor-san is here.
Oh, was it time already?

[Saint-sama, it is about time, right?]

[I will go change my clothes now!]

Dabadaba~, I hurriedly returned to my room to change my clothes.

I am currently wearing a specially made dress for a saint given to me by Delkett-jiisan.
It was an order-made priest dress for girls.
The dress was gorgeous and emphasized it’s white colour.

Although this dress was great, it would be extremely obvious if it got dirty, as most of it was white.
Hence, I changed into a pink coloured magician-styled clothes that I inherited from the first generation Eltina.
Wearing a green-coloured robe over my clothes and I’m done! …  Of course, I wore my pantsu properly!
Eleanor-san bought some for me!
As expected, I saw it. My butt and girls part.

I am wearing a bear embroidered, the kuma-chan panty. (T.L Kuma = bear)
Unexpectedly, I like it… but this is something I could tell no one!
It’s a secret!!

[Thanks for waiting!]

[Let’s go!] Eleanor-san urged.
My long-awaited touring of the street stalls is about to begin.

[But, before that]

Eleanor-san used lifestyle magic [Hair make], to braid my messy and long hair.
This magic could be considered a necessity for all females.
It is much faster than doing it by hand, and would also not damage your hair.
The magic is based on wind attribute, and is it extremely convenient if you want to braid or tie your hair into a bun.
If your familiarity with the magic increases, it seems that you could create even more amazing hairstyles.
Shall I practice it next time?

[Well then, let’s go?]

We held hands and headed towards the street.

There are people everywhere.
The street stalls were aligned next to each other, some displaying unique items.
The aroma of delicious food drifted through the air.

[Uoooo… street stalls!]

My body was shivering as I felt emotional.
I could finally eat food from the street stalls after being here for so long!!
Well then, what should I eat? How about that skewer?
Ah, it seems that burger-like food is also delicious!!
Impossible! They even have ramen!?
What is this? A heritage of food culture!?

Something then came to my mind.
That reincarnator cheater must have done something here.
Or possibly, those so called heroes summoned in the past might have passed something down.

Well, whatever.
The main problem now was what I should eat.

I would be full just eating one thing.
The quantity of each food item was huge.
The meat on each skewer was extremely long, and the burger itself could even hide my face.

[This must be a challenge aimed towards me]

I accept your challenge!
I choose you! Hamburger!!
I asked Eleanor-san to purchase a burger for me. She did, and even paid for me.
I received the burger and held it in my hands.


Is this beef?
The thick, beef patty was topped with tomatoes and thin slices of diced onions.

[Uwahaha… ojou-chan, can you eat that much? These are prepared for adventures, so the portions are supposed to be huge!]

The friendly shopkeeper said so with pride.

[I will finish it and show you! Itadakimasu!]

I began my challenge eating the hamburger!
The thick, beefy juice of the patty mixed with the slightly sour taste of the tomatoes.
I could also feel the spiciness of the onions.
The bun goes so well with this.
So that was the case… only by eating such a large portion, could one truly enjoy the deliciousness of this burger.

[Hagu, hagu, ngungu…]

Well, I ate half of it, and gave the other half to Eleanor-san.
Although it tasted good, this isn’t something that a 5 years old child could finish.

[I will definitely win next time]

I said and leave the street stalls.
[Please come again!], said the uncle while waving his hand.
I am satisfied today.

As expected, the quantity of food served in this world is so different from that of my previous world.
Of course if you were to look hard enough, you might find the same amount too… but the price would also be high.
The food here is cheap and delicious.
But it is not enough for me. There were still many delicious aromas in the air.
I felt motivated!
I must first conquer all the food in this street.
And then, I will travel around to various places after growing up.
Thus, I need to save money, gain more strength and obtain wisdom.

Hence, I continued doing training in my room today.
I should start training with weapons soon.
However, I could not do so right now due to my affinity with weapons.

There are mountains of things I need to do.
For the sake of tomorrow… Zzz~zzz.

I made Thrust-san angry.
As expected, weapon training is prohibited here.

Even if that was the case, my touring of the street stalls has only just began.
Well then, what should I eat tomorrow?
I climbed onto my bed, filled with expectation for tomorrow.

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