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Cheat na Kaineko Extra 1

Cheat na Kaineko Extra 1

Extra 1: Small rivalry

This story is not from Keiji POV but narrated through a third person POV

— This event occurs on the second day after Misha returned from her training.

[Nee~, Reina, I have something to confirm with you]
Misha approached Reina first thing in the morning.

On a side note, Reina is in-charge of today cooking since Misha overworked herself on the first day she returned.
From now on, cooking and cleaning will be rotated among them.
Hence, the current location is the kitchen. Reina is frying eggs.

[Un, Anego, what’s the matter?]
[That… I want you to be honest, direct… so I ask…]
However, it is also difficult to be so direct.

[This kind of thing… well, although there isn’t a need for me to ask… this…]
[Anego, what are you trying to ask? I can’t understand]

Misha face turned red for reasons unknown to Reina.
Misha could openly express her thoughts to Keiji but was unable to do so to other people.

[T, th, that, when I was out on training… did, did anything happen…?]
[Anything? What do you mean by anything? Anego, it would be hard for a former bandit like myself to understand if you don’t speak clearly]

[What I am asking is, did anything happen between you and Goshujin-sama?!]
Misha shouted after reaching her limits.
This is the matter that is the most important to Misha.

[You see, I, I intended to return after 3 days of special training, but it became 1 week instead… after not being home for so long… during this period of time, did anything happen between you and goshujin-sama?]
Misha started imagining in weird direction so she kept shaking her head while feeling afraid.

[Ahh, so this is what you are asking?]
Reina smiled warily.
[Please do not laugh at this matter… because this is the most important thing to me…]

[Anego. You overthink things. I know the relationship between you and master so I won’t not do anything that would get between the two of you]
Reina lightly tapped Misha’a shoulder.
This is Reina way of asking Misha to trust her.

[Is, is that so… this is for good then…]

[Un, hence, Anego should flirt with master all you want – Ah]
Reina suddenly remembered something.
[I should report this matter…]

[Wait a moment! Just why, did you fall into a deep thought?]
Misha showed an uneasy expression.

[That, although I think it is not a problem… but I should report this matter to you…]
[Eh, tell me everything in detail]

[I went exploring the dungeon with master a short while ago. You see, this happened when we obtained the crown]
[Ahh, regarding that time, so what happen then? It couldn’t be, kiss, you didn’t do something like this…?]

[I, because I am tired, I rested my head on master’s shoulder. I only realized after I woke up. This is the only thing that occurs….]
[In other words, you came into body contact with Goshujin-sama for a long time]
Misha’s basis of criteria are extremely strict.

[Of course, nothing else happen other than that. It seemed that master did not wake me up because he wanted me to rest properly!]
Reina face started blushing when she recall the incident.
Sleeping on someone else shoulder feels like something a lover would do.

[If nothing else happen, don’t start blushing… Also, Goshujin-sama is my property… so you must not touch him…]
[I see… I must also be weird at that time…]

[Is there anything else…?]
Misha continued probing.
[There is nothing else]

[Well, well… I will allow something of this level. Or rather, Goshujin-sama should be the one at fault for not waking you up. Hence, this is not your fault]
It felt that Misha casted off her gloominess.
However, Misha still did not show any happiness in her expression.

[Thinking about the future, it would be safer if I start educating Goshujin-sama]
Misha was thinking that she would never allow him to cheat.

[Ah, that’s right. There is still one more matter but it is not worth mentioning though]
[What is it? Well, it should be something minor for your reaction]
[I wanted to help master wash his back during bathing so I wore an apron after removing all my clothes. However, master appears to panic. I already hide all the parts that should be covered so I wonder what is wrong?]

[If you, you do it on purpose, I will never forgive you!!!]
Misha swear that she will also proactively educate Reina. If not, things will become terrible.

T.L This is the first of two side story before chapter 29!

Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 28

Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Return from training

Then, 5 days had passed since Misha began her training.
Just when I was wondering why she took so long… Okami-san then delivered a letter to me.
On her letter, Misha informed us that her initial plan was to return after 3 days. However, there are too many things to study so she extended her stay.
At the end of the day, Misha only came back after 1 whole week.

[I made you wait!]
Misha returned with excessive confident.
[The me from the past is dead. The current me, is my true self!]
Misha said a statement which seemed like something a religious leader would say.

[Anego, congratulation and thanks for your hard work!]
Reina, why does that sound like something you would say to a prisoner that just got released from jail?
[Fufu, if you think I am the same as before, you will get burn]
What’s that! Are you going to use fire magic?

[First of all, take a look at this place. This room is still no good even though its clean]
Misha used her finger and swipe across the window.
[Look, there are still dirt]

You sounded like a nasty aunt!
[S, sorry, Anego…]
[After all, your standard is only equivalent to someone that knew how to do basic cleaning. On the other hand, I obtained training from an inn which cleanliness is a necessity. We are on a totally different level!]

Misha then silently clean all the hard to reach spot.
[Amazing! Misha is really cleaning! It seemed that spear will rain from the sky!]
[Such a rude guy! Based on my ability, something of this level is nothing to me!]

Certainly, her cleaning is really thorough.
Even Reina said [She is really incredible…] so there is no mistake.

[How is this? Now that you saw that, are you still going to say that I am not good at cleaning?]
[I know, I know. You became really exceptional]
[However, this is not even half of my true power!]

Misha revealed a boastful expression.

[The next is cooking! I will let the two of you eat my cooking!]

[Please make something edible]
[Anego, please let me help you]

[You guys, don’t underestimate me and still think that I am unable to do something so simple]

Then, Misha entered the kitchen and started cooking.

As we are worried, both me and Reina stood behind and observe her.
If a fire breaks out, we must be prepared to stop the fire.

[The two of you! Have some faith in me!]
Her tail is shaking in anger.
We can’t help it judging from her past failure and make us lose confidence in her.

However, it seemed that Misha ability is real.
She is cutting the vegetables skillfully.
From what we could see from the back, she is also using proper seasoning.
She is able to tread wheat flour with eggs so she already showed high skill level compared to before.

[I am a girl that is able to do everything. Goshujin-sama, have to fallen for me again?]
Misha jokingly asked me.

Well then, how does her cooking taste?

  • Milk potage soup with onion.
  • Grilled deer meat. Vegetables were also added to make it a balance diet.
  • And the desert is chiffon cake with grapes.

And bread bought from the neighborhood as an add-on.

[Amazing, no matter how I looked, everything looked so perfect…]
[Anego, did you cast illusion magic on us…?]
[This is reality, and they taste extremely good as well!]

Although Misha told us that, the one judging the taste will be me and Reina.
Let’s first taste the soup.
[T, tasty!]

I unconsciously stood up from my seat.

[Although I could taste the creaminess of the milk, this is still refreshing. In addition, it does not hinder the taste of our main course]

[Anego, it is also delicious soaking the bread into this soup!]
[I know, right? The soup is a mean to make one anticipate the main course. We only pursue its taste after making sure that it does not interfere with the taste of the main course]

Why does this sound like something only a cook could say?
[It must probably be a maid transforming into the appearance of Misha?]
[Goshujin-sama, you doubt me too much!]

However, she really changed a lot since she could do so much.

The deer meat does not smell of beast, the chiffon cake is fluffy so even after eating plenty, I could still keep on eating more.

[Misha, you really trained well and came back…]
[I’m glad you understand]
I hugged and praised her.
It seemed as though Misha have changed.

[Goshujin-sama! I, became exceptional! Hence, you will not dislike me, right!?]
[Baka! How could I possibly dislike you!?]
Please don’t feel unease because of this.
Never once have I dislike Misha.

Ah! That’s right, that’s right. I have not given Misha her reward.
[I have something for you]
I gave Misha the silvery-white crown.

[This is, something for o-hime-sama…]
[Anego, you are suited to be hime-sama!]
Tears formed on Reina’s eye as though she is looking at her daughter getting married.
This fellow really cries easily.

[Thank you, thank you, Goshujin-sama!]
[This suit you whom had been reborned]
Just when I hugged her again, Misha reached her limits.

She returned to her black cat form.
Furthermore, she is swaying back and fore like someone that is drunk.

[S, sorry… I, am too tired…]
[Alright, alright, take a nice and long rest]

On that day, I finally got to hugged Misha in her cat form to sleep.

T.L End of chapter 28!

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Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 27

Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Adventuring with Reina

This is my first time exploring the dungeon with Reina.

We set our goal to B14.
This is because golem will not appear before B14.
There is also close to no risk if we fought with monster other than the golems.
I chose a lower difficulty since this is the first time we form a party.

Recently, I better more familiar with the activities of an adventurer and could rapidly cut down the monsters with my sword.
[Ohhh, as expected of master! Your movement is so crisp!]
[If we are talking about that, your movement is even more crisp]

As it is inappropriate to wear her maid uniform in the dungeon, Reina is wearing cloth that is easy to move in such as short pants.
In other words, her clothes gave her absolutely no defense.

But in return, Reina became extremely agile.
[Haa! Hoo! Yoo!]
She can avoid most of the attack by low level monster.
Then, she threw a small knife at the monster.

Exchanging blow with a Matango (T.L Some mushroom like monster), Reina than thrust her knife into the monster, kicking it to make it loses its balance before giving the finishing blow.

[Ah ~, the movement of my waist became slow, this..]
Reina scratched the back of her head while looking embarrassed.
However, she looked extremely strong in my eye. Is she even stronger in the past?

[Just now, I could not kill the Matango with one kill. If it was me in the past, I could easily kill that level of monster]
[Well, l can’t understand that level of obsession]

As for me, I learnt the way bandit fights.
It is extremely dangerous if they get hit but the rate of evading is high in return.
This fighting style is similar to gambling.
On the other hand, my fighting style is similar to a traditional warrior.

In the way, we proceed further into the dungeon smoothly.
While that’s the case, we only follow the standard route so we didn’t face any difficulties.

[However, I don’t feel any motivation if we explore the dungeon without any clear goal]
Of course, I collected the magic stone with the intention of buying something for Misha.

Reina’s dog ear started twitching.
[Speaking of which, have you heard the rumour of some expensive accessories appearing on B13?]
[Not at all. Previously, we didn’t have the intention to explore every floor in detail. We only enter the dungeon for the sake of raising level…]

[Since that’s the case, let’s set the goal as finding the accessory. Perhaps the one that hid them as bandit like myself. There are some bandits who have the hobbies of hiding their stolen goods in the dungeon]
There are many fellows with weird hobbies in this world. Well, I could not understand their mindset. (T.L How about your obsession with cats?)

Then, we arrived at B12.
We proceed with me leading the way so I wanted to quickly clear this floor and reach B13. However, I found the differences between our occupation.
[Master, let’s search this place carefully!]
[But, there is nothing on this floor?]

However, Reina is looking at a slightly different place.
[I felt something strange around this area]
Then, she slowly knocks on the wall.
Suddenly, it seemed that she pressed on a switch and the wall that I initially thought was normal, moved, and a small room appears.
There is a stair that leads to lower floor.

[Such a thing, how did you do it?]
[Master, this is my animal instinct]
Misha would occasionally show similar actions.
[Those treasures would already be found if we search B13 normally]
Now that you mention about it, that’s definitely the case.

I had seen empty treasure box of various size on B13.
[Alright, the treasure we are looking for should be…]
[Hold on, master. Please don’t open this yet]
Reina stopped me by thrusting her hand.

[There are rumors that accessories could be found on this floor but those treasure chest is still here. Since that’s the case, there should be someone that found this place but could not open the chest. It seemed that this type of chest requires a long time to open even if you are serious]
[The bandit way of living sounds tough…]

Reina took out wire-like item and tried picking the lock.
Around 3 minutes later.
[Finally, its open]
We slowly open the chest.
Rather than an accessory, the item found in the chest is a silver-white crown.

[It seemed this will match that fellow black hair]
[Anego will surely be happy!]
However, soon after, Reina started yawning.
Her yawn is even higher than Misha and it gave off a feeling of a dog.

[My bad, master. I am too excited when opening the chest…]
[This is different from fighting and requires a lot of concentration. Well then, let’s rest for a short while. Let’s sleep for around 30 minutes. Since this is a hidden room, monster will not spawn here]

[You are right, well then, let me sleep for a short while…]
Reina lean her head against the wall and immediately fall asleep.
This is probably the habit she picked up while she was a bandit.
I should also take a short nap.
I attempted to sit beside Reina and sleep.

However, I fail to sleep.
This is because Reina’s head is now leaning on my shoulder.

[This, I must not cheat]
This is how it should be.
While listening to her snoring cutely, I stayed motionless for 30 minutes.

However, Reina showed a bitter expression when she woke after 30 minutes.
[Master, this is being rude to Anego! Please wake me up!]
[Are you over-reacting…?]
[That’s not the case. If, I fall in love with master, things will become complicated…]

I could see Reina face turning red after rejecting me.
Eh, could it be, I did something unnecessary…?
[It, it doesn’t matter! Let’s go back since we obtained what we want!]

T.L End of chapter 27

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Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 26

Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 26

Well, I found a part-time job which explain why i did not update for so long ~~~~

Chapter 26: House-sitting with Reina

As Misha left the house for her training, it turned into a situation where I am now living together with Reina.

Even if that’s the case, there isn’t any changes to my lifestyle.
[Well then, master, I will clean the second floor next!]
Reina went to the upper floor after giving an energetic reply.
Besides the choice of her words, this fellow serves as an exceptional maid.

Firstly, she complete all the cleaning and cooking before I could say a word.
Moreover, the quality of her work is exceptional.
Also, she is extremely obedient towards me.
Lastly, even though this is slightly off topic —
An Inumimi maid, look pleasing to my eye.

On the other hand, there are also merit for Reina to work as my maid.
Reina was a criminal and she could no longer stay near her former hideout.
On this point, her identity of being exposed will decrease if work as a live-in maid over here.
At present, beside her speech issues, she is extremely good maid so there shouldn’t be any hints of her being a bandit.

While it was accidentally that Reina came to us, this encounter has been nothing but meaningful.
In addition, it will be great if this motivates Misha to do some chores.
But it will still be too much to expect Misha to be able to greatly improve her cooking.

[Anego is stubborn]
Reina told me this during meal time.

Today dinner is sandwich with ham, egg and lettuce.
This is relatively tasty despite being made of simple ingredients.
It tasted like something made by high-class café.

[This is her personality. But in return, she totally does not care about thing she has no interest in]
After I ponder over it, this really is the behaviour of a cat.

[I feel that Anego is avoiding me. Even though I don’t have any intention to destroy the relationship between master and Anego]
Reina said with a bitter expression.
[You are a nice person]
But this is also why Misha feels threatened.

However, Misha still sub-consciously understood that nothing will happen between me and Reina while she left for her training alone.
Reina personalities also does not permit her to cheat.
In addition, I don’t plan to be in relationship with someone other than Misha.
Since that’s the case, Misha do not need to be worry. Well, I will be satisfied as long as she helps me with cleaning occasionally.

However, mistakes do occur unexpectedly.

On that day, I was bathing alone.
I thought I could bath in leisure since Misha was not present.

[Master, let me wash your back!]
Reina came into the bath with her apron.
As I did not expect Reina to enter now, I submerge my body all the way to my neck on reflex.
This is because I realized that I am fully naked.
[No, this kind of thing, I can do it myself —Eh, what… your clothes, isn’t something weird…?]

I felt that something is off.
Although she is wearing an apron, the area of skin exposure is very high…
[Ah, I should not come in naked as expected so I wore an apron after taking of my clothes. My apron will get wet when I cook and it dry quickly anyway]
[This, is definitely the worse!!!]
In other words, she is currently naked with the exception of an apron.

I could predict the worst-case scenario.
If, Misha is unable to bear with her training and came back all of a sudden now, Reina will definitely be killed.
In addition, I might also be killed…
Even though this might be far fetch, this is still a possibility…

[Reina, quickly get out of the bathroom! Then, I will explain why your appearance is not appropriate…]
[Eh, I covered all the areas that should be covered?]
Reina spin around in an attempt to confirm her appearance.
Just then, I could see the side view of her breast.
Not good! Not good! The current situation to bad!

[I will explain to you later so go out now!]
[Understood, I will follow master order]
Reina went out without a fuss so she is really obedient.
It seemed that she does have any intention to seduce me.

However, it seemed that I still got seduced.
If this continues, some weird feeling might appear if I continue living together with Reina..
Well then, I should come up with some sort of countermeasure.

–On the second day.
Reina revealed her status.

Lv 17
Job: Bandit
Strength: 144
Magic Power: 0
Attack Power: 152
Defense: 89
Agility: 204
Mind: 35

Ability: High speed evasion, Steal, Weapon snatch, Lock picking, Strengthen hearing, Voice imitation
Others: Wolf-form transformation

[As expected of the leader of the bandit, you are really strong]
Her ability is either on my level or even stronger than mine.
[I will feel embarrassed…]
Reina furiously shook her head.

I prepared my sword.
[Reina, let’s start exploring the dungeon together from now on. Even though I said that, we will not dive too deep in]
During the time where Misha is seriously training, I could not stay idly.
If I explore the dungeon, I would not have the energy to fall in love with Reina.

Once Misha return, we can then throw a party.

T.L. End of Chapter 26

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Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 25

Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Misha, leaving for training

Once I entered the dining room, I saw Rena with a troubled expression.
[I did not know that Anego will cook… I tried to stop…]

[Fu, fuu! I can do something as simple as cooking… I just did not reveal my true power until now… well then, please eat!]

Even though you told me to eat —
On the table, there is a quarter of a cabbage.
One piece of carrot.
A piece of shimeji-like mushroom.
The above-mentioned items were placed on my plate.

[You, how is this even considered as cooking?]
[Th, there is no problem at all! Just add some salt and it will taste just like salad!]
This situation of someone being that bad in cooking seemed like something out from a manga. No, Misha’s cooking even transcends that manga.

This is not even considered cooking.
[I know. Misha, you try and eat it first]

10 minutes later.
[I’m sorry. I’m really sorry…]
Misha apologized to me.
[I didn’t expect it to taste that bad…]

[It’s good that you understand. How about learning to cook from Rena?]
Rena then puffed her chest with confident and said:
[Anego. I will teach you everything you want to know!]
[No… I hate learning from you… I will not be able to be better than you…]

Before talking about exceeding her, you don’t even have the minimal standard.

[Well, I respect Anego wishes. Well then, it’s time for me to clean the house]
[Rena really is diligent]
[Because I really like to move my body. Besides, this also serve to change my mood]

[Since I’m not going to the dungeon today, I will also help you]
[T, that, cleaning, I will also do it!]
Misha pumped her fist and said [Alright, alright!]
We are cleaning and not running for election.

Honestly speaking, I have a bad feeling about this.
[Misha, go mop the floor instead of cleaning the windows]
At this rate, Misha would surely break the window.
In addition, mopping the floor should be considered as an extension of cat playing.

However, I’m too naïve.

3 minutes later, there is a water bucket onto of her head.
[Cleaning is so difficult…]
Instead of drown a rat, the drown nekomimi beastkin Misha appeared and said such a thing.

That’s wrong. You are just that bad at cleaning.
Although I believe that Misha did not do it on purpose, she knocked into another water bucket 15 minutes later and got drenched. It seemed she is still working seriously.

During lunch break.
Misha is in a crestfallen state.
She does not even have the strength to maintain her beastkin form so she turned back into a cat and sat on the chair.

[Well, everyone has different strength and weaknesses…]
[Isn’t Anego is exceptionally strong? There is no problem with not knowing how to do housework!]
Our voice did not even register in her brain.

[It is a fact that I could not cook nor clean. This is not good…]
The cat form Misha seemed to be on the verge of crying.
[At this rate, Goshujin-sama, definitely, definitely, will be stolen by Rena!!!]

Rena appeared to be more shocked than me.
[Anego, I will not do things like breaking apart a family]
[I don’t want your help! Furthermore, even if you have such good intention, but, Goshujin-sama will definitely have a change of heart… my animal instinct is tingling]

I wanted to say that should be a women instinct, but using animal instinct suit her better..

[This is a needless anxiety. I really love you. I will never cheat on you]
I looked straight into her eyes and said it.

[I understand…]
Misha nodded.
[Un, you finally understood]

[I, will go out and train]

I don’t understand what she is talking about.

[Training to do housework, and to prevent Goshujin-sama from being stolen by this thieving dog. I will definitely come back after becoming good at housework]
[Where are you going to train… a dungeon is out of the question]
[Of course, I have an aim]
Misha finally smiled.

[It’s the inn that we stayed previously! I will ask okami-san and Lulutina to train me!]

It seemed that she is serious.
It’s bad to pour cold water since she is so motivation. Let’s not stop her.

[You should properly pay tuition fee to the inn]
If its okami-san, she might not accept any tuition fee. We are really troubling her.
[I know. I, will definitely come back after I become a girl that is better at doing housework than Rena!]

Hence, Misha departed towards the inn
Well, the inn is still in the same city.

[Anego is an interesting cat desu na]
Rena said without bad intention.

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Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 24

Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 24

Chapter 24: An Inumimi Maid

I was convinced at that moment.
Misha seriously dislike dogs…

Because, the battle was over in 20 seconds.

[Uwoo! Neko punch!]
[Eh, neko —- punch…?]

When I looked over that direction, well, I saw the bandit being assaulted by a cat.
Although the woman is relatively strong, she is still not a match for Misha. Similarly, all her subordinates got knock down by a single neko punch.

I tied up all the unconscious beastkin bandit.
Our mission is finished with this.

The women woke up shortly after I tied them up.
[I didn’t expect that the cat to be so extraordinary….]

[That’s right. It is regretful for you]
Misha then used transformation magic to change into her beastkin form.
The woman has a face which seemed to say [I got tricked].

[It seems that the person over there is also a beastkin. Well, this is fine. My name is Rena am the leader of the bandit group]
The beastkin woman called Rena looked calm and does not give an impression of someone being arrested.
Although it seemed weird to be doing a self-introduction judging by our current situation, we still introduce our self to her

[Keiji and Misha, I have a favour to ask you. You are the only one I could ask so please listen to my request]
[What is it?]
Rena lowered her head.

[Because I’m the leader of this group, I’m the only person with any bounty on my head. Hence, please release the other 3 persons. Of course, I will instruct them to stop doing such things. They cannot disobey my instructions, so if it is possible…]
She is pleading with us to give her subordinate a chance.
[Furthermore, I was the one behind the plan to rob from rich people. These fellows did not do anything. So, I plead with you…]

[You have a big heart for just a dog]
Misha expression also became softer.
[Goshujin-sama, I think that she is not lying. Should we let them off?]

I ponder for a moment.
Then, I came up with a suggestion.
[Hey, Rina, did anyone saw your face?]
[I kept my face hidden during the work, so no one should be able to recognize us normally]
It seemed that we would be able to hide them from the law enforcer.

[I understand you situation, so let’s burn away your current base]
[Why would you want to do such a thing? I gave all the stolen goods to the orphanage, so there is nothing valuable remaining]
[This is because I plan to put on a show where the bandits got burned along with their base]


Rina voiced overlapped with Misha.

[You guys can find a new life. Of course, I will definitely hunt you down again if you commit such a crime again]
Rina expression suddenly looked stiffed.
Fortunately, Misha seemed to understand my intention.

[It seemed that your moral is not bad, so I will give you a chance]
[Well, that how it is]
She put the interest of her subordinate before her own, so there should not be any problems.
Furthermore, even if they commit any crime near the capital again, Misha had memorized their smell so they would be caught easily.

[Is this, really alright for you…?]
It seemed, that Rina could not understand why we would do such a thing.
[My Goshujin-sama, is this type of person]
Misha hugged me tightly.

It seemed that Rina finally understood our intention and tears started flowing freely.
[Keijiii, Miishaa… I will definitely, repay you…]

[The case is resolved with this]
Misha told me and confirm.
[I will keep a lookout for any news of bandit near the capital. If you return to being a bandit, and betray Goshujin-sama, I will never forgive you]
[That’s right. I will not forgive you if that happens]
The best method to know if they turn over a new leaf is to supervisor them directly.

At the conclusion of this case, it seemed that it really became us [supervising].


Three days have passed.
Rena came over to our house.
[Why are you here…?]

Well, it is easy to find our residence by investigating using my name.
Or rather, I am curious about her attire.
This is your so-called maid outfit.

[I was thinking of how I could repay the kindness of master and Anego. After thinking about it seriously, I believe the best way is to take care of your daily needs]
She is really thinking out of the box with this idea.
Unexpectedly, this is not a bad idea.

First of all, we could supervise her if she stays with us, so she would not be able to commit any crime.
Furthermore, this house is too big and since Misha refused to do any chores, she could lighten my workload.

However, it appears that Misha showed a face of disgust.
[Hey you… this is our love nest. It is troubling if you suddenly appear –]
[Rina, please take care of us]
I bowed to her.

[Hey! Goshujin-sama, why!?]
[It is true that you contributed the most during dungeon exploration so it is fair for me to be the house husband. However, it is also true that this house is too big and it’s tiring for me to take care. Furthermore, we could concentrate of the dungeon if there is someone taking care of housework]
[I, I understand…]
Misha accepted and Rina stared working as our lived-in maid.

Initially, Misha declared that [No matter what, an ex-bandit would not make a good maid]. Fortunately, Rina is extremely serious and did the housework properly.

Furthermore, because she always takes care of her subordinate, her cooking skills is also good.
[Just why, even though we used the same ingredient, this soup became so much more delicious…]
Conversely, I became shocked at the taste of the soup.

[Through many trials and error could you find the most delicious way to bring out the flavor. In addition, it is love. I wanted to make delicious food for master and Anego]
Rena smiled while wearing her apron.

On the other hand, Misha face is turning blue.
She is mumbling something.
[If this goes on, Goshujin-sama will be stolen…]

Well, who told you to slack off in the house.


Then, two days later.
I got woken up by Misha which leads to my current situation.

[Fr, from today on, I will be in-charge of breakfast… Well, please hurry up and eat…]

Although I felt thankful for her service, I could not help but also feel a hint of uneaseness.

Have Misha ever cooked?

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Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 23

Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 23

Author note: I’m sorry, this is an irregular chapter, many people are getting irritated with Misha, so I want to release this quickly!

Chapter 23: Misha, serving me

Shake, shake.
I felt my body being shook.
Eh? Who is doing this…?
Misha would never wake earlier than me —

[Goshujin-sama, wake up]
Without a doubt,
The person is Misha.
Well, she should be waking me up as she wanted to play —

[Breakfast… I prepared them… The meal will turn cold if you don’t wake up…]

[What, so it’s just a dream]
[This is not a dream! Wake up!]
I got denied from going back to sleep.

[Because, Misha would never do any chores]
She proudly declared that not long ago.

[I used to have such an intention]
Misha looked unhappy while continuing.
[However, it would be terrible if that dog stole Goshujin-sama…]

Then, with an irritated look, she said [That thieving dog].
Normally, you should be saying thieving cat (T.L thieving cat = dorobou neko)

Well, I could understand where she is coming from.
This happened when we went to the guild to accept a new quest.


We accepted the quest to subjugate a group of bandit.

Recently, a bandit group formed by lycanthrope appears near the capital and causes havocs.
From the time being, it seemed that they are a group of bandit with morals as they only steal from rich people and would never murder anyone.
However, it seemed that the main aim of the group is to showcase their power and robbing is only one part of their goal.

[Those lycanthropes temporarily transform into dogs. Since that’s the case, they could easily outrun the guards and it is not easy to catch them]
Misha felt hesitant to accept the request.
[I hate dogs from the very beginning]
[Are lycanthropes considered dogs…?]
Nevertheless, we accepted the request.
Aria-san also gave us some advice.
[The main difficulties of this quest is to find their hideout]
Fortunately, we managed to find them immediately.

Misha turned into a cat and followed their scent.
While not being as sensitive as dog’s nose, cat’s nose is still quite sensitive.
She can sense the scale of their organization, the number of lycanthropes, and following that smell, we discovered that they daringly set up their base in the hill near the capital.

However, the group of bandit is also not to be underestimated.
Just when we were approaching them stealthily, we got surrounded from behind by 4 people.

They are a group of beastkin. All of them belong to dogkin and not catkin.
And one of the young women that crosses her arms, has her hair styled into a bobtail.
It seemed that having longhair is an obstacle for a bandit.

[You, are from the guild right?]
The young women asked us.

[I do not care about your justice, but a thief is a thief. Please surrender obediently]
[That is impossible. We have already committed numerous crime so our only choice is to keep running]
It is true that during the Edo era, the penalty for a bandit is harsh.

[I admire your courage so I will let you off with a heavy beating]
The next instant, all four of them turned into wolf form.
Indeed, they are genuinely lycanthropes.

However, those guys are mistaken.
I did not come alone.

Misha is right beside me.

[Goshujin-sama, let’s beat all of them]
Misha clearly declared.

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Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 22

Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The mystery of the cat mansion

One week had passed since I began living with Misha.
She continued supporting me in the dungeon. However, she still refused to do any chores at homes.
Misha told me this:
[I am just a cat and my pride as a cat prevent me from doing chores]
I could only reply with [Yes, I see] after she used pride as her reason.

Since that’s the case, Misha became extremely free during days where we are not going into the dungeon.
Although this is how she used to be in the past, but it became a thorn to my eyes now that she is in a beastkin form.

First of all, let’s talk about her sleeping habit.
I am not complaining about things like oversleeping every morning but instead about her napping immediately after every meal without me noticing.
Furthermore, she slept on the floor most of the time.
It would not be out of the norm if she did this in her cat form but it gave me a shock when she also did this occasionally in her beastkin form.

[Oi, stop rolling on the floor. It is dirty even though you are on the carpet]
[Jaaa, Goshujin-sama, carry me to the bed]
This is Misha way of fawning over me.
Because of how she is acting, I have no other choice but carry her to the bed.

Well, I would also take naps on days where we are not going to the dungeon so I have no rights to lecture her —
I lie on the bed and prepared to nap.
I would be all fine if she stayed her cat form but my heart would flutter when she remains in her beastkin form.

[Let’s sleep together, Goshujin-sama ~]
This isn’t any weird intention behind her words at this moment, so the correct choice would be to immediately sleep before the atmosphere became weird.

Despite saying that, there are several times where I wrongly guessed her intention and it is extremely mentally tiring for me to second guess.
A black hair nekomimi girl in the bed with me, and despite shampoo not existing in this world, I could still smell a sweet fragrance coming from her hair.
I am suspecting that this is a new form of prank on me.
On a side note, there isn’t any problem with kissing as we kissed all the time.
Whether she is in her beastkin form, or her cat form, she would always lick my face.

In addition, she would also disrupt when I am cleaning or cooking.
To be specific, she would hug me from behind in her beastkin form.
This might be a natural instinct of a cat.
If you ignore a cat and started reading newspaper on your bed or desk, they will naturally jump and sit on the newspaper.
There would also be time where they will block your computer screen.
These are all methods to catch our attention.
Cats will always look disinterested when you approach them to play, but will come on their accord during time when they wanted to play.

And on that day too, Misha suddenly hugged me from behind when I was cooking stew.
[Hey, don’t do that. I am cooking so it’s dangerous]
[Eh~, but I’m bored. Let’s play with ball]
Misha was just chasing a ball while reading a difficult grimoire until a moment ago. (T.L not sure how she did that?)

[Just wait a moment. I am unable to stop right now]
[Jaaa~, I will steal a bite]
In the end, she ate the fruit that was supposed to be the dessert after dinner.
[You are too free]
[Because, I’m a cat]

In this way, Misha lived as she pleased but —
The following day, Misha suddenly appeared to be serious.
She did not take an afternoon nap nor explore the neighborhood.

[I am going shopping, so do you want to come along?]
[I will stay at home today, I have work to do]
[You didn’t accept any work]
[No matter what, I am not planning on going out]

I am feeling something suspicious. Last time, she would definitely follow me when I go out.
Since I am being neglected, I felt slightly lonely. I thought that I am slightly selfish so I quickly finish shopping and went home.
A white cat appears in the house.

[Ah, Misha – or not!]
Misha is a black cat.
So, where did the white cat appears from?

I observed the white cat but could not find a clue.
Just when I’m thinking about this situation while walking towards the kitchen — An Abyssinian-looking cat appears this time.
The Abyssinian cat seemed to be asking [Who, are you nyan?].
No way, I could understand them!
I should be the one asking you that!

Suddenly, a fluffy cat appeared from behind and rubbed against my leg.

[Just how many are there!]

Just what on earth happen here…
It suddenly became a cat mansion.

[Ahh, Goshujin-sama, I am slightly surprised…]
Misha came running here in her beastkin form.
[I made a few friends when I was walking in the neighborhood in my cat from, so I invited them in]
[I see… speaking of which, how many cats did you invite in?
[8 of them]
This is more than I expect!

I finally solve the mystery.
Although the mystery is solved, the main problem still remains.

[Nee~, Goshujin-sama, I have a request]
Misha looked at me with upturned eyes.
It’s coming.
[All the children here, can we adopt them?]
It’s here!
The request of keeping cats.

Speaking of which, this is not a rented apartment so there are no issues with keeping pets and it should be fine if we trained them not to scratch the furniture.
As adventurers, we have the financial capabilities to support them.
Hence, it should be fine since we have the power to take care of them.
Furthermore, I am a cat person so I can easily accept her request.

[I understand. Let’s adopt them]

Misha also wanted friends.
Although I would be slightly lonely if she has more friends.
[Uwaaah! Goshujin-sama, I love you the most!]
Misha hugged me. If I panicked every time she hugged me, I would lose my dignity as her master so I need to appear calm.

[However, you have to be responsible for training and taking care of them]
In this way, it might be a good thing for Misha to hold some responsibilities.
[Eh? Why, must I do all this?]
She stared at me in puzzlement.
Her response is out of my expectation!

[No,! You, this is where the person wanting to keep the cats, agree to properly take care of them!]
[These children are cats. I am also a cat so I do not have the rights to manage them]
That’s right, Misha is also a cat.
She does not have the human concept of taking care of others.

[Well, at least tell them not to scratch the wall of this mansion…]
[Un, I could do this!]

And this is how our new house became known as the cat mansion.


Author note: I’m sorry, I will update more frequently from now on.
In next chapter, Misha will be serving her master.

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Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 21

Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 21

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 Chapter 21: Flirting during bath time

And then, it is finally time for bathing.

Misha is waiting for me in her beastkin form.

Of course, since we will be bathing, she is also fully naked.

[Come over here, Goshujin-sama, and quickly wash me]
[Ah, ahhh… Misha, are you not using your cat form…?]
I am unable to remain calm.
I used a bath towel to scrub her back.
Different from the time when she was in her cat form, a beastkin does not have any hair growing on their body. Or rather, her whole body is silky smooth.

[Fufufu, it is slightly itchy]
Misha laughed in a playful manner.
[Well, it would be fine as long as you don’t do anything crazy]
Depending on individual cats, some cats would hate bathing so much that they would start biting the owner.

[Well then, the next part is my head. Please wash while massaging my head]
I took some plant-made shampoo and rubbed her scalp.
Almost no bubble was formed, but 70% of the dirt could still removed from the scalp by washing properly, so there is no problem.

And so, everything is fine thus far —
[Well, next is washing my feet]
Misha extend her left foot forward.
If this is the case, I have no choice but to move over to her front.
Well, I could then enjoy Misha’s naked body.

[Don’t, stare too much. Goshujin-sama, bad]
Misha scolded with a teasing tone.
[I know…]
I must remain calm, and empty my mind while rubbing her feet.

[I know, it is bad letting Goshujin-sama do all the work. I am still conscious of this]
[What, do you feel guilty now?]
[However, it is also weird asking a cat to work. The relationship between human and cats have been this way since the past, and everyone is still happy about it. It would be better to keep a dog if someone dislike this kind of relationship]

It is also true speaking of that.
In the end, Misha is still a cat.
She is not someone I know from school, nor someone I elected in politics. She is someone I chose and pick up in a pet shop.
Hence, it is just natural for Misha to be served.

[I am not dissatisfied with the relationship. I am Misha’s master, so I am just doing things that a master should]
[Thank you very much, Goshujin-sama]
Misha faintly smiled at me.

[Hence, I thought that I have to give a reward to such a good Goshujin-sama]
And Misha hugged me with her bare body.
I could feel her warm body temperature transmitted to me.

Furthermore, she is licking my face like a cat now.
Rather than feeling ticklish, I felt that something is raising and it is getting difficult to endure it.

[Nothing would change my love  for Goshujin-sama, so, please love me even more…]
[If you say something like that, I would not be able to endure any longer…]
Being told that by a fully naked, cat ear bishoujo of the same age with a sweet charming voice, there is no men that could not think of those things.
[Isn’t is also Goshujin-sama’s job to make me feel good? Hurry up now]
Misha laughed and teased me.
[Well then, I will start doing my job now!]

After that, I loved her intensely.

Probably within the span of thirty minutes, Misha screamed [I love Goshujin-sama the most!] for thirty times.

Even when we are soaking in the bathtub, I am also hugging Misha.
[Alright? All the housework are Goshujin-sama’s duty. In return —]
Misha took in a deep breath and continue speaking.
[As an adventurer, I will earn enough gold that would allow Goshujin-sama to live a luxury life. For the sake of Goshujin-sama and my happiness, I will work harder. So that we could live life like a prince and princess!]

Ah, it seems that Misha is also thinking of me in her own ways.
[At the same time, Goshujin-sama must also became an even stronger adventurer. This is my way of showing love]
[Un, you should just stick to your own ways]

[Furthermore, it is fine when I was a cat, but I will mind being dirty when I am in beastkin form]
There are many person in this world that do not bath, but Misha value regarding this is closer to that of a Japanese.

[Hence, you must wash my body again and again, alright?]
[Ahh, that’s right, we will get dirty when we enter the dungeon]
[Of course… you must also touch me…]
Ah, this… the purpose is not to wash her body anymore…

From this day on, [washing her body] became a totally different meaning between us.
It seem, the day where I must continue serving Misha, must still carry on.
However, regarding this situation, I also realize that this is my duty as her master. As the very least, we understood our individual roles.


On another matter, the cultivation of plants in the garden and yard is Misha’s responsibility.
[It is fun, digging using my cat form]
— It seems that this is interesting for her, as Misha spoke to me in her beastkin form during meal time.

[Playing with mud using your cat form, it seems that there isn’t any sense of incongruity]
[That’s right, Goshujin-sama]
Misha look at me with upturned eyes.
[My body is full of mud, so, washing of body…]

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