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Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 45

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 45

T.L I translated this during my travelling ~~~  to various places during the lunar new year! Next chapter will be back to GarbageTruck Translation!

45th Meal: The forgotten western-styled mansion

Happy, happy, meal time.

As I was playing with everyone the whole morning, I did not have the opportunity to procure any seafood.
The arrangement was to have teppanyaki for lunch.

Well~, shall I go and catch some seafood now?
No, it’s too late.
We have completed the preparation and all that left is for us to start grilling.

It can’t be helped. Let’s enjoy grilling with the ingredients that we prepared beforehand.
In order to enjoy the meal with everyone,
I head towards the BBQ grill which is giving off a sizzling sound.

Everyone else had already began grilling.
The delicious looking grilled meat and sound of the sizzling strongly stimulate my appetite.
The smell of the char meat even made my empty stomach trembles.
I could not bear with it, I need to fill my stomach with the grilled meat! (My sense of mission)

I immediately began grilling the sirloin from Butcho rabbit (T.L No idea what that it)
I cooked the meat rare.
As expected, meat free from parasite is best cooked rare.

The surface is slightly char but juicy in the inside.
However, it will be considered a failure if the center is cold.
At one glance, I could tell that the meat is done perfectly rare.
Cooked to the perfect temperature, the [rare] state of meat allows the true potential of the ingredient to be showcased.

While grilling the meat, I took out my special made sauce from [Free space].
The sauce that I took out is made from orange.
It carries a slight sweetness and sourness from orange.
It matches well with the meat seasoned with salt and pepper.

I sprinkle the salt and pepper onto the sirloin,
And drizzle the fantastic and vibrant looking orange sauce.

U~n, the orange sauce is so pretty!

[Itadakimasu! Chomp!]

I clasp my hand and gave my gratitude.

After giving my thanks to Butcho rabbit which will become part of my blood and flesh,
I took a big bite of the grilled sirloin.
After the crispy texture on the surface of the meat, the juice of the meat and fats spread around my mouth and satisfy my appetite.

Every bite I took is a new discovery for me.

[Bravo! Ooh… Bravo!!]

I gave praise unconsciously.
Well, there isn’t any particular problem with it.

Well, after having a taste the sirloin,
I would not care if I did not eat it elegantly.
I pierce the sirloin with a fork and began chewing it,
Such a barbaric way of eating stimulates certain excitement within me.

I don’t have to care of the sauce splattering.
The sauce on the meat started dripping into the ocean.
Grilled meat will start deteriorating the moment it leaves the grill.
I must treasure every second of it and not care about my image!
To fully appreciate its taste, elegant is something that I will forsake!

Just look at that wild child!
He grabbed the grilled meat with his bared hand and eat following his instinct.
The juice from the meat overflows from the surface! And the remnant sticks to the side of his mouth!
Chomping and chomping, the way he swallows the food look exactly like a carnivorous beast!
He knows the way to enjoy meat since the way he is born!

The part of the meat that Riot is eating is the shoulder of Butcho rabbit.
That portion is especially tough so it requires you to have strong teeth to be able to eat such a huge piece.

He grabbed that piece with his bare hands.
Even I feel eating wild have a limit.

[Oii… Riot, you, aren’t you hand burning?]
[Hmm? Oh, not at all. My skin is thick from all the training. So, this is not a problem… Chomp chomp]

Since that is the case… let me also give it a try.
I reach out my hand towards the grilling meat… and move it away.
Yes, that’s right.
It is extremely hot.
He is strange in many ways… that’s right.

Although I have not consumed much meat yet, I will start getting sick from eating only all meat.

Hence, I mixed some sliced onion with the Butcho rabbit meat, and stuff within green pepper.
The sauce I used is sauce made from grated daikon.

I grilled it on the surface with the meat being exposed.
The meat would not cook properly if I grilled it any other side.

[Is it done? Umu, its ready!]

The last step was to fill the green pepper with ground Butcho rabbit meat, and top it with more refreshing daikon sauce!

Un, it is delicious.
I immediately stab another one of the grilled green pepper ground meat,
And ate furiously.

Chomp, mogumogu…Gokun. Delicous!
The softness of the ground meat matches well with the green pepper.
Juice oozed from the ground meat.
It counteracts the bitterness of the green pepper so it feels good.
In addition, the daikon sauce is extremely refreshing.
I could eat an unlimited amount.

[Uwa, El-chan is making something again! Ehehe… give me one of that!]

Linda use her fork and stabbed it towards my ground meat with green pepper.
She ate the piping hot meat in a single bite.
While there isn’t an issue with her eating,
I am worried about her hatred for eating green pepper.

It seemed Linda did not notice that the vegetable I use is green pepper.
She took big bite after big bite,
And finally lick her lips after eating everything.

[This cuisine is extremely delicious!]

As I expect, she did not notice the existence of green pepper.
I should tell her the truth here and now.

[Linda, the vegetable you are eating is green pepper]

[Eh… this is a lie?]

Not believing what I just said,
Lina observed the vegetable that is holding the ground meat.

[You, you are right! I didn’t notice it!]

It seemed that she could eat it normally as long as she did not notice it.
The main reason someone could not eat green pepper is due to its smell and bitter taste.

After the green pepper is filled with juicy ground meat and grilled, the two factors that made Linda hate green pepper were eliminated.
Hence, she did not notice the existence of the green pepper.

She followed up by saying [I could eat if that is the case!], she continued eating big bite after big bite.

My lunch is disappearing…. (Roll white eyes).


[Uwooo! I discovered a weird building~!!]
While everyone was relaxing after meal,
Danan came running over while shouting such words.

[A strange building?]

As Ganzurok enquired what type of building he found, Danan began explaining with a triumphant look on his face.

[It is an extremely huge western styled building…
It looked very old, and there is no sign of anyone living inside.
It seemed that something might appear?]

Danan imitated the action of a ghost by sticking out his tongue.

This is totally a flag.
As I had a bad feeling about it since this started,
I voice out my objection of going to the mansion.

[Alright! Let’s go take a look~!]

Riot expressed strong interest in exploring that strange mansion.
Did he forgot that he just went through a horrifying experience with me?

Honestly speaking, I wanted to avoid such a horrifying experience for the time being.

[Test of courage… Uuuu~, my heart is beating rapidly!]

Although Linda appeared to be afraid, she still seemed to want to do the test of courage.
On the other hand, Floberto and Quitina rejected the idea of going.

[Wouldn’t it be better for us not to approach it? Despite its appearance, there is the possibilities of someone still living there]

[…That’s right, and although it hurts for me to say it, my house is also all torn and tattered]

It seemed as though Danan expect such an answer,
Danan then tried provoking them.

[Hehehe, you must be afraid~? There is not helping if you are afraid. It must be embarrassing if something leaks?]

In addition, the target he is provoking appears to be me.
Grrrrrrrr! I heard some sound from within me and a [!?] appears on top of my head.
You are too much! Danan!

Please don’t use such a cunning trick all of a sudden!
It takes a lot more to scared me!]

[Since that’s the case, let’s go exploring]

…What? What is going on?
I did not say I am going, right?

I got tricked by his words,
In the end, everyone started thinking of going. Goddamn.

[You tricked me, you tricked me! Danan!]

[Fufufu, this is such a horrible way of speaking. I, only question whether they are afraid]

A devilish smile appears on his face.
I must not allow such a devil to go unpunished!
After he fell asleep, I will write the word [Meat] on his forehead as punishment! (Night assault)

[Let’s go then. It shouldn’t be a fuss if we come back before dinner]

Riot pumped his fist into the air while saying such statement,
But what we are going to do later is a test of courage,
And not intense battling filled with blood.
Did he misunderstand about the situation?

…This might be the case (Shock).

We discover the building that Danan was talking of.
Speaking of which, all of us are still wearing our swimming suit.


It looked just like how it sounded.
The appearance of the building really gives off a strong impression.

We don’t even know how old this building is as weeds are going everywhere.
There used to be a splendid marble statue but was now almost crumbling and various reddish-brown stain could be seen.

I saw this dangerous scene before.
It was during my past life and building similar to this often appears in the video game [Biohazard] (T.L Also known as resident evil. Japan called it biohazard instead)

I believed it to be a coincidence.
Regardless, this building leave such an impression that would make someone say [Uwaa~],
And I think that it is not possible to delay going in by saying the place smell bad.

[Oh~? This building is pretty old!]

The lion beastkin young boy is obviously feeling excited.
Looking at him, his goal is obviously not doing the test of courage.
Since that’s the case, it would be fine letting his body experience the horror then.

[Hehe… well then, let’s go in. Just who is brave enough to walk at the front~?]

He smiled faintly and glanced at me.
He is obviously looking down at me,
I must give him some punishment.

[If it is fine for me to explode if I got scared, I don’t mind walk ahead?]

[I’m sorry]

Danan immediately got on his knee and apologise the moment he heard what I said.
Everyone else also started moving away from me,
Please spare me having to create a deadly explosion.

[Let me walk at the front. I could not bear having El-chan exploding]

[That’s go without saying. El-chan just follow behind us]

The vanguard consists of Riot, Quitina and Ganzurock.
The rear is made up by Linda, Floberto, Danan and me.
Since it is considered similar to exploring a dungeon, our formation is as above as we enter the western-styled mansion.

[Well then, I will open the door]

Riot placed his hand on the handle of the front and tattered door, and slowly open it.
A creaking sound unique to old door was produced.

That sound made me jumped in shock unconsciously.
I went into alert mode immediately.

If this was in a video game, I could handle such sound without a problem. However, this is happening in real life.
I reacted just like a small animal being alert to the surrounding.

[El-chan… we, haven’t even enter the mansion]

Linda covered her mouth and tried to muffer her laughter.
Treating that as a cue, everyone also started laughing.

Fukyun, I was so careless!
At this place, my embarrassing actions were shown to everyone!

However, this was the only moment where they could laugh.
Within this building, without a doubt, there are more horrifying things awaiting us.

Wait… there might also be a chance that I would leak, so shouldn’t it be time for us to go back? (My suggestion)

My suggestion was turned down instantly, and we slowly made our way into the mansion.

A wide dining room…
In the past, it must be a place with magnificent decoration,
But all that remains are some remnants.
The red carpet that was decayed leave one to imagine how the room looked like in its prime.

[…it’s so tattered]

[Uwa…this is worse than expected. Since that’s the case, I shouldn’t expect any treasures?]

Quitina and Danan both gave their opinions on the abandoned building.
Even during this period of time, I was still in maximum alert and my huge ears was twitching and collecting information on the surroundings.
It is useful collecting information via sound.

I focus all my attention on my big ears, and exclude all the sound made by our footsteps, I could even hear whispering clearly even though they are a distance from us.
This trait is one of my talent.

[Wahah, El-chan’s ear twitching around so much is so cute!]

[You seemed to be on alert. Did you find anything?]

Linda and Floberto expressed very different opinions.
I would loss my focus once I am distracted so would be unable to pick up any suspicious sound.

[There are currently no abnormalities]

[I see… However, it would be better if you could relax more]

Floberto adjusted his glasses and surveyed his surrounding.

However, after looking at the member frolicking in the dining room, his shoulder slumped.

[At the very least, the two of us should do the lookout]

[Fukyun, that’s a great idea]

We continued exploring the old mansion.
If only it would end normally just like any standard courage of test…

End of chapter 45 ~

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Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 28

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 28

T.L Not sure what I am doing here… I shouldn’t even be translating now…

I am sorry if anyone started translating this chapter… but i felt stressed with my studies so took some time off and did this…

28th Meal: Me and my weapon

Bonjour, I am the [Explosive weapon] and white elf named Eltina from Langusten. (T.L MC said Bonjour = hello in french)

Today class is battle training with weapons in the field.
Everyone is attacking the target by using the weapons they are proficient with.
The target I am referring to are the simple wooden dummies anchored to the ground.

In addition, only blunt weapons were used for training to ensure our safety.
However, it is still necessary to take precaution.

There are various type of weapons made for training.
There are even stuff that I don’t know if they could even be considered as weapons, but…

[My long-awaited day is finally here, so let me choose this weapon!]

I chose an axe from among the bunch of weapons! Furthermore, it is a huge 2-handed axe.
This is the romance of all man…! (Confident)

[El-jaan… are you fine using that?]

Ganzurok looked at me with face full of worries.
Hehe, just wait and see!? I will show you! My FULL POWER!!

[Uoooooo….. fukyun, fukyun!…. aaaaa]

It is regrettable that I could not lift my romance!
For some reason, I am being rejected by my romance!!

[Well, I can understand the reason you choose an axe… there are no issue wielding it?]

Ganzurok easily lift the 2-handed axe using just one hand.
I don’t think this is the physical strength a six-year old child possesses!
Just what is going on?

[For us dwarf, we have strength equivalent to an adult human at my age]

Ganzurok rested the axe against his shoulder while explaining happily.
This person, looked exactly the same as a character from a game I played previously.
Although it is nice finally witnessing this scene in real life, I still felt regretful being unable to use an axe and kept grumbling to myself.

[Its vexing, regrettable…]

I buried my strong feeling of unhappiness deep in my heart and proceed with the next weapon.
Then, I noticed a lone weapon being left in one corner.
This weapon will feel lonely if I didn’t choose it… let’s give it a try.

[A whip! Lets go!!]

The weapon I am holding on my hand is a whip.
It is a famous weapon used by a certain vampire hunter.
This is very light so it seemed I could use it!

… That’s right, there was once I held such thoughts…

After I swung the whip, not only did the whip not move away from me but instead curled back coiled around me. In a blink of an eye, I am currently like a [Caterpillar].
It seemed that the whip will be lonely… Fukyun.

[El-chan… a whip is extremely difficult to use?]

Linda explained to me while trying to uncoil me from the whip.
It seemed that if your affinity for a weapon is not at least C, you will be unable to freely manipulate that weapon.

[Sorry… whip. I, could not use you]

I returned the whip into the box after apologizing to it.

As expected, everything in this world depends on affinity.

All of my affinity for weapons are E.
If that is the case, I would be unable to use almost all types of weapon.

No, wait… Oh! If I do this, it doesn’t matter if I have no affinity!

[I decided… to use my fist]

[Oh, Well then, will you like to spar with me!?]

Riot, the lion-kin spoke to me while punching and kicking the air with fightening speed.
As expected of a beastkin, even their child showed extraordinary physical ability.
Honestly speaking, I could not even see his actions.

I decided to withdraw immediately.

This is enough! How could I even expect to beat him!

I stopped practicing and decided to observe the weapon that my classmate were using.
It is not too late to decide after this.
Among them, I discover one fellow using an unusual weapon.
Danan is actually attacking using a blowgun…
Such an unexpected weapon…

[I will be a merchant in the future so I must raise my combat skills to improve chances of survival]

In addition, it is easy to add various types of poison on the darts.
I see, so there is still such a method.
I also tried using the blowgun.

[I am going… Fuuuuu!]

Plop… and the dart rolled out beside my foot.
It seemed that if your lung capacity is insufficient, the darts would be unable to fly far.
Everyone looked at me with eyes of pity after I could not even use its basic function.
Stop it! Don’t look at me with such eyes! (Sadness)

[Well… Haa, it’s impossible for you to use a blowgun]

Danan laughed without a hint of trying his laughter.
For the time being, lets this fellow flying with my original magic [Wind ball].
I am against sexual harassment!

It seemed Quitina is using a huge two-handed sword.
The glittering silver sword looked even more brilliant when contrast with her brown skin.

Beautiful! Oh… beautiful!!

[That, I also want to try it…]

I tried wielding it, but failed to even lift it.
Our class rep next to me also tried challenging the two-handed sword…
It seemed like the sword didn’t even move an inch even after lifting it with all his strength.

Let’s not be discourage and observe the surrounding again!
Of course Edward is using a rapier that is favored among nobles… or not.

[Shiiing….Ha! Shaaaa!!]

Edward is screaming while ripping the dummy apart, by swinging his claw at a speed so fast that my eyes could not follow.
His polish movement made him seemed like he is dancing.

[Edward has good sense. Hehe… somehow, I feel excited! Shall we have a spar?]

Riot showed an expression that looked like he found a prey.
It will grow into a good rival if it’s between these two people.

I also tried using the claw but it slipped directly through my tiny hand.
I hate this thing! Hmph!

The silver drilled-hair is practicing with a sword.
It seemed like she received training from her home tutor.
All her moves are elegant and sharp.

If you said that Edward gave off a feeling of a violent carnivorous beast, then Cluten gave a feeling of a gentle herbivore.

[Such a splendid sword technique without any abnormalities.

[Ara~ Eltina-san… are you observing?]

I shared my troubles with Cluten.
She then recommended with the rapier.
As it is light, you could pinpoint and hit vital spots with great accuracy.

I followed silver drilled-hair action of swinging the sword.
It still felt heavy to me even though I could lift it.
Despite the case, I could still barely use it.

[If you possess more strength, you could use it even more easily]

[Un, that’s right. I will take it as one of my candidate. Thank you so much, Clu-sama]

I finally found one a candidate but I decided to continue observing.
I wanted to find whether there are other weapons suitable for me.

Speaking of Floberto… What is that? He is wielding a weapon that I never seen before.
He is holding onto a baton-like thing.

[Ah… this is how you, use this]

Shuiiiin! At the same time as I heard this sound, a glowing blade appears.
Isn’t this your so called [Light0aber]!?
You, are you a 0edi knight!? (T.L Some Star Wars reference)

Vu~un! Vu~u~un! Accompanied by the sound, Floberto easily destroy the dummy.
The light sword he is using felt as though it is weighless.

Wait a moment! If that is the case, even I….

[Floberto, please let me try that sword!]
[I am sorry, but this is an extremely unique weapon. It has been passed down for generation so only our family are allowed to use it…]

Uu~uu, so regretful!

However, it is still not impossible for me to use it.
If that is case, I just have to make a new one for myself.
Alright, let’s make it one of my candidate (Keep in memo).

Well then, what weapons are other using?
Oh? Let’s go and observe Linda.

[Linda, what weapon are you using?]

After I asked her, she seemed slightly embarrassed with whispering into my ears.

The weapon she is most proficient with is blunt weapon.
Furthermore, it is S rank!
She is holding a small size bat in her hand.

[Isn’t it a good thing, that you have something with more affinity than your magic?]

[However… it is embarrassing]

Ah… that’s true, a girl yelling [Heyahhhhhhhhhhhh!!] while swing a blunt weapon….
But a portion of people would definitely jump in joy if they have her talent.

Al, alright… everyone, have weapon they are suited with.
In comparison, I… no, wait, it is still too early to give up!
If I give up hope now, I will not be able to accomplish anything!

That’s right, I am the rare creature that is full of possibilities.
I will show you, my real power!

I decided to try every single weapon.
But in the end… all the weapon treated me like a fool.

[Uuuu, the weapons are bullying me….]

I crumble like sand.
You see! This is my true form!! (Tears)

[This… you tried about every weapon here… for the time being, go run around the field to build up your body strength during weapon training]

Alphonse-ossan-sensei told me.

I don’t understand… Fukyun!



You will feel hungry after exercising.
I felt half dead after running several rounds around the field.
I then came to the school canteen with my classmate.

The food served in this canteen is not a good as Miranda-san’s cooking, but they have a lot of varieties and their service is fast.

[What should I eat…? Umuuu, alright!]

I chose Naporitan for my meal.
This should be something that is introduced by a reincarnator or summoned hero.
Even commoner food has great varieties, which is a good thing.

The oba-chan working in the canteen that served me the Naporitan said:

[Ara~, you looked so small as usual!? You need to eat properly?]

And piled a small mountain of Naporitan for me.
The amount of food could even cover my face… this, how could I even finish it!? (Stunned)

Maa… if there are any leftover, I can ask Ganzurok and Riot to finish it for me.

There isn’t a need to fight over seats as the canteen is very big.
And there is a corner that is empty so all of us sat there.

[Well then, let’s eat!]

Following Linda’s word, all of us started eating happily.

Linda is eating sandwich.
Quitina is eating hotdog.
Danan is eating yakisoba.
Floberto is eating cream puff.
Will you really be full eating those?
Ganzurok is eating yakitori… and beer (A big mug)

[Gan-chan, let me take a sip!]

[You fool! Beside dwarf, it is prohibited for other race to drink at this age. Alp-sensei also reminded me not to let El-chan drink any beer]

After Ganzurok declared so, he drank the beer in one gulp.
It seemed so nice to drink….

So jealous, I want to be able to drink soon!

[Is the drink that nice? I will just take a sit here]

And Riot…. Aaahhhhhhhh! Meat with bone!!! (T.L Basically anime meat)
As expected of carnivore!

Speaking of which… it had been some time since we started eating together.
However, never have I once saw them eating something besides what they are eating now.

Well, forgot it… I should also start eating.

The Naporitan is still piping hot.
The freshly made pasta tasted exceptionally well.
The noodles are covered with red tomato sauce.
There are also onion, green pepper, sliced carrots and bacon.

I twirl the noodle with my fork…
And [Chomp] it.

The sour taste of the tomato, spicy taste of onion, bitter taste of green pepper… and sweetness of carrot! (This is extremely important) The carrot tasted sweet, just like fruits!

With the saltiness of bacon mixed with the juicy meat sauce, it made me keep eating.

One of the factor is due to it being hot as it is just served.
It is not an exaggeration to call a cold Naporitan an entirely different food.
A cold Naporitan became unworthy to be called Naporitan.


I chomped down as much as I could before the Naporitan turned cold.
However, serving given by oba-chan was too much.
It is regrettable that I could not even finish half of it.

[… Leftover~]

[Pass it over, this is just right to go with beer]

Ganzurok took over the leftover Naporitan and started eating.
Most of the time, he will eat our leftover food.
It is bad to have leftover so we are extremely greatful to him.
I must also work harder, and eat more…

On a side note, the nobles have their own canteen and will eat their meal over there.
It seemed that various problem arise in the past.

It seemed Edward felt regrettable as he is looking forward to eating meals with me.
Well, there is no problem with me going over to eat
However, my identity is still being hidden so might be impossible now.


[Fuu… as expected, Miranda-san’s cooking is happiness]

After eating my dinner in the healer association’s canteen and chatting with Miranda-san, I returned to my room.

Although Miranda-san started feeling better after my constant encouragement as well as help from Alp-ossan….
But as expected, she still is affected by her dead husband.
She is also constantly feeling down due to her miscarriage.

[Regarding this matter.. ah]

After lying on my bed and thinking about the matters regarding Miranda-san, I suddenly felt a strong sense of sleepiness.

Eleanor-san… she got proposed by someone.
I never heard, who the fellow is…
If he is a weird guy, I will bury him with my [Fireball] (Self-explosion).

It might be due to me running on the field for half a day, or due to me being full.

I began to slowly drifted into sleep.

Probably… due to both factors… Zzzz

T.L End of 28…

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Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 27

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 27

T.L Here chapter 27. Well I will translate this on and off until someone offer to take over ~

T.L.2. It seemed like someone is willing to continue translating this. I replied your email so feel free to translate the next chapter!

27th Meal: The Exploding Girl

[Next~ Eltina]

Alp-sensei (Still not used to calling him this way) gave me an instruction.
I activated the fire attribute magic [Fire ball].
A ball of flame appears in my hand… and self-exploded.
I got caught in the mess…

A shriek could be heard.
[Kuishinbo elf! Are you alright!?]
The voice of a man could also be heard.

After the black smoke dissipate, a crater was formed without any resemble of the original ground.
I did not sustain any injury despite being in the center of the explosion.
The reason for this… is because my magic resistance is exceptionally high. This is probably the case.
Brrrrrrrrrrr (Shivering)

Well… I expected such an outcome.
If you ask me for the reason, I once tried using this magic after I knew I could cast it.
The end result is the same as what happened now.
And the outcome of using [Fireball] after one year had passed is still the same.

[I knew it wouldn’t work, but…]

All my classmate remains speechless.

[Why are you totally unharmed!?]
It seemed that all my classmate retorted together.

Even if you ask me for the reason… How should I explain this now?

[I got abandoned by magic from all attribute, but there is still one fellow who did not abandon me! That is the traitor of magic, [Magic resistance]! I have resistance… to all attribute!]

Don! I raised my chest while accompanied by the sound effect.
Looking at my action, my classmate tried to follow-up.

[Everyone will have at least something they are good at…]

The silvery drilled-hair girl named Cluten looked amazed.
I have no choice… I could not reveal the only ability I am good with.
Of course, I am talking about my healing magic.
But if the situation calls for it, I will not hesitate to use it.


One month had passed, and my… exploding magic, turned into something weird.
It changed into water bomb when I activate the offensive water attribute magic [Water ball].
It changed into a mini typhoon when I activate the offensive wind attribute magic [Wind ball].
It changed into illuminating light when I activate the offensive thunder attribute magic [Thunder ball].
A small mountain was formed when I activate the offensive earth attribute magic [Ground ball]
I became surrounded and immobilized by a lump of black mass when I activate the obstructive dark attribute magic [Dark ball].
I started glowing brightly… after activating the offensive light attribute magic [Shining ball].

Everyone started calling me the [Exploding girl], but I still did not realize this matter at that time.

[El-chan is amazing]

I was still shining when Riot spoke to me.

[There is no injury…? Wouldn’t it be alright to hit the dummy under your current condition?]

Fukyun! This is it!


Applying the [Shining ball] over my body, I slammed towards the dummy.
The dummy was created using magic and it is exceptionally strong against physical attacks so it would be difficult to destroy it without using magic.
[Shining ball] is a magic against undead so would normally be ineffective against anything beside them.
The sound of the dummy breaking could be heard.
It seemed that any magic will work
.… I could not understand the logic behind it.

[Uoo!? I really destroy it!?]


[Well… this is an unexpectedly strong magical and physical attack… and there are still some room for improvement…]

Not matter the case, my original magic is complete!
I don’t care that I could not use magic normally!

[Well~ alright~ You pass, Eltina]

I finally passed after being sympathized by Alp (ossan) sensei, and with this, my magic class is finally over.

Fuuu~ this is tiring~….


It is now after lunch… and we are currently chatting in the classroom.
I grew closed to my classmate after a month.

[However, I have never known that a white elf could be bad with long range magic?]

[Stop saying that, Danan. I knew of my own weakness]

[I’m sorry]
Danan apologized to me immediately.

This fellow is someone whom doesn’t hesitate to express his opinion.
But he has a good personality so as long as you gave him a proper explanation, he would reflect upon his words and reach a mutual understanding.
He has since make-up with Quitina.
As expected of the son of a merchant.

[I can’t use any magic too… but my physical ability is high so I could still live without any trouble, but as for El…]

Quitina hugged me tightly while speaking.

[Such poor thing… a white elf that could not use offensive magic… you must have a tough life]

Looking at how much Quitina is shivering, even I could understand what she is feeling.
Dark elf is a race that is being treated like slaves… surely, she must have experienced a lot of suffering.
However! A small setback such as being unable to use offensive magic would not break my spirit!

A great man once said!
Everything would be alright if you just raise the level of your physical attack!!

[White elf… physical ability is the lowest]

[What… did you say…!]

It is my turn to start shivering.
Two pretty elves are hugging each other (White and Black) (T.L The raw stated two pretty cures is hugging each other, but that doesn’t make sense to me)

[That is true… you could only hit an immobile object like a dummy with that speed]
Linda added.

Stop it! My fragile pride will shatter into pieces!
Clink! Clink!

[However, its power is high so if we could create a situation where the opponent is immobilized…]

The glass wearing boy named Floberto-kun calmly gave a useful analysis.

Such a ikemen!! So dreamly! I really admire him!!

[However, if the opponent is someone with high physical ability and could withstand El-chan’s tackle, you might be kidnapped? El-chan is so cute after all…]

Linda-san, please do not shatter my dreams.

However, she also made her point.
This ability put the user at risk.
In other word… it’s an all of nothing attack.

However, I do not desire being kidnapped.
It doesn’t sound all that bad being kidnapped by a beautiful onee-sama though.

[At the very least, you should have some affinity for weapon?]

Ganzurok stroked his beard while observing my slender wrist.
He already has a splendid beard growing despite being the same age as me.
Everyone, please remember this! It will appear in the next test! (Unconfirmed) (T.L No idea what this sentence means)

[If only it is possible to make a weapon that even someone with no affinity to weapon could use…]

[It is possible to make it, but the cost of it will be 250 big gold coins!]

I spited out the red tea in my mouth on reflex.

[Isn’t it too expensive!?]

[You fool~ It require the use of unique ore to create a weapon that El-chan could use]

[Hahaha… so it requires the use of rare metals? It is understandable if that is the case]

Floberto gave Ganzurok his view while wiping his glasses with a cloth.
It seemed that he received a direct attack by my red tea.
I am sorry…

[Well… El-chan, it is still too early for you to have that item. Let’s start from training your body!]

[Fukyun… in the end, I still must start from basic?]

I must do my best even if I have to struggle desperately.

I must obtain the strength to defend myself for the sake of conquering all the food in this world.
And I must fulfill my promise with the initial Eltina.
I still don’t have the ability to subjugate that rotten man.
That bastard is still alive somewhere in this world!

[It seemed that Eltina-san is thinking of something… but we are still young. It is bad to brood over something so much. Jiggling]

It seemed that I was seen frowning.
Gerroid seemed extremely worried about me and looked at my gently. (T.L Remember he is the prince of slime kingdom)
This does not seem like something a 6-year-old would say… but as expected of royalty.
He definitely has thought process that is different from ordinary citizen.

[El does not need to participate in any battle! I will protect you!!]

Edward hugged me while declaring so.
Uoooo… even if he is royalty, he does not seem all that different from us!?
Edward should learn something from Gerroid! And immediately!

[El is really, soft and nice…] (T.L Lolicon prince)

[Fukyun, Fukyun!]

Edward possess exceptional strength despite how slender he looked.
I experienced this many time and could not escape from him on my own if I got hugged by him.
Hence, my only choice is to scream [Fukyun] for help.
This is already a common scenery.
There is nobody that helped me (Deeply hurted).

[El-chan got hugged again]

[It seemed that Edward-sama really like the rare creature]

Or should I say, there are many spectators looking at us pleasantly.

As expected, it is embarrassing being hugged while being seen by so many people.

[Are~… Eltina-san got treated as a toy by Edward-sama again?]

Cluten came back to the classroom.
This girl is one of the few people in the classroom with common sense.
Equiped behind her head is six silver colored drill which gave people a sense of reliability.

[Clu-sama, help, me~] (T.L  She said help me in English)

Cluten started walking towards me steady.
And she hugged my other side that was opened.
I did not expect a sandwich attack!

The silver drilled hair betrayed me! I suffered a critical attack! My eyes are turning white!

[Fufu… as expected of Eltina-san, this is the first time I felt such a sensation]

Silver drilled hair-sama sticked her face on my cheek and started rubbing. Of course, I could only start calling [Fukyun] for help.

This is such a common scenario that nobody is willing to help me.

[You are so popular, Eltina]

The person who saved me is our homeroom teacher, Alp-ossan-sensei.

It seemed that break is over.

[Lunch time is over! Start preparing for your next lesson!]

All my classmate gradually returns to their seat.
Edward and silver-drilled hair unwillingly parted with me.

The moment I got released, I felt the warmth feeling disappearing. Suddenly, I felt a sense of loneliness and unconsciously said [Fukyun].

No matter the case… I am already familiar with this situation.
Could I even resist them under my current condition…?

I simply could not obtain an answer.
Hence, I could not focus in class as my mind is in a mess.


As usual, I began work in the healer association after school and is currently writing a patient medical record.

Hence, I ate a late dinner at the association’s canteen.
I chatted with Miranda-san after dinner.

…. Miranda-san, seemed like she still missed her husband.
I also heard of her miscarriage from Eleanor-san.
If Miranda-san child is born safely… he should be the same age as me.

I returned to my room and started jumping on my bed.
A stray Nyanko that is currently sleeping on my bed got thrown in the air.


[Uoo, sorry about that]

The Nyanko then climbed on top of my belly as a sign of protest. It seemed that to sleepy and lie directly on my stomach.
Since my companion fell asleep, I enter into a deep thought on my own.
The first image that enters my mind, is Miranda-san lonely smile.
I wanted to do something… but it is out of my power.
Giving her true happiness, is something that I could not bless her with.

[Work harder and show your charm… Alp-ossan]

I gave a silent complain to the late bloomer Alp-ossan.
In the first place, he has not even taken the first step, and does not show sign of doing so.

[He must change his way…]

I closed my eyes while thinking of such stuff.

Various stuff had since changed in my daily life.
My tour around the world should happen in the near future.
Or… is it possible to do it now? (Shock)

I felt the sleep demon taking over my conscious while feeling a sense of unease. Zzzzz…

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Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 26

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 26

T.L Konko
E.D Kuroyuki-san

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26th Meal: No talent

Hello. I am the strange and rare creature named Eltina from year 1 class 8.

Today is the day where our affinities will be measured.
All new students are gathered in the gymnasium.

You say that I already know my own affinities?
That’s right, I have no talent at all! (A nightmare)

The students are all excited, except me.
I am feeling the complete opposite from them as I am feeling down.

[El-chan’s affinity with magic should be exceptionally high!]

The one who said that is my classmate, Linda Hirts.
She is a human and aims to walk the path of a magician in the future.
With light brown coloured shoulder length hair, she is an energetic looking child.

Urgh! Please stop adding salt to my wound! I am the least talented white elf the world has ever seen!!

[Oi,oi… this is a matter of fact, right? She is a white elf and is different from a certain dark elf]

A boy with red hair looked towards the direction where the dark elf Quitina is with discrimination.
His name is Danan Juran Jeff.
He is also a human and the son of a wealthy merchant.

His features include his red hair that is parted to the side, thin eyebrow, a sharp nose and a droopy looking violet coloured eye.
He is a thin but tall guy.
He plans on following his parent’s footstep and inheriting their business.

I am starting to feel extremely tired, because of everyone having such high expectations of me!
You can do anything else, but please spare me from this!!

[You guys… you should not say such a thing without any confirmation. However, it is true that white elves are masters in attack magic. It is a race that is loved by all the spirits. They are totally different from us]

An unsociable looking boy wearing glasses called Floberto Domon deals the final blow to me.
His face looks extremely uptight and he has beautiful glossy black hair.

His eyes also reflect his strong will.

Many girls around are attracted to him. (T.L Are they really 6 years old? ED: You’d be surprised. I myself was attracted to the opposite gender in 2nd Grade, though it was more because I thought they were softer, and cuter than guys.)

Uuuuuu… My HP…. Dropped to zero…

Furthermore, the possibility of me being neglected by spirits is extremely high… (Roll my roll).

The examination begins heartlessly even though I took a serious blow mentally and felt my soul disappearing like ashes.

The examination started in sequence from year 1 class 1. It is finally our turn to be tested.
The test was over in an instant. It is that simple.
Your affinity would be displayed on your card once you press your finger on it for 5 seconds.
This also serves as proof that you are a student of the school.
It acts as a student identity card.

The motto of the school is [Decide on your future based on the affinity displayed on your card].
Moreover, there is no function to hide your status so we could easily see the status of one another.

[Hey, hey!! How is it, El-chan!? My affinity for magic is B!]

Ah!? Eh!? Linda is more of a white elf than me!?

[Oooo…. this… that, that’s right! My card malfunctions!]

I… I could only buff my way through here!
I spun a half-baked lie during a moment of confusion.

[This is impossible… let me see your card?]

My card was easily snatch away by Linda during a moment of surprise.
Then, everyone in the class saw my card.


Everyone that saw my card showed an expression of being astonished.
Voices of surprise could then be heard
[Is this real?]
Linda returned the card to me while looking apologetic.

[Really, it’s fine to laugh at me. Even all the spirit abandoned me!]

I started laughing like a broken recorder so everyone attention turned to me.

[So… sorry. This was not my intention…]

[I forgive you]

I immediately forgive Linda since she apologies sincerely.
It seemed that she felt relieved.

[You forgave me so easily! As expected of a white elf!]

Linda also felt surprise when I forgave her so easily.

[This much is nothing]

I replied humbly.
Then, I told Linda who is still feeling down and apologetic.

[Don’t mind it! I really don’t care about it]

I lightly tapped her shoulder while laughing heartily.

[Even if that’s the case… you really have it rough, with your affinity for magic being E?]


The boy with glasses! What are you saying!?
I looked at my affinity card in a hurry… and discovered that my affinity with magic became E. (T.L If you remember, her affinity with magic was barely D at the beginning)

[How could this happen… this]

This, my status turned from bad to worse… twitching

[… Even your affinity with weapons are E… El, you really have it hard]

Even the dark elf Quitina looked at me with eyes of pity.

[There…… problem….. none!! White… elf…. must not be flustered!!]

I entered into self-denial mode.
Affinity does not count for everything!
Anyhow, I need to appeal my strength!!

[My… heal]

I abruptly stopped.
Eleanor-san requested me to keep my status as a Saint as well as being a S rank healer a secret.
This is for the sake of avoiding troubles and getting involved with power struggles.

…EH? Beside healing magic, what am I good at?
This… what should I do?
I should say it! Eltina, let’s go! (Desperation mode)

[… I am good at!!]

Linda hugged and kissed my cheek…

[What, was that for~!?]
I immediately retorted.
I heard things like [There is no other way] or [Let’s protect her]. It seemed that everyone is looking at me like a small animal that needs protection.
For some reason, I looked like a small animal that is shivering as I got captured. In actual fact, the smallest in class… is also me.
I am always standing at the front when we need to form a straight line.
I remember being tall in my past life…

[I will protect you…]

Quitina smiled gently and placed her hand on my shoulder.
Since she is a dark elf, her affinity for magic is also E. However, her talent for weapon is exceptional. Her affinity for swords is A, while all other weapons are B.

[Ahhh… my soul mate!!]

The combination of the white and dark duo is completed right here.


Well then… my affinity for healing magic is recorded as E on this card but this is not the true value.

After school, students must either visit the Maius church or the healer association to test for their real affinity for healing magic.
Those with talent for healing magic will be immediately recruited into the healer association and Maius church and received special education.

Of course, there are people who refused and prefer going to school. Hence, Rayen and Thrust-san put in a lot of effort to recruit talented individuals.
… But, why am I being chase away in that case?
Isn’t it weird that me, being S rank in healing magic, need to attend school.
The card issued by the healer association is different, so I just keep the card issued by the school that indicate my healing magic as E as a memento.
Hence, a rare situation of having all E rank appearing in the card occurred.

This is not something to be proud of….

We are dismissed after the examination at the school ended.
I have work in the afternoon so I returned to the healer association.
… However.

[El-chan also came to test for your affinity?]

Linda is also here.
Ah… I see… this is the place to test for your affinity with healing magic.

[Is that so… this is the place?]

[Hahaha]… I just laughed and deceived her.
I sneaked into my work station while Linda is testing her affinity.

[Welcome back! How was your examination?]

I told Tiffany-neechan the truth since she asked.
[All of them are E rank!]
[Uwa… all E rank. Isn’t this even more uncommon?]
Tiffany-neechan retorted.

Now that she mentioned it… this, it is rare.
Someone with all E rank is rarely seen.
No matter who they are, there would surely be something he or she is good at.

Let’s not be discourage and focus on work.
There are many jii-san and baa-san catching a cold during the beginning of spring!
Well then, let’s vent my anger by going all out casting healing magic!!

On a side note, Linda’s affinity with healing magic is E…

Hugh-san brought me some snacks after I finished with all the treatment and am currently writing the patient’s medical record.
I thanked him and created peachy-sensei for him. It seemed he is happy as he told me that [I want to eat it with my family], so he brought it back to his family after work.

After I finished writing the records, I returned to my room and begun my training.
I don’t intend to give up even though I have no talent.
I was told that it is just matter of accumulating more experience.
Finally, I crawled into my bed after eating peachy-sensei.

Class will officially start from tomorrow onwards.
I wonder what lesson we will be having?
While experiencing a feeling of expectation, as well as slight uneasiness, I slowly drifted asleep.

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Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 25

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 25

T.L Konko
E.D Kuroyuki-san

I have sad news for everyone. I will be dropping all translation until further notice due to real life commitment (P.s Struggling with my final year project for the next 8 mths and looking for job -.-) Anyone who is interested, please feel free to pick up any of my series.

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And thanks to Kuroyuki-san for editing chapter 25 and 26!

Also thanks to Nixie-san for offering to help but I did not have time to get back to you until now ~~

Sorry and thanks for everything!

25th Meal: School


[That’s right. Saint-sama has already turned 6 so please do attend]

I became 6-years-old a few days ago so Delkett-jiisan persuaded me to attend school.
There is a huge learning institute operated by the country within the capital of Philimichia.
This is a facility built for the sake of grooming talented children in this kingdom.
The troublesome task of finding talented people is the same even in a different world.

The entrance fee and school fee are all covered. Furthermore, they also provide free school lunch.
Due to receiving such a special treatment from the school, most of the children in the capital will attend.

[But…I still have work?]

That’s right! I have a job!
I am a salaryman! A working adult in society!?

[You don’t have to worry, if that’s the case, since Tiffany-san just became A rank. We should be able to handle the work even if Saint-sama withdraws from the team]

The guild master of the healer association, Rayen, told me the news.
Recently, the state of healer association was slowly improving.
Most of the patients have also recovered from their injuries.
They would be back to their full health with some rest.

[Your classes will usually end around 3 p.m. Furthermore, elementary school has classes for only three days a week. There will be no problem if we simply adjust your schedule]

He also added [You can also make friends]
Hmph, he made sense.

It is troubling that I don’t have any friends around my age.
Besides, I don’t have any financial problems right now.
Since I don’t have any problems with my job, I’ll then focus on clearing my other problems.
Alright, I’ve decided!

[I understand. I will give it a try]

It is not necessary for me to attend school.
I have the knowledge of my predecessor, and she was also a graduate from this school.

In other words, the purpose of me attending school is to make friends.
I do not know anyone around my age, even though I am friendly with many of the adults here.
I must do something about this, since I don’t have any friends my age, I must definitely make some friends at school.

Delkett-jiisan then happily told me that he would [Make the preparations].
Many people had been taking care of me recently, so I had started to feeling guilty about it…
Next time, I shall massage his shoulders.


Time passed slowly and spring arrived.
Today was my school entrance ceremony.

I wore my school uniform, and walked to school while holding Eleanor-san’s hand.
The name of the school is The Royal School of Langusten.
Bearing the name of the country, it is a school with a thousand years of history.

[So big!]

This was my honest opinion.
Behind the humongous gate is an even bigger building.
Just how big is the school? The size of the school that I saw is so stupidly big.
Moreover, the carriage arrived by using [Teleporter].
That was certainly overkill…

There is an establishment within the hostel where various brands set up stalls and sell things.
It could also be considered a city within the school.
The security of the school is excellent, as there is a protective barrier over the school.
It seems that the school could be used as a refugee site in times of emergency.
There are also golems patrolling the campus for security.
The safety of the students is guaranteed.

Students ranging from ages 6 to 15 will study in such a big school.
You will be considered an adult once you graduate, after reaching 15-years-old.
Many choose to become adventurers, merchants, knights, or even just finding work within the capital.
Of course there will be those who become unemployed and homeless.
Those people will have a hard life.

[Alright, we’ve arrived!]

I am currently in the gymnasium.
Would the entrance ceremony be held here?

However, it is not very funny considering how big the place is!
The size of the gymnasium is even bigger than a baseball field.
It seemed tiring to even walk through it…

There are 320 children who have enrolled this year.
Except those living in cities or villages far away from the capital, most children, including nobles from other countries, will study in this school.
As getting involved with the nobles seems troublesome, let’s try my best to avoid them.

Even though I said that, I have already gotten involved with them.

In addition, my status as a Saint is being hidden by the country.
I was using a mask when I was treating the civilians, so my identity was a mystery to others.

Well, I still kept my mask on even during the time I visited the street stalls.
I will not be using healing magic outside of the healer association. Eleanor-san would also whisper to me when we were outside.
My identity should not be known since we took so many precautions.
And now, I can spend a peaceful campus life and make some friends.

Hmm…someone is approaching me.
It was a girl surrounded by many followers.

[Are~, could you be a white elf?]

[Ah, this lady is Cluten Tron Babal-sama. How are you doing today?]

Wah, I got involved with a noble right at the start.
The young noble girl, with a slightly uptight face, was accompanied by her followers.
She has thin silvery eyebrow and sharp looking golden pupils. Also… the back of her hair was curled into six rolls.
I could not focus on anything besides her hair roll.

Uoooo… this is my first time seeing hair drills, they are even silver!
This kind of hairstyle is too amazing for a six-year-old girl! (Excited)

[And this lady over here… is Eltina-sama]

Eleanor-san started introducing me to the noble girl named Clatten.
During the introduction, she avoided saying my full name.
As expected of a capable woman.
If it was just me, I would even leak more information regarding myself besides my full name.


I made a simple introduction.
I could not think of anything interesting to add, given the short amount of time I had.

[Well, you looked as cold as your appearance suggested. Well, this is also fine with me. I am Clatten Tron Babal. Nice to meet you, white elf Eltina-sama]

She left with her followers, without waiting for my response.
For an instant, I felt that she would be a strong lady in the future…

Well, the girl with the drill hair that I just met is the eldest daughter of a baron in Militanas Holy Kingdom.
After graduating from this school, her worth when negotiating for marriage among nobles will increase.

I proceed to take a seat at the area designated for students, while Eleanor-san went to the area designated for parents.
I started looking around the gymnasium.

I am not trying to look suspicious.
This was for the sake of observing the area.

… I am not lying, alright?

Ooooh, it’s here, it’s here! Dark Elf! Beastkin! And that… a Dwarf!
I see a Lizard-man! Even Ogres and Goblins are present!

This was the first time I have seen how their children look.
Before this, I only ever saw the adults of their species.
So this is a valuable experience…

[Iya~, it’s so rare seeing a white elf desu]

No, no! I find you to be even more rare than me.

I am currently talking to a slime.
The slime is wearing a red bow tie on its greenish body.
Two black and round eyeballs are fixed to its circular body.
he is probably about as big as an adult’s head.

This is a relatively free country that welcomes all!!
There are so many species gathered here!

The principal then began his speech.
While he was speaking, I thought to myself that this speech was the same no matter which world I lived in.
Furthermore, the principal belongs to the race called Giant. He is huge!!
He is a 3 metre tall jii-san.

We were then guided to our respective classroom by the teachers after the ceremony.
There are approximately 40 students in a class.

And the class I belongs to is Year 1 Class 8.
Well then, I wonder who will be my classmates…


[Are~? We meet again?]

……….. Silver drill hair.
It seemed that this is our fate.
Since there is no other choice, let’s greet her in a friendly manner.

[Try saying my NAMEEEeeeeeeeeeee!!]

[Ha, ehhh?]

The silver drill hair girl showed a stupefied expression. I wonder what she is surprised about?

I ended it with an appropriate greeting by saying [Please take care of me], and sat on my seat.
Our homeroom teacher also entered the classroom at the same time.

[Take your seat~ the class is beginning~!]

Just who would be our teacher….!

[Eh! Alphonse-ossan!]

[Hey! Call me sensei here]

The person that entered the classroom is an uncle named Alphonse.
It seemed that he retired as an adventurer after the subjugation of the demon lord.
But never did I expect that he changed his occupation to be a teacher.
Well… as expected, it is strange seeing him dressed in suit and tie.
Please return to your normal self and wear the leather armour.

[I am the homeroom teacher for year 1 class 8, Alphonse Geylon. Nice to meet y’all! Alright~ Although it’s sudden, but let’s start with self-introductions]

Under his urging, the first student sitting on the extreme left of the classroom started with his self-introduction.

[Raito Dale. Lionkin. My future dream is to become a martial artist that is even stronger than my oyaji. Everyone, nice to meet you!]

The first to introduce themselves is the lionkin named Raito-kun.
He is an energetic looking boy with a human face.
He possesses golden-yellow hair, and a pair of animal ears can be seen on his head.
With thick eyebrow, and playful looking, gold coloured eyes.
Naturally, he has a tail.
I have a sudden urge of wanting to play with his tail.

[My name is Clatten Tron Babal. Human. I came from the Holy Kingdom of Militanas and the eldest daughter of baron Chrisland Tron Babal. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance…]

The next person to introduce themselves is the silver drill hair-sama.
She proceed to talk about the magnificence of her family and country after she introduced herself.
Alphonse-ossan stopped her skilful and called the next person.

As expected of Alphonse-os… sensei.

More than half of the students in the classroom are human.
Demi-human just like me accounts for the remainder.
Everyone in this world has a common means for communication, so every race could interact with one another.
In other words… he is included.

[Gerroid Gol Steiner. Slime desu. I hope to gain valuable experience by interacting with the nobles in this school. My goal is to succeed the throne desu]

…… His goal is way bigger than expected. He is a slime, right?
I received a shock when I was informed of the existence of a slime kingdom.
Speaking of which, he is a male. They even have gender…

The student’s self-introduction then proceeds smoothly.
And this happened…

[Qulitia. Dark elf… end]

Ending her introduction without any courtesy is the dark elf named Qulitia.
Actually, I already knew her.
She was part of the children first aid team and cooperate with me during the [War with the demon].
I became friends with her during the time when she was in the team. (T.L I thought the MC said she has no friends of similar age?)

Long silvery hair that reached her waist, healthy tanned skin and beautiful long ears.
Pretty green coloured pupils that gave off the impression of a cat. Cherry red lips.
With thin and long eyebrow. In addition, perfectly shaped nose.
She would definitely grow up into a beauty in the future.

Sob… she’s totally different from me…

I reconfirmed once again when I looked at her face. After Qulitia relaxed, she looked at me and smiled… a goddess!

[Ganzurock Dalton. Dwarf. I will be inheriting my family business, and I aim to become the best blacksmith in the world. Nice to meet you!]

Even at the age of six, dwarf children have beards.
He looked young like us, but he has the facial features of a typical stubborn blacksmith.
He has a short, light brown hair, a thick and big nose, and black eyes.
Also, his unique way of talking is also a characteristic that belongs to the dwarfs.

[Edward de Langusten. Human. My dream is becoming an outstanding king. Nice to meet you!]


An uproar starts in the classroom.
They showed such reaction because some important person appears? (Shocked)

He is the grandson of the current king. Moreover, he is the eldest son of the first king.
In other words, he will be the king in the future.

The first time I met him was during the first time when I visited the castle in Philimichia.

During his first meeting with the Saint (Me), the first word he said to me was [Puni puni desu].
He then used his hugging attack on me. During the hero summoning ceremony, he also said things like [I am so touched] and held my hands.

And the last time I saw him was during my birthday party.
I did not care about my birthday as I don’t even know the exact date of it.
Delkett-jiisan then suggested that [Let’s take 3rd of March as your birthday], which is exactly one year since I came here. He announced it and everyone came and celebrate….

Edward also came during my birthday party.
He proclaimed that [This is my privilege].
It seemed that he requested Hero Takaki to bring him over here,
such a trouble maker prince.

[Happy birthday! Eltina!]

[Fukyun! Ed, why are you here? And thank you!]

Edward then ran over and hugged me once I gave my thanks.
I could feel his good intention for me.
When I remember hugging the future king, I felt slightly troubled.

In the end, he would always hug me whenever he got the chance.
I did not expect that things would turn out this way.
Such a terrible tenacity.

Edward finished his self-introduction during the time when the class is in confusion.
And he looked in my direction and showed me a refreshing smile.

All the girls in the class shrieked [Edward-sama….]
With gold hair, blue eyes, and a good look, he is the perfect king.
His face could be passed off as a girl’s so it seemed that he inherited his mother’s genes.

My peaceful school life. It seemed that it’s the end.

I am the last to make my self-introduction.
A white elf enrolling into the school. This is the first time in a thousand years.
So what should I say to make a good impression…?
Alright, let’s do this. This will definitely cause a lot of impact.]

[Hello everyone. I am the rare white elf in Langusten. My goal is to [Travel the world for food]. It’s a pleasure to meet everyone…]

Perfect… I capture everyone’s attention!

Yosh! I clenched my fist and did a victory pose.
Someone in the class spoke up while looking at me.

[Ah! I know! You are the Kuishinbo Elf!]

How! The class then became excited.
What is going on!
I became the subject of laughter for everyone?

Damn it, nooo!

We were dismissed after everyone did their self-introduction.

The class officially starts tomorrow at 8 a.m.

[Nice to meet you~ Kuishinbo-san!]

[Oh! Nice to meet you!]

My nickname officially became [Kuishinbo].

There are many others that called me [Rare creature-sama]

I started walking home after I greeted students around me.
Eleanor-san was waiting for me at the reception area.
We walked back to the healer association hand in hand.

[I became classmates with Edward]

Eleanor-san smiled bitterly when I whispered to her.

[… Are you surprised?]

It seemed that she knew beforehand.
Her face showed that she was apologetic.

I’m afraid that it was Edward’s plan. To surprise me,
he definitely ordered everyone to keep it a secret.
Good grief. He only acted like a king when playing a prank.

My classmates are full of energy.
Also, I am sure Alphonse-ossan will have a tough job.
I went back to the healer association while feeling delighted.

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Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 24

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 24

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24th Meal: Kuishinbo Elf

Three months has passed since I first visited the street stall.

[Oh? You came again, Kuishinbo-chan!] (T.L Kuishinbo = Glutton)

The number uncles working in the street stall that knew me increases exponentially.
I had been visiting the street stalls for the past three months and had already conquered all the food here!!
Looking at my current actions, it seemed that someone started calling me [Kuishinbo Elf].

From that moment, my nickname became [Kuishinbo Elf].
I am grateful towards them as it does not stand out as much as being called Saint-sama.
I would feel ticklish whenever I am being called Saint-sama.

[Today…will be ramen!]

My aim is the new creation, [Pork ramen].
The bald head uncle with a towel around his neck told me that he finally created a satisfactory tasting ramen.

[Thanks for waiting!]

Soaked within the delicious looking, milky white broth was yellow coloured noodle, roasted chashu as well as shredded spring onion and red ginger. The [Pork ramen] was then placed on the table in front of me. (T.L Chashu = A type of pork)


I used a pair of chopstick to eat.

Eleanor-san accompanied me and acted as my guardian. She used a spoon and fork to coil the noodle before eating.
As expected, chopsticks are extremely difficult to use.

[Saint-sama is so skilful ne~]

I got praised by Eleanor-san.

[Slurp…gulped, chew, chomp chomp…]

I start by tasting the rich and thick pork broth.
The porky smell was covered by the delicious flavour of the broth.
The noodle was slender and straight, which just happened to be my liking.
The thick flavour of the pork broth harmonize so well with the noodle and it left me wanting to eat more.
The roasted chashu was extremely soft and melts in my mouth.
The spring onion and red ginger added subtle flavours, making the ramen a complete creation.


My face was full of smile as I told the uncle how good the ramen tasted.
Looking at me smiling, the uncle nodded in satisfaction.

[It seemed that my hard work paid off]

My comment acted as a catalyst, resulting in many adventurers rushing towards the store.
Recently, there are a constant stream of customer in the street stall district.

[Pork ramen! I want a large serving!!]

[I want the same! Serving for three!!]

The uncle subconsciously shrieked in joy as he was overly excited.
It seemed that his stall recorded the highest ever sale since opening day.


Well then, I have time off for the whole of today.
The current time is 8 in the morning.
I heard a knock on my door, just when I was wondering how to spend my free time.
[Please enter]
I gave my acknowledgement and invited my visitor into the room.
Eleanor-san, Miranda-san and Tiffany-neechan entered.

[Today is your off day, right?]

Eleanor-san then continued with the conversation…

[Since that is the case, let’s buy clothes for Saint-sama! Let’s do it!]

Her eyes were sparkling and burning in fiery after she said that.
This is bad! She looked like a predator that found its prey!!

[Let’s escape now while I am free!]

I ran towards the door!
Gak! A pair of soft breast appeared in front of me.
This breast belongs to Eleanor-san.

[How… did she…!?]

Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump…!!
I seemed to hear such sound effect resounding in my head.
Probably, the sound came from my heart beating so rapidly.

When I ran towards the door… Eleanor-san was definitely behind me!!
But before I even realised it, Eleanor-san appeared in front of me!
This is not a dream nor an illusion!
I saw a glimpse of something horrifying…!!

[Didn’t you know? As long as it is related to shopping, nobody could escape from her!]

Scaryyyyyyyyyy! Women are so scaryyyyyyyyyy!?

[Just once, act as a dress-up doll for Eleanor-san]

With her face smiling, Tiffany-neechan held onto my tightly.
In the end, Tiffany-neechan and Eleanor-san, each held one of my arm and dragged me towards the business district in Philimichia.

Donna~donna~do~na~do~na… (T.L This is a song about a calf being led to the slaughter house

The lyrics of that song is filling my head right now.
You can’t fault me if I cry now.


We finally reached the business district.
Around the magnificent looking building, many people can be seen shopping for items.
Many beautifully decorated coffee house are located around this area.
And different from the street stall, the customers that shopped here are people of higher status.

[Well then, we are here~]

Tiffany-neechan smile and stop in front of a shop.
The shop has a signboard which read [Elegant Clothes]
I have a bad feeling about this.

We walked into the shop.
To be exact, I was dragged into the shop.
Aah… so this is the gate to hell?

There are a variety of clothing being displayed.
We walked towards the area where children clothing were kept.
In my opinion, those clothes could function as my torture device.

There are countless number of children clothing.
Half of the merchandise in this shop are children clothes.
Skirt that looked fluffy and is decorated with big ribbons… waittttttttt!?
Why are there bunny suit for children!?
This is obviously weird!?

[Well then, without delay, let’s give everything a try]

The female group started moving their fingers while laughing dangerously.
This was not their usual personality!!

And then, I am forced to change into various clothes.
Black gothic Lolita dress, a pure white dress as well as a kimono, which exist in this world for unknown reason.
It is totally crazy that there are a total of twelve layer of clothes in the kimono! An individual would be unable to wear it alone!
Adding salt to my wound, I am even made to wear the bunny girl suit.
Simply put, I am made into a dress-up doll!! (Face turning white)

It is already afternoon by the time I am released.


Everything is finally over once we finished choosing the clothes… but this is only a wishful thinking of mine!?

And now, we are going to shop for accessories.
I did not owe a comb.
As I found it troublesome, I usually tidy my hair with just my fingers. I was met with disapproval and dragged to the accessories shop once again.

Couldn’t I just use magic to solve the problem?
When I told them my opinion, they simply refuted by explaining that finer details required human interventions.

So picky… I could finally understand why man and female are different creatures.
Ah, but I am a female now.
I forgot, hahaha…ha… I want to turn back into a man.

Hence, we arrive at the accessory shop with a name that reads [Milky Lovely]
Can’t they think of a better name for the shop?
The females group then walk into the shop without minding the name.

Countless combs are being displayed in the shop.
There were some many varieties.
Comb for long hair, comb for curly hair and even comb for beastkin.
Just when I sighed and thought to myself that this shop really carries everything, I discovered a white-coloured comb with a tag that read ‘for elf’.
And I held it in my hand.

[This, this! Friend, I am buying for them…!]

What friend… I am just giving random excuses.
I like this comb and wanted to bring buy it…

[The total cost will be 5 gold coin]

[So expensive!?]

I growl and check my purse at the same time.
I only has 5 gold coin left so I felt embarrassed.
That white comb cost my entire fortune.
The reason behind this was because I purchased too many clothes.

[I should give it up… Fukyun]

Reluctantly, I return the comb to its original position.

Let’s come back again after earning enough money…

In the end, I purchase a comb, hand mirror, perfume and hair clip that are equivalent to my entire fortune.
It seemed that those were only the minimum required accessories for female.
Females really could spend a lot of money!

It is evening by the time we leave the shop.
Eleanor-san, Miranda-san and Tiffany-neechan seems extremely satisfied.
I saw a different side of them today.

In contrast, I felt gloomy.
Although I have the appearance of a little girl, my soul is still that of an uncle.
My mind has been greatly damaged today!

Well, it might not be so bad since they are happy, considering that they took care of me all these time… the four of us then started walking back home as I was thinking of such a thing.

Shadow formed under the evening sun and I walked while holding onto Eleanor-san and Tiffany-neechan’s hand.
And beside us, Miranda-san smiled happily while sticking close to us.
Although I do not know how long our friendship will last, it thought it would be great if we could maintain this relationship longer.

I am currently a small girl.
Although I am an elf, my current growth rate is normal.
Those clothes that I wore initially were too small since I grew taller, so I kept them in my [Free space].
The growth rate of an elf child is similar to that of a human.

… But is that really the case? It seemed that my body is just smaller due to slower growth rate?

However, the difference between a human and me, is that I will not age.
But not aging does not mean I will not die.

Within 10 years, my height will be similar to them.
but let’s not talk about the other attribute of Miranda-san (Its impossible).

During that time, just how will our relationship change…

Maa~, I would not know even if I think about it now.
Let’s think about it when the time comes.

I walk slowly beside them while thinking of such stuff. I really appreciate my current happiness.

T.L End of chapter 24/ End of volume 1~~~

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Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 23

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 23

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Translator: Konko
Editor: Zach

23th Meal: My first time touring the street stall

Yawn! I am so tired, really!
Yes everyone, I am a 5 year old white elf called Eltina.

The moment has arrived!
Today might be the day where my dream of touring the street stalls is finally realized.
Due to being overly excited, I woke up at 4 in the morning.
It felt as if I was a child preparing for an excursion.

However, there was still work to be done in the morning. That’s right.
It took about 1 week to heal all the soldiers who sustained injuries.
Well…it took a long time.

It’s hard to believe that we survived the battle.
I am currently healing the patients under a casual atmosphere.
This was how the healer association used to be ~ it is really touching.

Ordinary citizens also started coming over for treatment.
During war periods, healers would prioritize treatment of soldiers.
As a result, ordinary citizens could only endure before their turn.

Eleanor-san, what would those citizens with injuries do then? I asked her.
It seems the priests from the bigger church would go around to heal people for free.
But it appears that the number of them is also insufficient, so priest like Delkett-jiisan had to travel around to many places.
All the priest also worked hard…

[I was also tasked to help high priest Delkett initially. However…]

She had no choice since she was chosen to help the hero.
Really, the number of healers is severing lacking…

Currently, there are about 100 healers in this country.
Isn’t this number too few in comparison to the number of soldiers? Seriously.
It is thanks to me that the number of casualties reduced to such a small number.

There are 20 healers, 4 priests and me working in the capital’s healer association.
There are also 7 more healers in the returning group of healers.
Among the adventures, there should be a few that are capable to heal injuries.
Well, it is better than having no healers at all… but they really pushed us so hard!
We could only make use of those we could.

The remaining healers were sent to various villages and cities to work.
It seemed that they were not called back, in case the cities or villages suffers from any disaster.
In other words, if those places only had one healer, there wouldn’t be any healers to attend to all of those with injuries.
Furthermore, those healers who were assigned to the remote areas were all excellent A ranked healers.
If they were not A ranked, they wouldn’t be able to use magic to heal diseases easily.
B ranking healers would be exhausted after using that magic once.
I could not understand such feelings as I had been using it multiple times in a row even during training.
However, it should not cost more mana than using my [wide heal] prior to adjustment.
[Wide heal] without any tuning is really terrible. (Roll eyes)

[You drank too much! Control your intake of alcohol!]

[Oo, I did not die!?]

I used [cleanse] to treat the last patient for the morning.
[Cleanse] is a high ranking healing magic, a wonderful ability which is able to remove all abnormal status from a target.
However…that magic, requires a scary amount of magic power.

The mana consumption of it is equivalent to the non-tuned [wide heal].
The [cleanse] I am using now is the product of my tuning.
That is to say, the mana consumption was greatly reduced! Gahaha!

[Take care~]

My job today has ended.
I wrote the patient’s medical condition on the paper.
It’s that fellow’s medial record.

[Thanks for your hard work, Saint-sama. Are you going out today?]

The person that happened to pass by my patient is Tiffany-neechan.
She would be taking over me in the afternoon.

Ooh, her green hair was tied into a ponytail.
This is it, this! Not a man tying ponytail, but a woman tying ponytail.

[Did you change your hairstyle?]

Until now, Tiffany’s hair had always reached her waist.
This new hairstyle is also good, as a ponytail gave her a new image.

[Yes, does it suit me?]

She smiled sweetly and asked.
[It suits you well], I replied and clapped my hands.
It seems that I am also getting excited.

[Thank you very much. That makes me very happy]

This was nothing.
We started chatting subsequently, ohh… Eleanor-san is here.
Oh, was it time already?

[Saint-sama, it is about time, right?]

[I will go change my clothes now!]

Dabadaba~, I hurriedly returned to my room to change my clothes.

I am currently wearing a specially made dress for a saint given to me by Delkett-jiisan.
It was an order-made priest dress for girls.
The dress was gorgeous and emphasized it’s white colour.

Although this dress was great, it would be extremely obvious if it got dirty, as most of it was white.
Hence, I changed into a pink coloured magician-styled clothes that I inherited from the first generation Eltina.
Wearing a green-coloured robe over my clothes and I’m done! …  Of course, I wore my pantsu properly!
Eleanor-san bought some for me!
As expected, I saw it. My butt and girls part.

I am wearing a bear embroidered, the kuma-chan panty. (T.L Kuma = bear)
Unexpectedly, I like it… but this is something I could tell no one!
It’s a secret!!

[Thanks for waiting!]

[Let’s go!] Eleanor-san urged.
My long-awaited touring of the street stalls is about to begin.

[But, before that]

Eleanor-san used lifestyle magic [Hair make], to braid my messy and long hair.
This magic could be considered a necessity for all females.
It is much faster than doing it by hand, and would also not damage your hair.
The magic is based on wind attribute, and is it extremely convenient if you want to braid or tie your hair into a bun.
If your familiarity with the magic increases, it seems that you could create even more amazing hairstyles.
Shall I practice it next time?

[Well then, let’s go?]

We held hands and headed towards the street.

There are people everywhere.
The street stalls were aligned next to each other, some displaying unique items.
The aroma of delicious food drifted through the air.

[Uoooo… street stalls!]

My body was shivering as I felt emotional.
I could finally eat food from the street stalls after being here for so long!!
Well then, what should I eat? How about that skewer?
Ah, it seems that burger-like food is also delicious!!
Impossible! They even have ramen!?
What is this? A heritage of food culture!?

Something then came to my mind.
That reincarnator cheater must have done something here.
Or possibly, those so called heroes summoned in the past might have passed something down.

Well, whatever.
The main problem now was what I should eat.

I would be full just eating one thing.
The quantity of each food item was huge.
The meat on each skewer was extremely long, and the burger itself could even hide my face.

[This must be a challenge aimed towards me]

I accept your challenge!
I choose you! Hamburger!!
I asked Eleanor-san to purchase a burger for me. She did, and even paid for me.
I received the burger and held it in my hands.


Is this beef?
The thick, beef patty was topped with tomatoes and thin slices of diced onions.

[Uwahaha… ojou-chan, can you eat that much? These are prepared for adventures, so the portions are supposed to be huge!]

The friendly shopkeeper said so with pride.

[I will finish it and show you! Itadakimasu!]

I began my challenge eating the hamburger!
The thick, beefy juice of the patty mixed with the slightly sour taste of the tomatoes.
I could also feel the spiciness of the onions.
The bun goes so well with this.
So that was the case… only by eating such a large portion, could one truly enjoy the deliciousness of this burger.

[Hagu, hagu, ngungu…]

Well, I ate half of it, and gave the other half to Eleanor-san.
Although it tasted good, this isn’t something that a 5 years old child could finish.

[I will definitely win next time]

I said and leave the street stalls.
[Please come again!], said the uncle while waving his hand.
I am satisfied today.

As expected, the quantity of food served in this world is so different from that of my previous world.
Of course if you were to look hard enough, you might find the same amount too… but the price would also be high.
The food here is cheap and delicious.
But it is not enough for me. There were still many delicious aromas in the air.
I felt motivated!
I must first conquer all the food in this street.
And then, I will travel around to various places after growing up.
Thus, I need to save money, gain more strength and obtain wisdom.

Hence, I continued doing training in my room today.
I should start training with weapons soon.
However, I could not do so right now due to my affinity with weapons.

There are mountains of things I need to do.
For the sake of tomorrow… Zzz~zzz.

I made Thrust-san angry.
As expected, weapon training is prohibited here.

Even if that was the case, my touring of the street stalls has only just began.
Well then, what should I eat tomorrow?
I climbed onto my bed, filled with expectation for tomorrow.

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Kuishinbo Elf chapter 22

Kuishinbo Elf chapter 22

Hiya everyone, I have a new editor helping out with Kuishinbo Elf ~~~

Please welcome Zach-san ~~~

22nd Meal: The day when the war ended 

Nnnnn~~!! Energy maaaaaaax!!

And now, my magic power finally returned back to its maximum!!
After returning to the canteen and eating peachy-sensei, I took a nap on Miranda-san’s breast for 15 minutes.

My skin feels extremely smooth now.
But still, never did I expect myself to call Vivito that.
I called him nii-chan instinctively!

…Would aniki have been better?
Déjà vu. I felt like I’ve said something similar in the past.
Well, whatever.

Speaking of which, everybody’s growth rate seemed to be remarkable.
Except for mine. I was the only person who didn’t grow, [Gahaha…]
Wait, now isn’t the time to be idling!

[Thank you so much, Miranda-san! I feel better!]

I thanked her with a smile on my face.
Then, I stood up full of spirit and told her [I am going now!]. I headed straight towards the treatment area where everyone was waiting for me.


Long… it had been a long battle.
I did not even know when the battle would end. I could feel that the atmosphere had been this way since the battle commenced.
Finally, the battle finally came to an end.

On the second day, it is now 5:48 a.m.
After healing the last of the soldiers with heavy injuries, the long queue finally came to an end.

[Well, is it over…?]

Hearing my question, everyone nodded in response.
Although we still have to treat those with non-life threatening injuries tomorrow, the treatment for those with grave injuries finally came to an end.
Unconsciously, tears started flowing down due to the feeling of accomplishment as well as relief.

[We did it… we really did it! With the combined power of everyone, we’ve been able to save many lives!]

[Wah!] came the cheers.
We persevered until the end and did not give up. We conquered this hardship with the combined strength of everyone.
There was nothing more delightful than this!!

I hugged both Vivito-niichan and Tiffany-neechan at the same time.
The only healers that remained besides me. were the two of them.
We really were pushed to the edge of our limits.

This success was all thanks to the returning group of jii-san and baa-san’s healers.
The slightly immature young healers that did their best.
The neighbourhood oji-san and oba-san that came to help after work. (T.L Oji-san = uncle, Oba-san = aunty)
And The children from the slum that came to help with first-aid treatment.
The guild master that insisted on helping despite suffering from an illness.
Miranda-san who turned the canteen into a place for the healers to rest and recover.
And Desmond-jiisan who, was currently unconscious, used healing magic until he collapsed.

[This…this is all thanks to everyone aaaaaaaaa…..!!]

I cried out loudly, something that was unsuitable for someone of my age.
But it’s fine, right? Because right now, I… am just a little girl!

Tiffany-oneechan hugged me tightly in return.
She also started crying. Even Vivito-niichan’s eyes became red.
And before I noticed… light from the morning sun was shining upon us.

Our battle finally came to a conclusion.


It’s been three days since the conclusion of the battle.

Hero Takaki’s victory parade would be held today.
The cheers of citizens could be heard, welcoming Takaki and his party back.
Of course, my oppai is there… that’s wrong, I could see the appearance of an energetic Eleanor.
On a side note, Alphonse-ossan is also healthy.
Of course the cheat reincarnator, Futta also returned safety. This is great.

We witnessed the parade from our windows.
And we were currently healing the remaining people with injuries.
Although I had never seen a parade before, I could not afford to ignore those with injuries, just to satisfy my curiosity.
It seemed that the others were also of the same opinion, as they were busy doing treatments.

I saw a familiar person.

[Hehe, thanks! As promised, I came back without dying!!]

It was that soldier who almost died multiple times.
He really, really, did come back alive.

This time with a fractured right arm and left foot.
I quickly healed his injuries.

[No matter how I look, each and every injury you sustained are terrible!]

The soldiers seemed ecstatic after I healed his injuries as he tried moving his arm and leg to make sure they were working.

[Because this is my job, I got responsibilities just like you have yours…]

I hugged the soldier.

[It’s great… that you came back alive]

[Saint-sama… this is all thanks to you]

This fellow has been here at least 10 times before.
Seriously injured each time.
However, not once did he ever cry.
Truly the example of one who is [Manly]!!

[Could you tell me your name?]

[Rudolf Gushuria Tollel]

I’ll have to remember this guy, he is such a lovable idiot.
He is a great idiot who does not give up in the face of despair!

I saw a few others familiar faces after that.
However, there were some that I won’t ever see again.

Fellows that died bravely in war.
Fellows that died to protect their comrades.
Fellows that died due to accidental events.
So many that I wouldn’t be able to list them all… that just goes to show how many people died.
There were both familiar faces and new faces among the dead.

Really, war is such a….!!

I had only a limited amount of information and knowledge in regards to my previous world
Furthermore, I did not directly participate in this war, but acted only as support for the front line soldiers.
Even if that was the case, I still clearly understood the misery of wars.

[Why did the demon king wage a war…?]

I could not understand.
I really could not…

Could this be related to my past self, where I lived in a peaceful era?
Or could it be the environment I am born in?
Perhaps a combination of both factors?

I did not know.

If I had cheat-like powers, would that change anything?

[Regardless, the only thing I am good in at is healing magic]

Let’s focus on healing these injuries.
I should do what I can, and think of the other things at a later timing.
Moving ahead one step at a time, isn’t that what I always do!?

[Well, the last thing to consider is food]

Fuhehe…I chuckled.
Now that this healing arc is over, the amount of free time I have will increase.
In other words, I can finally make my debut on the street stall.

As I was thinking of such things, I continued healing.

T.L End of Chapter 22. The war arc is finally over!

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Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 21

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 21

This chapter is dedicated to James-sama for his donation.

21st Meal: The moment when despair turned into hope

Eh? Where…is this place? I am… a rare creature. Fukyun!

I somewhat woke up.
I felt as though I saw something important from my dreams.
Just what type of dream did I saw, whether it was a good or a bad dream… I can’t remember.
I stood up, and although I still felt unwell, it was still bearable so it was still alright.

A pair of boobs flew into my vision with tremendous force.
Those abundantly huge boobs belongs to Miranda-san.
Gak! My face got buried into the boobs.

It felt a little painful! I can’t breath!

I moved my face away from those boobs and looked up.
Then, I saw Miranda-san’s face full of tears.
Uwaaa… not good, this is bad!
It seemed that I made them worried.

[It is great, it is great that you finally woke up! Your body was so cold and you were breathing irregularly!? I thought you would die after being so rash!]

I hugged Miranda-san tightly.
I could feel her shivering.
By no means, did I expect that even I would be sent over here.
This was out of my prediction, and also gave me another reason that I must not fall…

Ah, this is bad! I must to return now!!

[Miranda-san, I need to return…]
Miranda showed a look of disbelief after hearing my words, and told me that [You know that you almost die!?].
However, I refuted her by saying [Even if I am on the brink of dying, there are still people out there waiting for me].

Looking at the speechless Miranda-san, I requested her to pass me some [peachy-sensei].
I hope that she wouldn’t mind me asking for things that I just gave to her.

[Haa….], and after Miranda-san sighed,
She retrieved peachy-sensei from her fridge-shaped free space magic.
The fruit was then sliced for the ease of eating.

[Thank you, and sorry for troubling you, Miranda-san]

*Shaku*,I threw the sliced peachy-sensei into my mouth.
The sweet fruit juice circulates within my weakened body.
If I did not have this power when I was still in that forest, I would probably not make it out alive.
This is all thanks to the help of peachy-sensei!

One bite, two bite, and I could feel my magic power and physical strength recovering.
After finishing peachy-sensei, I felt that I recovered enough and be able to continue with normal activities.

Even though I almost die, it was regrettable that no new power was awaken! (Sigh)

[I am going now, Miranda-san!]

[Please do not force yourself too much, alright? The way you looked now is the same as my dead husband. He also smiled like you before going out…]

[I will definitely return, so please wait for me!]

After I finish speaking, I returned to the battlefield where everyone is waiting for me.

It was a secret that I tripped halfway through.


*POV changed*

[Haa… please hold on! Haa… treatment of those with serious injuries take priority!! Ha, haa…]

We were reaching our limits!! After saint-sama collapsed, many fellows also lost their fighting spirit!!

[Rayen! You are too rash! You will die if you don’t rest!!]

I warned the guild master of the healer association, Rayen Gallio Exceed, to take a rest…

[Until Saint-sama returns…haa, haa…I have to hold it together….!]

Rayen statement showed his willpower as the master of the healer association.
However, if even Rayen was to collapse, it would cause the healer association to fall in a further state of chaos.
I must definitely not allow such a thing to happen.

[Stupid rascal!! Why is someone younger trying to die earlier than me? Thrust! Drag this idiot out of here!!]

[Understood, Desmond-senpei! Rayen, we are leaving!]

Why was he still arguing when he was already on the brink of collapsing!?
The first to kick the bucket, should be old fellow like us!
I would definitely not give this privilege to the youngster.

After seeing Thrust dragging Rayen out of the battlefield,
I made my decision.

[For now on, the main character of this battle would be old fellow like us! Let’s do our best!]

[Hahaha], all my old comrade laughed.
Despite being so old, it seemed we still have a purpose in living.
How do I describe this… it is making my blood boil!

[Saint-sama….! Please bless us with your strength!! You guys!! We are going!]

[Oh!!], and the voices of all the old healer echoed.
This would be our last job, so lets end it beautifully!


*POV changed*

[I am sorry! I made everyone wait!!]

I returned to the battlefield.
There, I could see the ever increasing number of people with injuries… and the figure of Desmond-ojiisan, who collapsed on the ground.


I rushed over to Desmond-ojiisan’s side and held his hand that was trying to move.
This is bad, did he exhausted all his magic power!?

[Hehe…with this…my job is completed]

Don’t joke with me!! This is absurd!!
With a face that shows no regret, I would definitely not allow you to die so peacefully!

[Goddess Maius, I plead to hear my request!! With mercy and hope! [Mana transfer] charged…!! Goooooooo!!]

I transferred a portion of my magic power that is suitable and recharged him.
If the magic power is not suitable, it would cause a rejection which is extremely dangerous.
This is almost the same as blood transfusion.

And the chant which sounded like some chuunibyou spell, I gave up half way and cast it chantlessly.
Recently, I was too busy that I forgot about such stuff!!

Desmond-ojiisan’s body was now recharged with mana.
After making sure he had stabilized, I had him withdraw from the battlefield.
You did well, thank you very much.
Covering for the worthless me and supporting the battle.

[Thank you, Desmond-ojiisan. Please leave the rest to me!!]

As I lost a large amount of mana, I recovered them using peachy-sensei that I made on the spot.
Everyone became surprised when peachy-sensei appeared suddenly but I just ignored them.
I did not have the time to be considerate.
As I made a few too many, I gave some to the young healers.

[I am going! Ojii-san, obaa-san, thanks for your help! Please leave the rest to us young healers, and have a good rest!!]

[Hahaha], the place was filled with laughter that seems out of place.
However, this also greatly raise the morale of all the young healers.

[Well then, let’s go! The final battle should belong to us!!]

Young healers including Tiffany-neechan and Vivito gathered here.
The veteran and returning group of healers then retired to rest.
There were also many non-healer helping us.

I do not know when this despair-like endless cycle of healing will end.
However… everyone decided that they would not give up!
We are being entrusted.

All the young healers were being entrusted… with various hopes/
They had long exceed their limits.
Those that remained here, were now standing on sheer willpower and the pride of a healer.

We will never give up, definitely never….


*POV changed*

[Update! Hero Takaki defeated the demon king!!]

Haa,haa… a soldier came running while panting heavily to relay the news.

The time now is 7.18 pm.

[Please on hold a bit longer! Vivito, go and take a break! For 15 minutes! The next one will be Tiffany-neechan! Haa, haa… bring… all those with heavy injuries here!!]

Saint-sama is also approaching her limits!!
This is not good! She would collapse again!

[Go and take a break too, Saint-sama!!]

[What are you saying…?]

Saint-sama felt troubled at me as I raised my voice.
I already controlled and used a gentle tone when I spoke to Saint-sama.

[Mou, I do not wish to see you faint again… Won’t you let onii-san handle the rest for the time being?]

Honestly speaking… I had already reached my limit.
However, I am so much older than this child.
Although my talent, magic affinity, judgement and the ability to think under stress was incomparable to her.
Even if that was the case, there were still things that I could do.

[I understand, I will be depending on you… Vivito…nii-chan]

After saying that, Saint-sama walked towards the direction of the canteen.
Ah…. She fell.
But she immediately picked herself up and resumed walking.
She should be alright?

Nii-chan… was it?
She definitely called me that.
Since that was the case, I had no choice but to work till I die!!

[You like this sort of things?]

Tiffany made fun of me.
But I understood her intention.

[This is no other choice? Onii-chan…what now?]

[Hehe], I laughed bitterly and continued healing.
Despair was turned into hope, giving us one last push.
Since the demon king was defeated, we only need to heal the remaining soldiers with heavy injuries.
There is still hope as they are still living.

[Just a bit more… lets hold on a bit longer!!]

Tiffany who was beside me also continued with the treatment.
We could finally see light at the end of the tunnel for all our work…

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