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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 9

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Unable to read

The opening ceremony of the magic school was held in the auditorium on the following morning.

The auditorium was so wide and tall that it seemed unreal. Ferris even felt her neck straining when she attempted to look at the ceiling.

The auditorium was illuminated by sunlight entering from the front window. Furthermore, the person talking with his back facing the sunlight was the headmaster that she met yesterday.

Within the students that were standing orderly, Ferris was the only one that was looking left and right during the headmaster speech.

When she looked around her, all the other students were standing still and paying attention to the headmaster.

Realizing that, Ferris did her best and tried to pay attention to the headmaster but still ended up looking around.
It was unexpectedly difficult standing straight and doing nothing. Ferris must concentrate on a level that she had never experienced in her life.

The opening ceremony of the magic school was held in the auditorium on the following morning.

The auditorium was so wide and its ceiling was so tall that it made one believe it to be a lie. Ferris’ neck felt painful after she tried looking at the ceiling.

The auditorium was illuminated by the light entering from the window at the front, as sunlight sapped in naturally. And the person talking with his back facing the sunlight was the headmaster that she met yesterday.

Among the students that were standing in an orderly line, only Ferris was looking left and right during the headmaster’s speech.

When she looked around her, all the other students were not moving around at all and were paying attention to the headmaster.

Realizing that, Ferris did her best and tried to pay attention to the headmaster but still ended up looking around.
It was unexpectedly difficult standing straight and doing nothing. Ferris must concentrate on a level that she had never experienced in her life.

[Well then, the new school term has just began. It is a new beginning for building the foundation for your future. For the first class, you must gain an even deeper understanding regarding the knowledge of magic. For the middle class, do work harder to master your skills in magic. As for the final class, it is time for you to decide on your future path. These are mainly…]

The headmaster kept on talking.

However, he was the only one that spoke while not even one student spoke. Moreover, even the adults remained silent.

Ferris felt mysterious at this situation.

Normally, if you are speaking to someone but if the other party did not reply, you would feel sad. Being ignored, was such painful.

Hence, Ferris felt that the headmaster must have been ignored by everyone. Such a terrible thing. She felt pity for the headmaster.

Ferris decided.

[It is important to have a dream. Without it, humans would not be able to achieve their goal. For magicians, they would not be able to use magic to their full potential. Everyone, have you ever dream of your future?]

[Not yet desu!]

Responding to the headmaster’s question, Ferris replied energetically.

Many pairs of eyes gathered on Ferris.

A commotion was seen among the students.

Ferris then realized that she made a mistake.

This is an occasion where you did not have to answer. This was common sense.
Embarrassed. Really embarrassed. Ferris felt that her cheek was turning red like tomatoes.

In the end, until the end of the ceremony, Ferris shrunk her body and lowered her head.


Once the ceremony was over, the students returned to their respective classrooms to meet their homeroom teacher.

There were many rows of desks in the classroom and all the students sat on their seats.

Ferris then judged that this was a situation where one must not move around so she obediently sat while sighing.

It seemed that the teachers showed consideration by allocating Ferris, seat next to Alicia’s. Although Ferris was relieved being next to Alicia, she still could not calm herself down.

[Ano… Alicia-san. For some reason, everyone is staring at me…]

Alicia smiled upon hearing Ferris’s question

[This is something I expect. Ferris is the only student transferring into middle class during this semester. Do not mind it too much]

[Un… I do not mind, but…]

At any rate, the miners at the magic stone mine all looked at Ferris like she was a bug on the floor. She was not used being in the center of attention.

While she was sitting nervously, a fashionable girl skipped and jumped into the classroom.

Wearing a red hat and shoes.
Wearing a pair of earrings and holding onto a sparkling staff.

That girl was now standing at the front of the classroom and tapping the floor with her staff.

[Hi, hi ~, let’s begin with a good morning ~! It seems that everyone is present ~ ♪ So no one died during the holidays ~ !]

[Good morning!]

The students returned her greeting.

Ferris then asked Alicia with quietly.

[That person… who is she…?]

[She is our homeroom teacher, Lotte-sensei]

[Teacher!? She looks like a child?]

[…Ah. Er… there are many powerful female magicians that uses magic to stop aging. They wanted to be young forever]

[I see… amazing…]

Lotte-sensei used her staff and pointed at the two that were whispering.

[Wait a moment ~! Sensei is a genuine 12 years old! Don’t ~ create weird rumours!]

She corrected them cheerfully and everyone started laughing.

Ferris felt a sense of envy when she saw that everyone has a good relationship.

No matter how good the relationship in the classroom was, it was still [Excluding Ferris]. She knew a lot about it as the miners and her masters has good relationship. Ferris was always excluded every time.

[Well ~, you know ~, although its sudden, but let’s do a test!]

The students shriek upon hearing the announcement.

[Sensei, it is too sudden!] [I was not informed of this!] [I don’t want to study!]

Cries of despair could be heard in the classroom but Lotte-sensei just snorted.

[The reason for the test is for me to understand your current abilities–! Those who complain shall became sacrifices for my magic experiment!]

With a wave of her staff, papers appeared from the air and landed on her desk. She then passed the paper to the students sitting on the front row.

While all students showed a face of disgust, there was however a girl who act arrogantly.

[All of you start to panic because you did not take study seriously enough desuwa! I am different! I do not have any problem desuwa!]

[Hoho ~! Jeanette-chan is also energetic today ~!]

Lotte-sensei laughed happily.

The girl named Jeanette looked as beautiful as Alicia-san.

Long hair like wavy water.
Slender and well-proportioned body.
Long legs.

Her lips were firm while her eyes showed her strong sense of pride. Although her expression looked like she harboured some grudge, it instead gave her a beautiful charm that could rival anyone.

Ferris felt that Jeanette is an amazing person.

Jeanette then puffed her chest and pointed towards Alicia.

[Alicia Gutenbelt! Let’s have a match desuwa! Just who can score the highest point!? I will definitely defeat you!]

[Just why must we have a match? This is just a test to gauge our abilities so it doesn’t matter who will get a better score right?]

Alicia simply refuted her.

Jeanette then started stomping on the floor.

[Why does your face look so calm!? It makes me feel angry! Regardless! If I win this, it will prove that the Lainzarich family is better than the Gutenbelt family! You better be prepared!]

For some reason, Ferris felt that the two were not on good terms.

It was unfortunate as Ferris wanted to be friends with Jeanette.

[Alright now, please stop playing around. Test, test ~~! Begin ~~!]

[I, I am not playing around! This is a serious duel!]

Jeanette face turned red as she sank into silence and sat down. All the students then started to focus on the test paper that was handled out.

Just what are we going to do now? Ferris heart beats rapidly as she looked at the paper that appears on her desk… and she tilted her head.

[Ano~… these pattern, what are they…?]

Lotte-sensei also felt troubled.

[Nn…? There are no questions regarding magic formation for this exam ~~? Which pattern are you talking about?]

[The whole paper, is drawn full of small patterns…]

Alicia grasped and covered her mouth upon hearing what Ferris said.

[It couldn’t be… Ferris, you can’t read letters?]

[Letters, what is that…?]

Don’t understand. It seemed that those patterns were called letters but Ferris does not know the significance of it. She does not even know what she needs to do.

Jeanette then cut into the conversation.

[Ara~ara! Ara~ara~ara~! This is so surprising desuwa! How did you pass the entrance examination without knowing how to read!? I demand an explanation!]

[Nn~, the headmaster said that it was not necessary so I thought that there would be no issue~~]

Lotte-sensei followed up and explained.

However, this only caused Jeanette to be even more agitated.

[I understand now! Speaking of which… Alicia-san’s father and the headmaster has been close friends…! In other words, it is connection desu! We could only enter the magic school after passing the difficult entrance examination, but Alicia used her connection and invited her friend into the school!]

[Well… you could also say it this way]

Alicia admitted bluntly.

[I felt shocked! This is clearly unfair! No, not only is it unfair, it is also abuse of power! All our hard work is wasted! Committing such a dishonest act, I feel so regretfully that I wanted to cry!!]

After Jeanette expressed her opinion loudly, a rustle brewed among the students.

[Is this for real…] [ This is too cunning…] [Its horrible…] [Having money is so good…]

Everyone stared at Ferris and Alicia with hostility.

Looking at Alicia biting her lips, Jeanette had an expression of victory.

On the other hand, Ferris felt her face becoming hot.

This situation, was no good.

She did not care if others spoke ill of her but she could not accept them targeting Alicia. Alicia is gentle, has a kind heart, and a girl that should be loved by everyone.

Ferris then looked straight at Lotte-sensei.

[Sen, sensei! Please give me the exam!]

[Eh…? Which kind of exam?]

[The entrance exam! If, I could properly pass it, there should be no problem!?]

[Well… there will be no problem if you show you have the talent]

Lotte-sensei nod and agreed.

[If that is the case, I, will pass it!]

Jeanette sneered hearing Ferris declaration.

[Can you even pass when you can’t even read letters?]

[I can do it!]

[So what if you fail? Will you take the responsibility and quit school?]

[Please stop here!]

[Hey, Ferris! Stop making weird promises!]

Alicia tried to stop her in a panic but Ferris does not intend to let it go.

[… I , will do my best!]

For the sake of the gentle-natured Alicia, I will do it. It is only an exam so I will conquer it. Ferris made a vow in her heart.


After class.

[Sigh… I screwed up again….]

Jeanette reflected upon herself once she returned to her dormitory.

The words that she said in the morning were due to a moment of impulse. She did not know what to do if Ferris really withdraw from the school.

Jeanette did not want that. She did not even have feelings of animosity towards Ferris.
Or rather, she felt that Ferris is cute and wanted to talk with her more.

Alicia was the one she had feelings of animosity to… Wrong, the Gutenbelt family to be exact. The Lainzarich family that she was born into had such antagonistic opinion.

[If it seemed that Ferris is going to drop out of school… I will do something to rectify it and then become friends with her. This is good desuwa! Un, let’s go with this solution!]

Jeanette clenched her fist and nodded proudly.


Ferris and Alicia had no way of knowing such a thing.

In the library of the magic school, they were going to start studying seriously.

[Alicia-san! I, will do my best! Please teach me what is (letters)!]

[That… it might be easy for you to start reading picture books…?]

Alicia tilted her head.

[For now, want to sit of my lap…?]


Both of them were full of determination.

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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 8

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Magic School

[Jou-chan, thank you very much! Also, take this bread as a souvenir!]

[It’s not much but here some pocket money! Please buy yourself a meal!]

[Uuuu, I will be lonely once Ferris-chan leave… can we meet again?]

As Ferris arrived at the city of [Treille] where the magic school was located, the passenger that rode the public carriage regretfully part with her.

She was hugging a mountain of souvenirs given by the passenger and was staggering as she could not see anything in front of her.

The swords-woman would also be staying in Treille for a while, so she left after mentioning that she wanted to look for her lodging.

[Fua… for some reason, it felt like a storm desu…]

Ferris sighed as she was stroked by the passengers so much that her whole head became messy.

Everyone was looking at her with frightening gaze initially, but they became gentle the instant after she used magic. She felt that magic was probably an amazing thing.
Hence, she wanted to become even better with magic, and would learn it diligently in school.

[Everyone, became so friendly ne~]

Alicia smiled back and groomed Ferris’s hair.
Ferris felt that compared to being stroked by the passengers, she felt a higher sense of comfort being touched by Alicia.

[Alright, you became cute. Let’s go to school!]

Alicia leaded Ferris towards the school.

The magic school could be found after walking straight through the main street of Treille and into the business district.

The school was surrounded by chocolate-coloured fence with many white-coloured buildings.

The roof was made from red-coloured brick, and was extremely beautiful.

And walking to-and-fro on the wide school ground were many children wearing the school uniform of the magic school.

Little boys and girls as young as 5 years old were running around.

Young girls around the age of Alicia were talking happily while walking.

A girl with an aura of onee-san was sitting on a bench and reading a book with a serious expression.

Children could be seen at every corner, giving off an energetic scenery.

However, this was the first time that Ferris seen so many children so it caused her to feel uneasy.

Unconsciously, she tightly grabbed the coat of Alicia, whom was walking beside her.

[…Are you nervous?]

Alicia asked while feeling concerned.

[Ye, yes…]

Ferris nodded with small movement.

[After this, I would like to greet the headmaster, but are you alright? Do you feel tired? But I must introduce Ferris to him]

[I am alright…but headmaster, who is he?]

[Well, the most important person in this school]

[Scary person…desu?]

[Not scary at all. Although he is extremely strong, he still gave off the impression of a kind ojii-chan]

[…I understand. Introducing myself, I will do my best!]

Ferris clenched her fist.

[It is alright to be yourself… it is just a greeting after all?]

[I understand. (Good morning, master!), I will greet him energetically!]

[He is not that kind of master! Please remember this!?]

Alicia corrected Ferris in a panic once she noticed her mistake.

The information regarding this royal magic school were all highly classified, so things learned from the school must not be shared outside. Hence, information such as [rumours l heard from the school] must also be kept within.
Thus, it was for the best that Robert chose the magic school to accept the irregular existence known as Ferris.

Moreover, there were too many things that Ferris did not know. She must learn all the common sense to survive in this society. She must grow up to be an outstanding magician and not be corrupted by her powers. More than that, she must experience interacting and learning together with all kinds of people.

Although this is what Alicia heard from her father, she shivers when she thought about taking care of Ferris at the magic school that was full of students.

The headmaster’s office was furnished with huge bookshelves and a thick desk.

The walls were decorated with many strange grass and pelt ornaments, while the floor and ceiling had strange patterns.

The person that welcomed Ferris and Alicia into the room was an elderly headmaster, wearing a long robe and a pointy hat.

His beard was so long that it touches the ground, and he squirmed his eye while observing Ferris.

[Fumu…so this is the girl that Robert mentioned in his letter…I see, I could feel that she is special]

However, Alicia tilted her head.

[Is that the case…? She looked just like any normal girl. Although it is a fact that she is special]

[That, Alicia, is a difference in experience. This is my observation after seeing so many students. I can grasp the capability and future of each student just by observation]

[My future, you know as well…?]

[Yes. I have a general grasp of it. However…after meeting with this young girl, your future underwent a drastic change…]

After answering Alicia, the headmaster then spoke to Ferris.

[Speaking of which, Ferris. Why did you keep staring at the hole between my beard since you entered?]

She felt the feeling that she was reprimanded, and swung her hand around in a frenzy.

[Ah, I, am sorry! My first time seeing such a long beard, so I think it is amazing!]

[I see. Do you also want a beard like this?]

[Yes! I also want a long beard! It looked very cool!]

[If you try your best, you could also grow such a long beard. Since that is the case, I will teach you a magic to make you grow a long beard]

[Thank you very much! I will do my best to make it long!]

[Stop now!]

Alicia made an urgent stop to the conversation after seeing Ferris eyes became sparkling with expectation.

[Is that a no desu…?]

[No way! A girl does not need any beard!]

Looking at Alicia expressing her opinion so strongly, the headmaster shook his head in disapproval.

[This is not good, Alicia. This is a prejudice opinion. If you snatch away the endless possibilities of a youth, you will be labelled as a 95 years old lady] (T.L 95 years old in japanese = kyuu ju go, but kyuu also has the same meaning as ‘old’ and Ju go refers to ’15’. Hence, it could also be inferred as an old minded 15 years old girl. P.s I just learned that kyuu also has the meaning of old in today Japanese class)

[I am 12 years old desu! Why does even headmaster call me 95 years old!?]

Alicia protested but the headmaster just skillful dodged her question.

[Well, let’s ignore that for now. Do you have anything you like to do, Ferris?]

[Eh…me desu?]

Then, a wooden case came flying in from the door leading to the corridor.


Ferris became surprised as the headmaster manipulated the door and the wooden case without even touching it.

The wooden case then landed in front of Ferris, and then opened by itself.

Looking at the content in the case, several books and a wooden wand came rolling out.

[These are presents for Ferris!]

[Presents! Although I do not know the use for it, still, thank you very much!! I am happy!!]

Ferris started jumping in joy. Although she did not know why she was given presents, but the word presents sounded wonderful.

[These are all used for studying. Look, a complete set of textbook and a wand]

[Study, book…?]

Ferris attempted to flip the book but was clumsy. There were white pages, pages that were not so white, and pages that were totally not white.

[There are small pattern on the paper…?]

[Pattern…?] [Pattern…?]

Both the headmaster and Alicia revealed a shocked expression.

Ferris realized that she said something strange, but did not know what was so strange about it.

[And that wood stick, what is it…?]

[That is a wand. A magician would be unable to use magic without a wand]

[So that is the case! I did not know!]

Ferris smiled faintly and hugged the wand tightly. Being able to obtain such an outstanding tool. She thought that today was a lucky day.

[Are~…speaking of which, this should be the case…? But, why does Ferris…]

Alicia placed her hand on her lips and started mumbling.

[The two of you should be exhausted. Please return to your dorm and rest for now, and prepare for the opening ceremony tomorrow]

Under the gentle gaze of the headmaster, Ferris and Alicia left the room.


[This is the female dormitory of the magic school. Basically, everyone will live here during school period. Although many children would return home to see their parents during long holiday, some would still remain in dormitory]


Alicia guided Ferris and walked through the corridor of the female dormitory.

The interior design of the dormitory gave off a calming atmosphere.

The walls were decorated with many painting and cute curtains were hang on the windows.

There are tables placed everywhere, and many girls were chatting happily around. One of the girl had a serious expression while passing a piece of paper to another girl. Ferris did not understand what she was doing or why she was holding onto the paper so tightly.

There were many doors along the stretch of the corridor.

Alicia then entered one of them and placed the luggage down and onto the carpet.

The room was decorated to suit girls.

Although it was not big by any means, there were still 2 beds, desk and chair. There were two of everything, even for the bookshelves and clothes cabinet.

[This is Ferris’s room. For things such as cup or mirror, let’s buy them at the business district later]

[T, that…]

Ferris started fidgeting with her fingers.

[What is it?]

[Alicia-san…which room are you staying…?]

Ferris would feel uneasy if Alicia stayed too far away.
This was the first time staying near so many girls so she did not have the confident to get along with everyone.
In the first place, she was just a small child so there were many things that she was unfamiliar with.

Alicia started laughing all of a sudden.

[Of course, I am staying with Ferris. Because, if I took my eyes of you, I would not know where you would fly to]

[I, I would not fly! I don’t have any wings!]

[Is that really the case? You wings might be hidden here?]

[Hyaa, yaa, it is itchy, Alicia-san!]

Ferris started laughing and shrunk her neck after her back was tickled by Alicia. However, she felt relieved from the bottom of her heart knowing that Alicia was staying in the same room as her.

As long as Alicia was here, there was nothing to be afraid of.
She would even try her best to get used to the school.



The moonlight was shining onto her bed and Ferris opened her eyes wide.

Could not sleep. Not sleepy at all.

She did not move an inch since covering herself with her blanket, but there was no sign of her falling asleep

Her life in school from tomorrow onward, what she could learn from the school, is there anyone she could be friends with…with all kinds of thoughts, there was no helping it and she was full of expectation.

She could not control herself and wanted to dance to release the emotion she was feeling now.

Ferris then started jumping on her bed.

[…Ferris? What happen?]

Alicia got up from the bed next to her.

[Ah! I am sorry…for waking you up!]

[Uun, I have yet to fall asleep]

[That’s great desu…]

[If you do not sleep now, it would be tough getting through tomorrow]

[Although I know this, but…I could not sleep! My heart is beating!]

Ferris continued jumping on the spot.

She even felt like running around the dormitory but it seemed that she would get into trouble.

Looking at Ferris, Alicia started smiling.

[Its troubling ne~…]

[Its troubling!]

[Un…then, do you want to sleep together? By sleeping together, you might calm down a bit]

[Is it okay?]

[Of course]

Alicia lifted the corner of her blanket and invited Ferris into her bed.

Ferris entered the blanket and leaned her body against Alicia.

Such a sweet smell.

Soft and smooth touch.

Sticking so close to Alicia, even Ferris could not explain the feeling of ease coming from the bottom of her heart.

[…Truthfully, I could not sleep as I was also nervous, just like Ferris]

Ferris eyelid closed while returning a smile to the mischievous acting Alicia.

T.L End of chapter 8

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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 7 Part 2

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 7 Part 2

T.L I have no excuse. This chapter is supposed to come out 2 weeks ago but, well, er, I am just lazy this period of time.

This chapter is dedicated to James-sama for his generous, generous, generous donation

Chapter 7: The road towards school (Part II)

[Hey, hey! That, what is that!?]

[Such a ridiculous number! Why would they appear at such a place!?]

Ferris open her eyes after being abruptly woken up by people screaming.

The sound of the rapid swinging of a whip could be heard. The carriage then sped up even faster.

The swords-woman peeps over the window to look at the situation while gripping the sword hanging over her waist.

Ferris asked Alicia with anxiety plaster over her face.

[A, Ano, what happen…?]

[Just a few demons appeared, ne~. It would be fine so Ferris do not have anything to worry about]

Despite reassuring Ferris, Alicia’s voice still sounded stiff.

[D, demon…]

That simple word, is something that even Ferris has heard of.

Even when working in the mines, her masters and the miners would often speak about the terrifying [demon].
It is something different from humans or beasts, an existence of pure evil. Attacking animals, eating humans and always committing cruel acts.
Ordinary humans would not have the ability to fight against them, and even trained soldiers could still be easily killed by them. They possess such a frightening ability.

And there are many of such demons…?

Ferris look over the window while feeling frighten.


Over there.

Skeletons wielding swords, a total of ten of them chasing after the carriage.

They are running as fast as the horses, no, they are rapidly closing on the carriage.

[We can’t make it; they will catch us!]

After the coachman cried bitterly, a rapid commotion occurs within the carriage.

This causes the horse to stop abruptly, and the carriage came to a halt.

All the passenger in the carriage got knocked down onto the floor, and Ferris desperately held onto the rolling Alicia.

[The two of you, please stay hidden in the carriage! I will do something about it!]

The swords-woman then jumped out of the carriage.

The skeleton waved their swords around and charged head-on to her.

The clashing of swords created bright spark in the darkness.

The swords-woman was swinging her sword at a speed that was fast to the naked eye.

One of the skeletons then pierces her shoulder and blood could be seen dripping down.

The ten skeletons surrounded the swords-woman and continuously attacked her.

The sound of blood splattering caused Ferris to shiver in fear and cover her ears with both hands.

However, the sound of battle still heartlessly flowed into her eardrum.

[Dammit, I would not let you do as you please… also, I owe Robert a favour! I would not let you touch the girls!]

The swords-woman shrieked with a battle cry, and swung her sword from overhead with all her strength.

One skeleton got sliced into two.

Screaming like a wild beast, the swords-woman destroyed the skeletons one after another.

In a blink of an eye, all the skeletons got smashed into pieces and fell onto the ground and stopped moving.


Ferris became speechless after witnessing the strength of the swords-woman.

She thought that the swords-woman looked cool. Although she felt that she would unable to become an adult as reliable as her, she still wished to be like her.
She felt relieved now.


Out of the blue, the ground trembled and a huge purple-coloured magic formation appeared.

The ground was sliced open, and after all the dust cleared up… a giant skeleton demon appeared.

Its hollow eye socket was glowing with a faint light, and purple mist was emitting from its mouth.

And in its hand, it is holding onto a club as thick as the trunk of a tree.

[Oh my oh my… Seriously…. This is not something to laugh at]

At the same time the swords-woman was biting her lips, the giant skeleton charged forward.

The skeleton howled and swung its bat horizontally, knocking the swords-woman into the air.

After tumbling on the ground, the swords-woman stopped moving.

[No, no way…!]

Alicia quickly took out her magic rod from the luggage.

She immediately tumbled out of the carriage, and pointed the beautifully craved rod at the giant skeleton.
A mysterious chant could then be heard from Alicia.

[Flame of purification, destroy the evil being —Spirifer!] (T.L I seriously have no clue how to translate Japanese magic terminology. This is the best I could do)

A ball of fire flew out from her rod.

The ball of fire hit the skeleton.

However, no damage had been dealt, and the skeleton kept approaching the carriage.

The skeleton kept cranking on its teeth while swinging its club.

All the passengers were huddled in a corner of the carriage, some shivering in fear.

[It’s the end… its already the end… we will all die…]

[No! I don’t want to become the demon’s food! I don’t wanttttttt!]

[Kami-sama… Kami-sama…] (Kami-sama = god)

Some people accepted their fate, some fell into a state of panic, while the rest kept mumbling to themselves.

The swords-woman which everyone was depending on was now lying on the ground, blood dripping from her forehead.

Ferris was also shivering uncontrollably.

Extremely afraid.

Will be beaten to death by the skeleton. Hate it.

Definitely be painful. Tears started flowing as she thought of the scene.


Alicia hugged Ferris tightly.

As though trying to shield Ferris from the giant skeleton, Alicia used her own body and covered Ferris.

Ferris realized that Alicia was also shivering.

That’s right. Alicia was just as afraid. No matter how excellent she is, she was still just a small girl.

But, such a small girl was trying to protect her at all cost.

Ferris desperately tried to control her fear.

And at this moment, Ferris felt something hot igniting in her body.

Ferris broke free from Alicia’s arms and climbed out.

[F, Ferris…?]

The troubled Alicia then stood up after Ferris.

Forcefully stepping forward with a figure that look like she would collapse.

With shaking arms, her palms pointed towards the giant skeleton.

While fighting her fear, she chanted the same aria which Alicia just used.

[F, Flame of purification, destroy the evil being —Spirifer!]

It felt as though all the voices in this world were silenced.

Even the grass stopped swaying as time temporary froze.

Immediately afterwards, huge flame spewed out from Ferris’s palms.

It then gathering into a huge ball of swirling fire, dying the night sky bright.

The flame then hit the giant skeleton head on.

Burning in crimson flames.

Then came the last scream of the giant skeleton.

The flame burned the giant skeleton into nothingness, not even the ashes remained.

Nothing except the heat from the flames remained after that instant.

The enemy was gone, and there was nothing threatening her life.

Ferris fell and sat on the the ground.

Alicia ran over in a panic.

[Are, are you okay!?]

[My waist, is wobbling…]
Ferris looked at Alicia and laughed heartily.


[I am very sorry for all the trouble!]

Ferris ran back into the carriage and lowered her head, apologizing to all the passengers.

[Eh…? Eh…?]

Ferris felt troubled about what happened next.

[We got saved all thanks to ojou-chan! I am sorry that I said some bad things about you… So, thank you very much!]

The man that she felt was a bad person was now thanking her passionately.

[I am still alive to see my grandchild after this. Really thank you, thank you]

The obaa-san full of wrinkles was thanking Ferris while holding both of her hands.

[You are an amazing magician! You are my benefactor!]

A youth with a good physical body was laughing cheerfully.

[It surprised me that the one I was supposed to protect, saved my life instead]

The swords-woman laughed bitterly while being treated by Alicia. She did not suffer any lethal injuries and only lost conscious for a short period of time.

It seems that everybody was thanking Ferris.

However, she was at a lost on how she should response after being swarmed with gratitude.

[Ojou-chan, you must be hungry after using such powerful magic. There is some ham that my wife made, if you don’t mind… please eat some]

[This biscuit, have some too!]

[I have some delicious chiffon cakes! Since you are still growing, you should eat more!]

[This dress is tailored made for my grandchild, but… she could wait this time! Please take this dress too]

The travelers kept on giving Ferris stuff.

[W, waitttt! Stop stuffing food into Ferris’s mouth! She will explode!]

And Alicia that was trying to stop them.


Because Ferris’s mouth was stuff and overloaded with delicious food, her eyes rolled white and she fainted.

T.L. End of chapter 7

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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 7 Part 1

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 7 Part 1

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Chapter 7: The road towards school (Part I)

“Klopp, Klopp”, with rhythmical sound of horses galloping, the Gutenbelt family’s carriage travels at a steady pace.

Seemingly blessing the two of them with a safe journey are the clear blue skies and the dancing evergreen grass field.

[Waa~,Waa~,Waa~, this, is my first time, on a carriage! It’s so fast!]

With the smell of flowery fragrance and light breeze blowing on her fringe, Ferris shouted excitedly while leaning half of her body over the carriage’s window.

[F, Ferris! It is dangerous leaning your body out!]

Alicia noticed this and became worried.

Making everyone worried, Ferris felt apologetic and sat on her seat obediently. However, her line of sight would not move away from the scenery.

This is the first time she is seeing the scenery changing so quickly, so her heart is beating rapidly.

Their escort, the swords-woman laughed heartily.

[Wahaha, Ojou-sama seems like Ferris’s elder sister. You are usually the youngest around, but now that there is someone younger than you, you feel a sense of responsibility swelling up right?]

[That, that is not the case! It is just, I felt that I could not leave Ferris alone!]

Alicia cheek was dyed red.
As she usually acts like an adult, Ferris suddenly felt her gap to Alicia being shortened looking at such an unexpectedly youthful expression.

Alicia then happily brought out a parcel from within a bamboo basket. After opening the parcel, neatly cut and arranged bread stuffed with meats and vegetables could be seen.

[Although it is still slightly early, let’s have our meal. This is something the head maid rarely makes, her special sandwich!]

[Wa~! Sandwich, my first time eating!]

Looking at such delicious looking bread, Ferris’s stomach started grumbling.

Observing Ferris, Alicia smiled faintly at her.

[Fufuu~, Ferris, really have many first times]

[Yes! I have a lot of first times in this world]

Ferris held the sandwich with both her hands, and revealed her smile.


After the Gutenbelt’s family carriage travelled for three days, a fault appeared.

The right wheel of the carriage abruptly fell loose, rolling down the grass patch,

The coachman hurriedly stopped the horses, threw his hat away and chased after the wheel, but was unable to catch it.

The coachman then looked at the wheel that finally fell into the bottom of the valley and showed an expression as if the world is ending.

The group then travel by foot to the nearest city, but all the carriages sold in the city appears to damage as well, and would take at least 1 week to repair.

As they would not be able to make it in time for the school’s opening ceremony if they wait any longer, the group decide to search for a public use carriage.

[This is weird… I double checked the day before we depart, so there should not be any damage…]

Holding a walking stick while shaking his head, it is decided that the coachman would remain in the city, while Ferris, Alicia and the guard swords-woman would continue the journey.

By the time they managed to find a public carriage on the busy street, it was already late in the evening.

With the help of Alicia, Ferris climbed into the carriage and sat down.

There were also other travelers in the carriage and the two of them were being observed by them.

[Oya~, such a young traveler. Are you not with your parents…?]

An obaa-san with a face full of wrinkles asked Ferris with a coarse voice. (T.L Obaa-san = grandmother)

[P, parent, not here but…]

Ferris felt afraid. This is her first time seeing an elderly woman, so she thought that she saw a monster.

[It is not good running away from home. Should I bring you to the guard?]

[No, no I don’t want to be brought there but…]

Being forced to go somewhere else by someone, hate it. At long last, found a place I like.

Appearing after Ferris, the guard sword-women also sat down in the carriage.

[You do not have to be worried, Obaa-san. These children are in the middle of travelling to their school. I will supervise them carefully so as not to cause anyone trouble]

After hearing that, a man sitting next to the Obaa-san clicked his tongue.

[What, some rich people. Why even use public transport? The smell of your gold coin is unpleasant]

[M, meeeeeeeeee, weird smell!?]

Ferris hurriedly smell the sleeve of her clothes.

Alicia then placed her hand on Ferris’s shoulder.

[Please calm down, Ferris. This is not what he meant]

[What did he meant then…?]

Ferris still does not know the answer.

Later on, all the passengers in the carriage looked towards her direction with icy cold gazes.
Ferris desperately tried to think of the bad things that she did, but was unable to come up with an answer.

The only thing that she could do now, is to curl up her body as small as possible next to Alicia.

The public carriage then departed and left the street.

Under the moonless night sky, the carriage moves forward in the deserted waste field.

Sounds of snoozing coming from other travelers could be heard soon after departure, but Ferris could not sleep not matter how much she tried.
First of all, she could not calm down with so many strangers beside her.
Also, different from the Gutenbelt’s family’s carriage, this is a public use carriage so cold air continuously seeped in.
With a thick blanket over her body, Ferris still felt cold as her small body was unable to produce sufficient heat.
Alicia looked at Ferris with worrying eyes.

[Ferris… do you still feel cold?]

[I, am fine! The winter in the mine is even colder! Achoo!]

Although she could still bear with it, she could, however, not control her body.

[Really, you are not fine at all. Come over here. It would not be cold anymore if we stick together]

Saying that, Alicia invited Ferris into her own blanket and stuck their bodies together.

It’s warm. A wonderful sweet feeling.
The two covered themselves with the blanket up to their nose, and Ferris begun to feel warm.

[Really…not cold…anymore…Hehehe…]

She felt at ease.

And not long after, Ferris felt into a deep sleep.

T.L End of Part 1

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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 6

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: Shopping

[Uwaaaaaa…a lot of dresses…] (T.L 洋服 = Western dress)

After Alicia brought Ferris into a western-style clothing store, Ferris voiced her admiration.

Ferris was stunned as she flapped both her hands on her side like a penguin, and kept blinking her eyes in astonishment.

Dresses that were decorated with many frills and laces.
Gowns that looked like clouds.
Dresses with multiple colours.
Panniers that seems fluffy to the touch. (T.L Image of Pannier)

She enters into a trace, looking at the many beautiful and never seen before dresses lined up in front of her. She does not even know the names of the dresses. After all, she had been working with her masters all year long at the magic stone mine, wearing nothing but dirty rags. Ferris clothes would only become even more dirty as time passes.

[Ne~, amazing right!? This store has all the same stuff as the dress store in the capital! They kept making so many cute clothing that I felt troubled after spending most of my pocket money!]

Alicia spoke extremely fast.
Looking at her behavior that matches a 12-year-old girl, Ferris felt that she must reflect upon herself after calling Alicia 95 years old.

A beautifully dressed lady came out from the interior of the store.

[Are~, Alicia-chan. Did you come shopping with your friend?]

The lady greeted Alicia.

[Konichiwa. Yup, I came with a friend. I would like to purchase a dress for this child]

[Friend…where? Do you have a friend I cannot see?]

Ferris became frightened and started looking around.

Alicia smiled, looking at her.

[Really, what do you mean where. My friend is definitely Ferris!]

[EH, Meeeeeeeeeeeeee!? I am Alicia-san’s friend!?]

Ferris received a shock.

[Do you feel… troubled? I always thought of you as friend…]

Alicia revealed an uneasy expression.

Looking at such an unexpected reaction, Ferris followed-up in a hurry.

[No, no such thing desu! I am happy desu! Really!]

[Thank you!]

And Alicia hugged Ferris tightly.


A soft sensation.
Comfortable body temperature.
Smells of flowers stimulated her nose.

As Ferris had never experienced anyone hugging her, she felt troubled over how she should react to Alicia’s hug.
A pleasant feeling, feelings of happiness as well as feelings of trouble.
For some reason, her chest felt tight, and tears came falling from her eyes.

[Well then, Ferris! The dress you like, go and pick the dress you like! I received permission from otou-sama!]

Alicia held Ferris’s hand and brought her over to a rack filled with dresses.
However, there were many types, and this made Ferris’s eyes become dizzy. Everything was cute, she did not know what to choose.

[A, ano~… I do not know what I should do…]

Ferris turned and look at Alicia with a face that looked like it’s the end of the world.

However, Alicia’s eyes shone instead.

[Well then, let’s try matching clothes for you, so it is a must to try the clothes out right? I will definitely make you look cute! Ne~! Ne~! It’s fine right?]

[Y, yes, it’s fine, desu]

Ferris got overwhelmed by Alicia and could only nod.



Standing in front of a mirror with the dress that Alicia chose, Ferris felt her body trembling.
She could not help but kept sighing after entering this store. The stimulation is too strong for her.

The dress that Alicia chose, is exceptionally cute.

Pure white blouse suitable for a girl.
Fluffy cream coloured vest.
A refreshing sky blue coloured jacket.
A ribbon is tied to the chest area, becoming the highlight of the dress.

Thinking that the skirt was slightly short, she found many frills at the side.
She wore a pair of cute rabbit patterned socks and shining leather shoe.

Alicia then did a simple grooming of her hair, and adding on to the cute dress she just wore… she looked like just any ordinary girl on the street.
Although she felt that her beauty is not on the level of Alicia’s… even if that’s the case, Ferris could not believe that the girl in the mirror was her.

(Looking into the mirror, Ferris’s body begun to tremble)

The shop manager’s eyes also grew wide.

[This… this is magnificent]

[Ferris, so cute! This is great!]

Folding her arms in front of her chest, Alicia’s voice sounded excited.

[I, not cu, cute. Nothing as such…]

[Un,un cute! Ferris is very cute! The world’s cutest girl!]

[Pl, please don’t say that…]

Ferris felt her cheeks becoming hot. After getting praised so much, she wanted to hide herself in a hole. The only thing she is good at is digging.

[Well then, shop manager-san. I also want this. Could you kindly tabulate the bill?]

[Thank you very much as always. The total cost is 200,000 coins]

As the shop manager answered Alicia, there was already a huge pile of dresses in her arms.

Alicia took out something round and gold from her wallet and place them on the counter as she counted them.

Ferris felt curious looking at the unknown object.

[Ano… the shining thing, what is it…?]

[This? This is a gold coin? Have you not seen it before?]

Alicia enquired.

[Kinka?] (T.L Ferris is using hiragana for gold coin while Alicia is using Kanji. Kinka = gold coin)

[This is the money with the highest value]

[Money, what is that…?]

[So that was your question!?]

Alicia jumped up in shock.

Ferris felt apologetic for giving Alicia a shock.

The shop manager also opened her mouth wide in surprise.

Alicia then placed a finger over her lips and began thinking hard.

[That… how should I explain…. This, if someone works, I would say that this is the reward…?]

[The reward is bread though?]

[Un, yes, just like what Ferris is saying, However, people usually receive money instead of bread. Then, giving the money to other people, you could obtain some items from the other party. You could also use this to ask someone to work for you]

[Money is amazing!]

Ferris open her eyes wide. She thought that this is just like magic.

[In other words…. Gold coin, I can get if I work a lot a lot, right?]

[That’s right]

[Th, that, buying stuff, could be done! I did not do any work, but you gave a lot of food…]

Ferris suddenly felt guilty.

Although she is happy looking at the dress, but after thinking, she understood that she received such beautiful things without doing anything.
In other words, everything that happened so far was thanks to the kindness of the Gutenbelt family. Ferris felt that she could not behave like a spoilt child any further.

However, Alicia just held Ferris’s hand, and gently said.

[Ferris, please listen to me. Compared to what I have done for you, you did much more for me. If I really did get kidnapped by those men, my life would be plunged into darkness]

[B, but…]

[You are my benefactor. Not matter how little, I would like to thank you and repay you. Do you understand? Ne~, Ferris]

[Y, yes…]

Ferris could only nod stiffly after being stared at by her blue eyes.

Deep within her chest, Ferris felt embarrassed and slightly warm… but she does not know what to do. In her entire life, nobody has been so kind to Ferris, not even once.

She felt that she would melt under such a warm feeling, as her tiny chest trembled slightly.


A carriage has been parked in front of the Gutenbelt family mansion.

The coachman carried everyone’s luggage into the carriage, and then sat at his seat. There was also a capable looking swords-women sitting beside him.

Alicia and Ferris shrank their body due to the icy cold morning breeze, and stood face to face with Robert beside the carriage.

Today is finally the day where the two will travel to the city with the magic school. It will take 1 week of travel before reaching that city.

Robert then spoke to her daughter who was wearing an overcoat.

[Well then, Alicia. Please be careful with various things]

[Un, please leave it to me]

Alicia smiled faintly. His daughter really resembled his wife.

Ferris also quickly gave her farewell.

[Thank you, Robert-san. You really took care of me]

[Ah, please be careful. Come back with Alicia during your holiday]


Alicia and Ferris boarded the carriage.

The sound of the coachman whipping could be heard, and the carriage moved.

Looking that the carriage that wa sending her daughter and her benefactor away, Robert’s eyebrow frowned.

After meeting Ferris, he did some investigation into the magic stone mine that she worked in, but there was none within the distance a normal girl could walk away from on her own.
There was also no reports about a transaction of a large amount of magic stones. However, Ferris did not seem to be a child that would lie.
In other words, the location of the magic stone mine was cleverly hidden.

Furthermore, there was also the incident of Alicia’s attempted kidnapping.
He could not understand the motive of the crime. According to the head guard, there was an increasing number of incidents of magician apprentices being kidnapped.

Both situations were related to magic.

There was definitely someone… planning something.

This was his gut feeling.

However, Robert does not have a clue, of everything that occurred thus far.

[Both of you… please be careful]

As Robert stared into the sky, he prays for the safety of Alicia and Ferris.

T.L End of Chapter 6…

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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 5

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 5

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Chapter 5


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Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Wanting to know a lot more

In the courtyard of Gutenbelt household, there was an extremely spacious garden.

The roses were well taken care of and fully blooming, and the bushes around were beautifully arranged.

The freshness of the morning air. Sunlight shone gently from the blue skies.

Ferris bathed under the sun while stretching her body.


As she was always digging things in a narrow tunnel, the young Ferris suffered from body aches on almost every part of her body. However, as she managed to sleep on a fluffy bed last night, she felt that most of her accumulated fatigue have been removed.

[For some reason… I feel good…]

[Fua~], Ferris yawned.

Her masters were not here today to order her to [Hurry up and work] so she does not have any work to do. But, she felt slightly uneasy this way.

There is no one else in that garden including any servants.

Ferris climbed and sat on the edge of a bench and started looking at her own palm.

She recalled that she was called into the reception room by the guard leader yesterday, and the things that she did.
Judging by everyone’s reaction, it seems that it was magic.

She did not even consider that she could use magic up until now. Come to think of it, she did not even attempted trying even once.

She thought that this sort of power is far away from her reach.

However … now that she knew she could use magic, she wanted to use more. Ferris wanted to know more about the power hidden within her.

[That… if I recall, I need to chant the word…]

She is someone that would remember anything once she heard about it once. She is however, ignorant of the fact that the specifications of her brain is extremely high. She properly remembered the chant for the spell.

[(Br, bright)]

After some hesitation, she softly chanted the spell.

Then, a ball of light appears from her palm and began to expand rapidly.

The rose petal that came into contact with the light scattered into the sky while the bushes started burning in white flames.

Standing in the middle of light that was brighter than the sun, Ferris started panicking.

This is really bad. It will become a serious matter just like yesterday.
Furthermore, Robert, who could stop the magic is also not here.

[Please, please make it stopppppppp!]


A voice was heard and the ball of light vanished.

[Eh? Eh? Eh? Who, is that…?]

Ferris looked around her surrounding in shock but could not find a single person.

As she was looking everywhere, Alicia appears from within the mansion. However, the voice she heard was obvious not Alicia’s voice.

[Morning, Ferris]

[Go, good morning!]

Ferris decided to leave the search for the mysterious voice until later.

Alicia observed the bushes around Ferris and became slightly gloomy.

[Magic… did you use it?]

[S, sorry! Just a little, I only use it just a little!]

[You do not have to worry about it. You have the freedom to use it. You… are you interested in magic?]

[That, rather than interest, if I could use magic properly, I feel that it will be helpful for work!]


Alicia became surprised.

[Yes! It is convenient to dig for magic stones using magic, so I could find job at another magic stone mine! Now, I, do not have a job!]

Ferris who is jobless, puffed her chest.

[That… Firstly, there are many jobs besides working in a mine… Also, I do not think you reached the age where you should work]

[Eh…but, I would not get food if I don’t work… Also, I, want to know]


[Magic, make me excited! Those that I could not do, I feel that I could do it now! I want to try many things!]

[I understand that feeling…]

Alicia mumbled.

[You understand too!?]

[…Yes. When I first started learning magic, I was also so excited that I could not control myself. No, even up until now, I kept learning new things which makes me extremely happy]

[Right! Right!]

Ferris pumped her fist in front of her chest excitedly.

Alicia could understand, sharing the same feelings with others, I am happy.
With masters and the miners, such experience, never even once before. For some reason, I felt I could very much get along with Alicia.

[However, are you satisfied with only that? Ferris, don’t you want to properly polish your magic?]
[Polish…desuka? Just like how magic stones are polished before selling them?]

[Although I do not know what is the process of polishing magic stone, but…it is probably similar. Before working, it is normal to attend school]


Ferris tilted her head hearing an unknown word.

[That’s right, it is a place where talented children such as yourself gathers, and learn from teachers. You will also receive proper guidance for subjects including knowledge in magic]


Ferris felt it is an attractive place to go. Not only could she obtain knowledge, she felt that it is a place where she could also see many other children her age.

[Well, would you like to take a look? I am also learning magic in that school]

[Y, yes! I want see! I want to go school!]

Ferris requested passionately.

Looking at the innocently looking Ferris and beaming with happiness, Alicia recalled the conversation with her father last night.


[… You want Ferris to attend the magic school?]

After her father called her to his study room, Alicia enquired further.

Robert nodded.

[Right. It is necessary to have someone guiding that child properly. A tragedy will definitely occur one day if she loss control of her magic just like today]

[That’s true… it is not possible to have someone helping to seal her magic everytime]

Alicia also agreed.

Earlier in the day, Robert only managed to stop Ferris’s magic by using the magic sealing liquid, but that bottle of liquid is extremely expensive. It is also not easily available everywhere.

[If, a tragedy does occur… that child might not be able to forgive herself. Feelings of guilt will lead her to despair. The Black Rain Witch broke down due to being overwhelmed by guilt]

[I do not want… that sort of thing to happen]

Not only is Ferris her benefactor, she also has the genuine feeling of wanting to bring Ferris happiness. Looking at such a small and cute girl who gets frightened easily, everyone would have such a feeling.

[Luckily, I know the principal of the magic school. I should be able to get the school’s cooperation if I explain the matter regarding Ferris honestly]

[I would also properly take care of her]

[Please. Not only for the sake of that child… but also the future of this world. Do not allow her to go astray, or break down, so please watch over her]

Robert rubbed his beard and spoke such heavy words.


[That… what’s wrong? You spaced out…]

Ferris asked Alicia who is deep in thoughts.

Alicia finally snapped back to reality with this.

[Ah, I am sorry, I am just remembering some stuff]

[So that’s the case. It should be me apologizing, Alicia-san]

[Just Alicia. My age is not that different from you]

[Is that true!?]

[I am 12 years old, so I am only older than you by 2 years]

[Ehhhh!? I thought you are 95 years old!] (T.L 95 years old in japanese = kyuu ju go, but kyuu also has the same meaning as ‘old’ and Ju go refers to ’15’. Hence, it could also be inferred as an old minded 15 years old girl)

[That is obviously not true, right!?]

Alicia suffered a heavy blow.

Ferris then tried to amend the situation.

[Ah, I made a mistake! You look like 15 years old! You are very matured]

[That, Thank you. However, I am not 95 years old. Right, I am definitely not 95 years old. Definitely not….]

Alicia repeated this multiple times. It seems that she has a complex regarding this.

After mumbling for a short moment, Alicia recovered her spirits and clapped her hands together.

[…Alright! Well then, let’s head to the street in front of the magic school. It is necessary to prepare clothing for you! As my size would not fit you, things such as cute clothes and bags, it is necessary to buy them!]

Alicia kept talking happily.

Ferris also felt excited looking at Alicia but there is still one matter she does not understand.

[Ano… buying things, what does that mean…?]

Ferris asked looking puzzled.

T.L End of Chapter 5

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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 4 Part 2

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 4 Part 2

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Part 2 of chapter 4 is here. Enjoy!

Chapter 4 Part 2


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Chapter 4 Part 2

Chapter 4 Part 2

Chapter 4: A girl without limits Part 2

However, Alicia intervened immediately.

[…Wait a moment. What she just said is all true]

[…What do you mean by that?]

Robert pursued with an enquiry

[When that child was saving me from the hooligans… she used summoning magic]

[Summoning magic!?]

[Even Alicia ojou-sama is starting to lie! You are just trying to cover her!]

The head guard is now trembling in anger.

[That is not a lie but the truth. I saw it with my own eyes. Hence… this child is special so possessing the resistance towards magic stones… is also not that strange]


Robert rubbed his chin and started thinking.

[Robert, surely you would not believe all the childish lies these children are telling! It is summoning magic, something that only happens in folktales or legends… such a brat would never be able to use!]

That is right, summoning magic could be considered the [Ultimate] among magic. By summoning a creature from another dimension, a huge amount of magic power is required. Even those master magicians mentioned in the folktales would usually lose their life as a compensation for casting summon magic.

And in this modern era, using summoning magic is only viewed as a joke or a childish subject, since even the method to use it is unknown. If the ability to use summoning magic is known, it will surely be a topic that would shake the world.

[…Should we test it? There is a magic measurement tool used to measure the magic ability of a magician. By using that tool to check, we will easily be able to know the truth and whether that girl is lying]

Robert rang a bell and ordered a maid to get the magic measurement tool.


And the magic measurement tool is now placed on the table.

The tool has a weird appearance by combining a crystal ball onto some kind of gear and rod. Despite its appearance, the reliability of the tool is extremely high.

This tool is mainly used to measure the magic power of an apprentice magician. All someone has to do is to hold the rod and the value of that person’s magic power will be displayed onto the crystal.

Alicia occasionally uses this tool to measure her magic power. Speaking of which, an ordinary magician would have an average magic power, magic attack and magic resistance of 100.

If your ability is lower than that, it indicates that you do not have the talent to be a magician. For someone with any ability of above 200 (which is twice that of an ordinary magician), that person would be considered a genius and their future will be secured.

Under the watch of Alicia’s father – Robert and the head of the guards, Alicia gave a request to Ferris.

[Well then… Ferris. Could you hold on to the gold-coloured rod?]

[Y, yes…]

Ferris swallowed her saliva and held onto the tool.

The other three people in the room stared into the crystal ball.

After Ferris held onto the rod… silver particles within the crystal ball started moving around and began to form numbers.

The shiny fragments inside the crystal ball seems as if they were dancing.

In response to being touched by Ferris, the crystal produced a value:

Magic power: 15000

Magic attack: 28000

… No matter how you look at it, it is a number that would cause disturbance among the country’s high ranking magicians. If she is thrown into a battlefield, she could destroy an entire army, destroy a whole city. It almost approaches the realm of gods.

However, what made everyone become even more in disbelief was the other value showed:

Magic resistance: ∞

This sign indicated infinite value.

The meaning of this is… the crystal ball could not show the value of magic resistance Ferris possess. This of course explains why the poisoning from the magic stones did not affect her.

The head guard’s shoulder trembled.

[Im, impossible! The measurement tool must be faulty! This orphan does not even have the qualification to be a magician apprentice. How could she have such talent in magic…!]

Robert however shaked his head.

[No… there should not be any problem with this tool. Alicia also measured her magic power just yesterday and it was still working fine then]

[If that is the case, show me some magic! Show me a magic that would lead me to believe you!]

The head guard approached Ferris.

[Eh…eh… such thing as magic, how, do I use…?]

[Magicians would usually cast by chanting incantation. As for what to use… right, let’s just use a magic to cast light! Try chanting the spell (Bright)!]


The moment Ferris said it in a small voice.

A strange colour dwell within her eyes.

Her eyes became dead and emotionless.

And from within her palm, a ball of light was produced.

The ball of light then expands with frightening speed.

The table that came into contact with the light crumbles.

The flooring began to vanish.

A whirlwind of light formed.

Books on the bookshelf got sucked into the whirlwind and cracks start appearing on the wall. Everything that came into contact was eaten by the light.

[Eh, wh, what, is this…]

Ferris started to panic after being surrounded by the light and she lightly float up.

Her hair and skin all started to glow as eye-glaringly as the sun.

The light then reached Alicia and first consumed her leather shoe.

Alicia groaned painfully and tried to evade it.

[… this is bad!!]

Robert immediately took the small bottle that was hanging on his neck and threw it towards Ferris.
The bottle cracked and red coloured liquid spreaded onto the surrounding and contained the light from expanding. The ball of light then started to regress slowly into the size of a bean and vanishes with a loud sound.


Alicia collapsed on the floor, her heart beating very rapidly.

They have never seen such a strong magic. It was only supposed to be an illumination spell and even the chant followed that spell, but it was already enough to nearly destroy the whole house.

Alicia’s father and the head guard’s face looked as if all blood had been drained.

Ferris on the other hand was at a lost.

[T, that…I, did I properly use magic….?]

[Ah, ah… I finally understand, that you did not lie… I am sorry]

The head guard lowered his head.

[N, nono! This is also my first time using things such as magic! I am also extremely surprise!]

[Your first time, this is…]

Looking at the panicking Ferris, the head guard had an expression that seem like he was looking at a monster.

[I am sorry but…, could you first return to Alicia’s room? The few of us have something to discuss]

[I, understand! Please excuse me!]

Ferris run out of that room almost like an rabbit trying to escape.

Looking at such a Ferris, she has a figure of any other ordinary girl. Looking at her trip on nothing and panicking to get up and run out of the room, Alicia felt that all the frightening magic she just witnessed was a dream.


[I did not expect… to meet a monster which appears only in legend. I must immediately report it to the king…]

Cold sweat was forming on the head guard’s forehead.

Robert put his hand on the desk and frowned.

[No… I hope you don’t report whatever you just witnessed today]

[Why? If I did not report a person with such ability, I would definitely receive heavy punishment from my superior if they found out later]

[That may be the case. However, our country has been embroiled in war with the neighbouring country for a long time and is finally starting to move towards peace. If during such a time, what do you think will happen if others knew our country held such an enormous war potential?]

[Again… another war will start, right…]

Alicia squeezed out a coarse voice.

[That’s right. This time the battle that will occur will be irreversible. The extremist faction will try to eliminate the moderate faction and expand the territory using Ferris. The king and all the citizen will face danger]

[That is… something we must avoid at all cost]

The head guard clenched his hand tightly.

[Hence… regarding the matter of Ferris, do not tell it to anyone. Even not to Ferris]


Alicia was still thinking of telling it to Ferris. Towards the current Ferris, it would serve to increase her self-confidence. She workrd as a slave up until now and suffered many abuse, so confidence is something she needs]

However, Robert immediately explain

[You know the legend regarding… the black rain witch right?]

[One thousand year ago, a criminal with tremendous magic power that spreaded disaster to the whole world]

[Ah. She was also extremely young, a magician girl who possessed extraordinary power. However, because she is so young, she was unable to control her desire and feelings… and self-destructed. She got drown in being the strongest and got destroyed]

[Whether Ferris will become like her… I don’t know. However, Ferris is still so young. When she knows that there is no one stronger than her in this world… It will be hard to imagine how that would influence her heart]

That was a very logical statement.

Alicia would also be unable to predict what she would do if she obtains the strongest power in the world. She is already 12-year-old and is going to be an adult soon. However, even if she became an adult, she felt that it would be hard to resist the temptation of power.

[… I understand. I would not tell this to Ferris]

[Me too. I would keep the matter today in my heart]

[I am depending on the two of you. For the sake of Ferris, for the sake of this world… this is an extremely important matter]

Robert then sighed deeply.

And stared into Alicia’s eye.

[Alicia. Your age is quite close to Ferris. Please protect her. Including the evil intention around her]

[…Of course]

Alicia clenched her fist.

Even if her father did not tell her, she would not allow her benefactor to meet with such misfortune.

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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 4 Part 1

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 4 Part 1


Chapter 4: A girl without limits

[…So this is the rumored girl who helped Alicia ojou-sama, right? She looks so small]

In the reception room of Gutenbelt family.

A muscular man wearing full body armour was staring straight at Ferris.

[S, sorry…]

Ferris shrinked her body and apologised.

She felt that she has to apologise for being so small even though this is something that she has no control over. She did not know what she did wrongly but felt that she needed to ask for forgiveness.

And Alicia’s father – Robert Gutenbelt – a man wearing a gorgeous robe and has a moustache growing above his lips, made a dry cough.

[Head guard-dono. Please do not make that child so scared. That child saved Alicia… so she is also considered my benefactor]

[I am not really going to say anything scary]

The guard man wearing his armour said it shrewdly.
To reduce the amount of intimidation she was feeling, Ferris tried to shrink her body even more, but the guard man with his muscular body and rough facial features rendered her efforts ineffective.

Ferris felt that the guard is actually not a bad person. However, such a huge man is scary nevertheless. Hiding behind Alicia, Ferris took a peek at the head guard.

[No, problem desu… I am not afraid… T, then, question to ask me, what is it…?]

She told the head guard.

[What I would like to hear is, the matter of the two hooligan that tried to assault Alicia ojou-sama. Alicia ojou-sama did not see their faces, and you did not see their face too, right?]

[Y, yes… wearing a hood, face covered by cloth…]

[Hmm… is there any features which can be used to identify them? For example, a crest of their organization, the unique spell they used or their accent?]

[I can’t remember… sorry…]

Ferris became extremely dejected.

Alicia followed up and tried to defend Ferris.

[We did not have the leisure to notice such a thing during the assault. Since they are committing a crime, it is also unlikely for them to give clues regarding their identity]

[…That’s true]

The head guard nodded but still continue staring at Ferris.

[Next question. Why did you appear at the scene of the crime? Are you an orphan from downtown that has wandered into this neighbourhood?]

[N, no, this…coming to this city, my first time…]

[So you are someone that came from another place. Where did you come from?]

[T, that… somewhere far away]

Ferris mumbled her words.

The head guard leaned his body towards Ferris and a frown could be seen after hearing Ferris’s reply.

[It is really suspicious… You, are hiding something. You smell of someone guilty of hiding some secret that you do not want to let other people know of]

[There is but… I cannot tell you…]

Ferris shoulder trembled slightly.

[Maybe, you are a companion of the attacker? You coincidentally appeared on the scene, and faked an act to help Alicia ojou-sama…?]

[Please wait a moment, head guard-sama!? This is definitely impossible!?]

[No, I am not wrong. I have apprehended a large number of criminals. I could immediately sniff out someone trying to hide a secret. Speak, what are you hiding?]

The head guard slowly approaches Ferris.

[Ferris, please just tell him. I hate it when my important benefactor is being wrongly suspected]

Alicia plead with Ferris.

[B, but, I might be brought back to that place…]

[That place…?]

[Hate it desu! I NEVER WANT TO RETURN TO THAT PLACE desu! I HATE IT desu!]

Alicia gently held the hand of Ferris.

[It’s alright. I do not know where that place is, but I will absolutely never bring you there. Hence, please tell me, alright?]

[Y, yes…]

Ferris took in a deep breath. Just why, being held by Alicia, she felt that all her fears were dispelled.

She hesitated slightly but decided to speak.

[I, am a slave of a mine desu… However, my master said some cruel thing about me, so I escaped…]

[A mine slave? Which mine?]

The head guard raised his eyebrow and enquiry further.

Ferris continue speaking while trying to avoid the sharp gaze from the eye of the head guard.

[I do not know the location, but… it is a mine that collect magic stones. I entered the mine to dig for magic stones, and my masters polish them desu]


The head guard laughed amusingly.

[You heard that right, Robert? This fellow has no credibility at all. Please tell a better lie next time]

[A magic stone mine? …]

Robert showed a bitter expression.

[Ferris… that, did you mixed it up with other rare materials? Hey, for example Orichalcum ore…]

Alicia also showed a similar troubled expression.

[E…to, what is wrong, everyone…?]

Towards the reaction everyone showed, Ferris did not know what is wrong. She worried that she just said something weird.

The head guard sighed exaggeratedly.

[Listen properly, little girl. The thing called a magic stone is something that contains a dense amount of magic power. With a stone the size of my fist and without any processing, it will seriously poison a human body. And do you know what will happen to someone entering a mine full of such magic stones?]

[It will you make feel…unwell?]

[It will be great if it only makes you unwell! You will die! You will collapse onto the ground if you get close to a mountain producing such magic stones! Hence, magic stone mines is something that does not exist! Such a place will only be sealed up and nobody will be allowed to get close!]

[B, but, I really work in a magic stone mine! My masters will absolutely not approach the cave…]

So that is the reason. Ferris felt that she finally understood something. The worker that fell sick after approaching too close to the mine Ferris was working in must be caused by the poison emitted from the magic stone.

[Hmph, then why can you stay in a magic stone mine? Are you implying that you are someone special?]

[That’s not it, although it’s not that, but…]

[If that is the case, then you must be lying. Do you know that it is a crime trying to falsified an evidence…?]

The guard that look down upon Ferris seem like a demon to her. His huge shadow slowly covered the whole of Ferris’s small body.


Ferris was trembling uncontrollably. Because I did a bad thing, I will be beaten or even put to death. She felt a sense of terror.

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