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Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 23

Author note: I’m sorry, this is an irregular chapter, many people are getting irritated with Misha, so I want to release this quickly!

Chapter 23: Misha, serving me

Shake, shake.
I felt my body being shook.
Eh? Who is doing this…?
Misha would never wake earlier than me —

[Goshujin-sama, wake up]
Without a doubt,
The person is Misha.
Well, she should be waking me up as she wanted to play —

[Breakfast… I prepared them… The meal will turn cold if you don’t wake up…]

[What, so it’s just a dream]
[This is not a dream! Wake up!]
I got denied from going back to sleep.

[Because, Misha would never do any chores]
She proudly declared that not long ago.

[I used to have such an intention]
Misha looked unhappy while continuing.
[However, it would be terrible if that dog stole Goshujin-sama…]

Then, with an irritated look, she said [That thieving dog].
Normally, you should be saying thieving cat (T.L thieving cat = dorobou neko)

Well, I could understand where she is coming from.
This happened when we went to the guild to accept a new quest.


We accepted the quest to subjugate a group of bandit.

Recently, a bandit group formed by lycanthrope appears near the capital and causes havocs.
From the time being, it seemed that they are a group of bandit with morals as they only steal from rich people and would never murder anyone.
However, it seemed that the main aim of the group is to showcase their power and robbing is only one part of their goal.

[Those lycanthropes temporarily transform into dogs. Since that’s the case, they could easily outrun the guards and it is not easy to catch them]
Misha felt hesitant to accept the request.
[I hate dogs from the very beginning]
[Are lycanthropes considered dogs…?]
Nevertheless, we accepted the request.
Aria-san also gave us some advice.
[The main difficulties of this quest is to find their hideout]
Fortunately, we managed to find them immediately.

Misha turned into a cat and followed their scent.
While not being as sensitive as dog’s nose, cat’s nose is still quite sensitive.
She can sense the scale of their organization, the number of lycanthropes, and following that smell, we discovered that they daringly set up their base in the hill near the capital.

However, the group of bandit is also not to be underestimated.
Just when we were approaching them stealthily, we got surrounded from behind by 4 people.

They are a group of beastkin. All of them belong to dogkin and not catkin.
And one of the young women that crosses her arms, has her hair styled into a bobtail.
It seemed that having longhair is an obstacle for a bandit.

[You, are from the guild right?]
The young women asked us.

[I do not care about your justice, but a thief is a thief. Please surrender obediently]
[That is impossible. We have already committed numerous crime so our only choice is to keep running]
It is true that during the Edo era, the penalty for a bandit is harsh.

[I admire your courage so I will let you off with a heavy beating]
The next instant, all four of them turned into wolf form.
Indeed, they are genuinely lycanthropes.

However, those guys are mistaken.
I did not come alone.

Misha is right beside me.

[Goshujin-sama, let’s beat all of them]
Misha clearly declared.

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