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Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 24

Chapter 24: An Inumimi Maid

I was convinced at that moment.
Misha seriously dislike dogs…

Because, the battle was over in 20 seconds.

[Uwoo! Neko punch!]
[Eh, neko —- punch…?]

When I looked over that direction, well, I saw the bandit being assaulted by a cat.
Although the woman is relatively strong, she is still not a match for Misha. Similarly, all her subordinates got knock down by a single neko punch.

I tied up all the unconscious beastkin bandit.
Our mission is finished with this.

The women woke up shortly after I tied them up.
[I didn’t expect that the cat to be so extraordinary….]

[That’s right. It is regretful for you]
Misha then used transformation magic to change into her beastkin form.
The woman has a face which seemed to say [I got tricked].

[It seems that the person over there is also a beastkin. Well, this is fine. My name is Rena am the leader of the bandit group]
The beastkin woman called Rena looked calm and does not give an impression of someone being arrested.
Although it seemed weird to be doing a self-introduction judging by our current situation, we still introduce our self to her

[Keiji and Misha, I have a favour to ask you. You are the only one I could ask so please listen to my request]
[What is it?]
Rena lowered her head.

[Because I’m the leader of this group, I’m the only person with any bounty on my head. Hence, please release the other 3 persons. Of course, I will instruct them to stop doing such things. They cannot disobey my instructions, so if it is possible…]
She is pleading with us to give her subordinate a chance.
[Furthermore, I was the one behind the plan to rob from rich people. These fellows did not do anything. So, I plead with you…]

[You have a big heart for just a dog]
Misha expression also became softer.
[Goshujin-sama, I think that she is not lying. Should we let them off?]

I ponder for a moment.
Then, I came up with a suggestion.
[Hey, Rina, did anyone saw your face?]
[I kept my face hidden during the work, so no one should be able to recognize us normally]
It seemed that we would be able to hide them from the law enforcer.

[I understand you situation, so let’s burn away your current base]
[Why would you want to do such a thing? I gave all the stolen goods to the orphanage, so there is nothing valuable remaining]
[This is because I plan to put on a show where the bandits got burned along with their base]


Rina voiced overlapped with Misha.

[You guys can find a new life. Of course, I will definitely hunt you down again if you commit such a crime again]
Rina expression suddenly looked stiffed.
Fortunately, Misha seemed to understand my intention.

[It seemed that your moral is not bad, so I will give you a chance]
[Well, that how it is]
She put the interest of her subordinate before her own, so there should not be any problems.
Furthermore, even if they commit any crime near the capital again, Misha had memorized their smell so they would be caught easily.

[Is this, really alright for you…?]
It seemed, that Rina could not understand why we would do such a thing.
[My Goshujin-sama, is this type of person]
Misha hugged me tightly.

It seemed that Rina finally understood our intention and tears started flowing freely.
[Keijiii, Miishaa… I will definitely, repay you…]

[The case is resolved with this]
Misha told me and confirm.
[I will keep a lookout for any news of bandit near the capital. If you return to being a bandit, and betray Goshujin-sama, I will never forgive you]
[That’s right. I will not forgive you if that happens]
The best method to know if they turn over a new leaf is to supervisor them directly.

At the conclusion of this case, it seemed that it really became us [supervising].


Three days have passed.
Rena came over to our house.
[Why are you here…?]

Well, it is easy to find our residence by investigating using my name.
Or rather, I am curious about her attire.
This is your so-called maid outfit.

[I was thinking of how I could repay the kindness of master and Anego. After thinking about it seriously, I believe the best way is to take care of your daily needs]
She is really thinking out of the box with this idea.
Unexpectedly, this is not a bad idea.

First of all, we could supervise her if she stays with us, so she would not be able to commit any crime.
Furthermore, this house is too big and since Misha refused to do any chores, she could lighten my workload.

However, it appears that Misha showed a face of disgust.
[Hey you… this is our love nest. It is troubling if you suddenly appear –]
[Rina, please take care of us]
I bowed to her.

[Hey! Goshujin-sama, why!?]
[It is true that you contributed the most during dungeon exploration so it is fair for me to be the house husband. However, it is also true that this house is too big and it’s tiring for me to take care. Furthermore, we could concentrate of the dungeon if there is someone taking care of housework]
[I, I understand…]
Misha accepted and Rina stared working as our lived-in maid.

Initially, Misha declared that [No matter what, an ex-bandit would not make a good maid]. Fortunately, Rina is extremely serious and did the housework properly.

Furthermore, because she always takes care of her subordinate, her cooking skills is also good.
[Just why, even though we used the same ingredient, this soup became so much more delicious…]
Conversely, I became shocked at the taste of the soup.

[Through many trials and error could you find the most delicious way to bring out the flavor. In addition, it is love. I wanted to make delicious food for master and Anego]
Rena smiled while wearing her apron.

On the other hand, Misha face is turning blue.
She is mumbling something.
[If this goes on, Goshujin-sama will be stolen…]

Well, who told you to slack off in the house.


Then, two days later.
I got woken up by Misha which leads to my current situation.

[Fr, from today on, I will be in-charge of breakfast… Well, please hurry up and eat…]

Although I felt thankful for her service, I could not help but also feel a hint of uneaseness.

Have Misha ever cooked?

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