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Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: House-sitting with Reina

As Misha left the house for her training, it turned into a situation where I am now living together with Reina.

Even if that’s the case, there isn’t any changes to my lifestyle.
[Well then, master, I will clean the second floor next!]
Reina went to the upper floor after giving an energetic reply.
Besides the choice of her words, this fellow serves as an exceptional maid.

Firstly, she complete all the cleaning and cooking before I could say a word.
Moreover, the quality of her work is exceptional.
Also, she is extremely obedient towards me.
Lastly, even though this is slightly off topic —
An Inumimi maid, look pleasing to my eye.

On the other hand, there are also merit for Reina to work as my maid.
Reina was a criminal and she could no longer stay near her former hideout.
On this point, her identity of being exposed will decrease if work as a live-in maid over here.
At present, beside her speech issues, she is extremely good maid so there shouldn’t be any hints of her being a bandit.

While it was accidentally that Reina came to us, this encounter has been nothing but meaningful.
In addition, it will be great if this motivates Misha to do some chores.
But it will still be too much to expect Misha to be able to greatly improve her cooking.

[Anego is stubborn]
Reina told me this during meal time.

Today dinner is sandwich with ham, egg and lettuce.
This is relatively tasty despite being made of simple ingredients.
It tasted like something made by high-class café.

[This is her personality. But in return, she totally does not care about thing she has no interest in]
After I ponder over it, this really is the behaviour of a cat.

[I feel that Anego is avoiding me. Even though I don’t have any intention to destroy the relationship between master and Anego]
Reina said with a bitter expression.
[You are a nice person]
But this is also why Misha feels threatened.

However, Misha still sub-consciously understood that nothing will happen between me and Reina while she left for her training alone.
Reina personalities also does not permit her to cheat.
In addition, I don’t plan to be in relationship with someone other than Misha.
Since that’s the case, Misha do not need to be worry. Well, I will be satisfied as long as she helps me with cleaning occasionally.

However, mistakes do occur unexpectedly.

On that day, I was bathing alone.
I thought I could bath in leisure since Misha was not present.

[Master, let me wash your back!]
Reina came into the bath with her apron.
As I did not expect Reina to enter now, I submerge my body all the way to my neck on reflex.
This is because I realized that I am fully naked.
[No, this kind of thing, I can do it myself —Eh, what… your clothes, isn’t something weird…?]

I felt that something is off.
Although she is wearing an apron, the area of skin exposure is very high…
[Ah, I should not come in naked as expected so I wore an apron after taking of my clothes. My apron will get wet when I cook and it dry quickly anyway]
[This, is definitely the worse!!!]
In other words, she is currently naked with the exception of an apron.

I could predict the worst-case scenario.
If, Misha is unable to bear with her training and came back all of a sudden now, Reina will definitely be killed.
In addition, I might also be killed…
Even though this might be far fetch, this is still a possibility…

[Reina, quickly get out of the bathroom! Then, I will explain why your appearance is not appropriate…]
[Eh, I covered all the areas that should be covered?]
Reina spin around in an attempt to confirm her appearance.
Just then, I could see the side view of her breast.
Not good! Not good! The current situation to bad!

[I will explain to you later so go out now!]
[Understood, I will follow master order]
Reina went out without a fuss so she is really obedient.
It seemed that she does have any intention to seduce me.

However, it seemed that I still got seduced.
If this continues, some weird feeling might appear if I continue living together with Reina..
Well then, I should come up with some sort of countermeasure.

–On the second day.
Reina revealed her status.

Lv 17
Job: Bandit
Strength: 144
Magic Power: 0
Attack Power: 152
Defense: 89
Agility: 204
Mind: 35

Ability: High speed evasion, Steal, Weapon snatch, Lock picking, Strengthen hearing, Voice imitation
Others: Wolf-form transformation

[As expected of the leader of the bandit, you are really strong]
Her ability is either on my level or even stronger than mine.
[I will feel embarrassed…]
Reina furiously shook her head.

I prepared my sword.
[Reina, let’s start exploring the dungeon together from now on. Even though I said that, we will not dive too deep in]
During the time where Misha is seriously training, I could not stay idly.
If I explore the dungeon, I would not have the energy to fall in love with Reina.

Once Misha return, we can then throw a party.

T.L. End of Chapter 26

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