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Cheat na Kaineko Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Return from training

Then, 5 days had passed since Misha began her training.
Just when I was wondering why she took so long… Okami-san then delivered a letter to me.
On her letter, Misha informed us that her initial plan was to return after 3 days. However, there are too many things to study so she extended her stay.
At the end of the day, Misha only came back after 1 whole week.

[I made you wait!]
Misha returned with excessive confident.
[The me from the past is dead. The current me, is my true self!]
Misha said a statement which seemed like something a religious leader would say.

[Anego, congratulation and thanks for your hard work!]
Reina, why does that sound like something you would say to a prisoner that just got released from jail?
[Fufu, if you think I am the same as before, you will get burn]
What’s that! Are you going to use fire magic?

[First of all, take a look at this place. This room is still no good even though its clean]
Misha used her finger and swipe across the window.
[Look, there are still dirt]

You sounded like a nasty aunt!
[S, sorry, Anego…]
[After all, your standard is only equivalent to someone that knew how to do basic cleaning. On the other hand, I obtained training from an inn which cleanliness is a necessity. We are on a totally different level!]

Misha then silently clean all the hard to reach spot.
[Amazing! Misha is really cleaning! It seemed that spear will rain from the sky!]
[Such a rude guy! Based on my ability, something of this level is nothing to me!]

Certainly, her cleaning is really thorough.
Even Reina said [She is really incredible…] so there is no mistake.

[How is this? Now that you saw that, are you still going to say that I am not good at cleaning?]
[I know, I know. You became really exceptional]
[However, this is not even half of my true power!]

Misha revealed a boastful expression.

[The next is cooking! I will let the two of you eat my cooking!]

[Please make something edible]
[Anego, please let me help you]

[You guys, don’t underestimate me and still think that I am unable to do something so simple]

Then, Misha entered the kitchen and started cooking.

As we are worried, both me and Reina stood behind and observe her.
If a fire breaks out, we must be prepared to stop the fire.

[The two of you! Have some faith in me!]
Her tail is shaking in anger.
We can’t help it judging from her past failure and make us lose confidence in her.

However, it seemed that Misha ability is real.
She is cutting the vegetables skillfully.
From what we could see from the back, she is also using proper seasoning.
She is able to tread wheat flour with eggs so she already showed high skill level compared to before.

[I am a girl that is able to do everything. Goshujin-sama, have to fallen for me again?]
Misha jokingly asked me.

Well then, how does her cooking taste?

  • Milk potage soup with onion.
  • Grilled deer meat. Vegetables were also added to make it a balance diet.
  • And the desert is chiffon cake with grapes.

And bread bought from the neighborhood as an add-on.

[Amazing, no matter how I looked, everything looked so perfect…]
[Anego, did you cast illusion magic on us…?]
[This is reality, and they taste extremely good as well!]

Although Misha told us that, the one judging the taste will be me and Reina.
Let’s first taste the soup.
[T, tasty!]

I unconsciously stood up from my seat.

[Although I could taste the creaminess of the milk, this is still refreshing. In addition, it does not hinder the taste of our main course]

[Anego, it is also delicious soaking the bread into this soup!]
[I know, right? The soup is a mean to make one anticipate the main course. We only pursue its taste after making sure that it does not interfere with the taste of the main course]

Why does this sound like something only a cook could say?
[It must probably be a maid transforming into the appearance of Misha?]
[Goshujin-sama, you doubt me too much!]

However, she really changed a lot since she could do so much.

The deer meat does not smell of beast, the chiffon cake is fluffy so even after eating plenty, I could still keep on eating more.

[Misha, you really trained well and came back…]
[I’m glad you understand]
I hugged and praised her.
It seemed as though Misha have changed.

[Goshujin-sama! I, became exceptional! Hence, you will not dislike me, right!?]
[Baka! How could I possibly dislike you!?]
Please don’t feel unease because of this.
Never once have I dislike Misha.

Ah! That’s right, that’s right. I have not given Misha her reward.
[I have something for you]
I gave Misha the silvery-white crown.

[This is, something for o-hime-sama…]
[Anego, you are suited to be hime-sama!]
Tears formed on Reina’s eye as though she is looking at her daughter getting married.
This fellow really cries easily.

[Thank you, thank you, Goshujin-sama!]
[This suit you whom had been reborned]
Just when I hugged her again, Misha reached her limits.

She returned to her black cat form.
Furthermore, she is swaying back and fore like someone that is drunk.

[S, sorry… I, am too tired…]
[Alright, alright, take a nice and long rest]

On that day, I finally got to hugged Misha in her cat form to sleep.

T.L End of chapter 28!

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