Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 21

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21st Meal: The moment when despair turned into hope

Eh? Where…is this place? I am… a rare creature. Fukyun!

I somewhat woke up.
I felt as though I saw something important from my dreams.
Just what type of dream did I saw, whether it was a good or a bad dream… I can’t remember.
I stood up, and although I still felt unwell, it was still bearable so it was still alright.

A pair of boobs flew into my vision with tremendous force.
Those abundantly huge boobs belongs to Miranda-san.
Gak! My face got buried into the boobs.

It felt a little painful! I can’t breath!

I moved my face away from those boobs and looked up.
Then, I saw Miranda-san’s face full of tears.
Uwaaa… not good, this is bad!
It seemed that I made them worried.

[It is great, it is great that you finally woke up! Your body was so cold and you were breathing irregularly!? I thought you would die after being so rash!]

I hugged Miranda-san tightly.
I could feel her shivering.
By no means, did I expect that even I would be sent over here.
This was out of my prediction, and also gave me another reason that I must not fall…

Ah, this is bad! I must to return now!!

[Miranda-san, I need to return…]
Miranda showed a look of disbelief after hearing my words, and told me that [You know that you almost die!?].
However, I refuted her by saying [Even if I am on the brink of dying, there are still people out there waiting for me].

Looking at the speechless Miranda-san, I requested her to pass me some [peachy-sensei].
I hope that she wouldn’t mind me asking for things that I just gave to her.

[Haa….], and after Miranda-san sighed,
She retrieved peachy-sensei from her fridge-shaped free space magic.
The fruit was then sliced for the ease of eating.

[Thank you, and sorry for troubling you, Miranda-san]

*Shaku*,I threw the sliced peachy-sensei into my mouth.
The sweet fruit juice circulates within my weakened body.
If I did not have this power when I was still in that forest, I would probably not make it out alive.
This is all thanks to the help of peachy-sensei!

One bite, two bite, and I could feel my magic power and physical strength recovering.
After finishing peachy-sensei, I felt that I recovered enough and be able to continue with normal activities.

Even though I almost die, it was regrettable that no new power was awaken! (Sigh)

[I am going now, Miranda-san!]

[Please do not force yourself too much, alright? The way you looked now is the same as my dead husband. He also smiled like you before going out…]

[I will definitely return, so please wait for me!]

After I finish speaking, I returned to the battlefield where everyone is waiting for me.

It was a secret that I tripped halfway through.


*POV changed*

[Haa… please hold on! Haa… treatment of those with serious injuries take priority!! Ha, haa…]

We were reaching our limits!! After saint-sama collapsed, many fellows also lost their fighting spirit!!

[Rayen! You are too rash! You will die if you don’t rest!!]

I warned the guild master of the healer association, Rayen Gallio Exceed, to take a rest…

[Until Saint-sama returns…haa, haa…I have to hold it together….!]

Rayen statement showed his willpower as the master of the healer association.
However, if even Rayen was to collapse, it would cause the healer association to fall in a further state of chaos.
I must definitely not allow such a thing to happen.

[Stupid rascal!! Why is someone younger trying to die earlier than me? Thrust! Drag this idiot out of here!!]

[Understood, Desmond-senpei! Rayen, we are leaving!]

Why was he still arguing when he was already on the brink of collapsing!?
The first to kick the bucket, should be old fellow like us!
I would definitely not give this privilege to the youngster.

After seeing Thrust dragging Rayen out of the battlefield,
I made my decision.

[For now on, the main character of this battle would be old fellow like us! Let’s do our best!]

[Hahaha], all my old comrade laughed.
Despite being so old, it seemed we still have a purpose in living.
How do I describe this… it is making my blood boil!

[Saint-sama….! Please bless us with your strength!! You guys!! We are going!]

[Oh!!], and the voices of all the old healer echoed.
This would be our last job, so lets end it beautifully!


*POV changed*

[I am sorry! I made everyone wait!!]

I returned to the battlefield.
There, I could see the ever increasing number of people with injuries… and the figure of Desmond-ojiisan, who collapsed on the ground.


I rushed over to Desmond-ojiisan’s side and held his hand that was trying to move.
This is bad, did he exhausted all his magic power!?

[Hehe…with this…my job is completed]

Don’t joke with me!! This is absurd!!
With a face that shows no regret, I would definitely not allow you to die so peacefully!

[Goddess Maius, I plead to hear my request!! With mercy and hope! [Mana transfer] charged…!! Goooooooo!!]

I transferred a portion of my magic power that is suitable and recharged him.
If the magic power is not suitable, it would cause a rejection which is extremely dangerous.
This is almost the same as blood transfusion.

And the chant which sounded like some chuunibyou spell, I gave up half way and cast it chantlessly.
Recently, I was too busy that I forgot about such stuff!!

Desmond-ojiisan’s body was now recharged with mana.
After making sure he had stabilized, I had him withdraw from the battlefield.
You did well, thank you very much.
Covering for the worthless me and supporting the battle.

[Thank you, Desmond-ojiisan. Please leave the rest to me!!]

As I lost a large amount of mana, I recovered them using peachy-sensei that I made on the spot.
Everyone became surprised when peachy-sensei appeared suddenly but I just ignored them.
I did not have the time to be considerate.
As I made a few too many, I gave some to the young healers.

[I am going! Ojii-san, obaa-san, thanks for your help! Please leave the rest to us young healers, and have a good rest!!]

[Hahaha], the place was filled with laughter that seems out of place.
However, this also greatly raise the morale of all the young healers.

[Well then, let’s go! The final battle should belong to us!!]

Young healers including Tiffany-neechan and Vivito gathered here.
The veteran and returning group of healers then retired to rest.
There were also many non-healer helping us.

I do not know when this despair-like endless cycle of healing will end.
However… everyone decided that they would not give up!
We are being entrusted.

All the young healers were being entrusted… with various hopes/
They had long exceed their limits.
Those that remained here, were now standing on sheer willpower and the pride of a healer.

We will never give up, definitely never….


*POV changed*

[Update! Hero Takaki defeated the demon king!!]

Haa,haa… a soldier came running while panting heavily to relay the news.

The time now is 7.18 pm.

[Please on hold a bit longer! Vivito, go and take a break! For 15 minutes! The next one will be Tiffany-neechan! Haa, haa… bring… all those with heavy injuries here!!]

Saint-sama is also approaching her limits!!
This is not good! She would collapse again!

[Go and take a break too, Saint-sama!!]

[What are you saying…?]

Saint-sama felt troubled at me as I raised my voice.
I already controlled and used a gentle tone when I spoke to Saint-sama.

[Mou, I do not wish to see you faint again… Won’t you let onii-san handle the rest for the time being?]

Honestly speaking… I had already reached my limit.
However, I am so much older than this child.
Although my talent, magic affinity, judgement and the ability to think under stress was incomparable to her.
Even if that was the case, there were still things that I could do.

[I understand, I will be depending on you… Vivito…nii-chan]

After saying that, Saint-sama walked towards the direction of the canteen.
Ah…. She fell.
But she immediately picked herself up and resumed walking.
She should be alright?

Nii-chan… was it?
She definitely called me that.
Since that was the case, I had no choice but to work till I die!!

[You like this sort of things?]

Tiffany made fun of me.
But I understood her intention.

[This is no other choice? Onii-chan…what now?]

[Hehe], I laughed bitterly and continued healing.
Despair was turned into hope, giving us one last push.
Since the demon king was defeated, we only need to heal the remaining soldiers with heavy injuries.
There is still hope as they are still living.

[Just a bit more… lets hold on a bit longer!!]

Tiffany who was beside me also continued with the treatment.
We could finally see light at the end of the tunnel for all our work…

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