Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 24

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 24

T.L This chapter conclude the end of volume 1! I would like to thank everyone for following my translation =) Thank you very much!

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24th Meal: Kuishinbo Elf

Three months has passed since I first visited the street stall.

[Oh? You came again, Kuishinbo-chan!] (T.L Kuishinbo = Glutton)

The number uncles working in the street stall that knew me increases exponentially.
I had been visiting the street stalls for the past three months and had already conquered all the food here!!
Looking at my current actions, it seemed that someone started calling me [Kuishinbo Elf].

From that moment, my nickname became [Kuishinbo Elf].
I am grateful towards them as it does not stand out as much as being called Saint-sama.
I would feel ticklish whenever I am being called Saint-sama.

[Today…will be ramen!]

My aim is the new creation, [Pork ramen].
The bald head uncle with a towel around his neck told me that he finally created a satisfactory tasting ramen.

[Thanks for waiting!]

Soaked within the delicious looking, milky white broth was yellow coloured noodle, roasted chashu as well as shredded spring onion and red ginger. The [Pork ramen] was then placed on the table in front of me. (T.L Chashu = A type of pork)


I used a pair of chopstick to eat.

Eleanor-san accompanied me and acted as my guardian. She used a spoon and fork to coil the noodle before eating.
As expected, chopsticks are extremely difficult to use.

[Saint-sama is so skilful ne~]

I got praised by Eleanor-san.

[Slurp…gulped, chew, chomp chomp…]

I start by tasting the rich and thick pork broth.
The porky smell was covered by the delicious flavour of the broth.
The noodle was slender and straight, which just happened to be my liking.
The thick flavour of the pork broth harmonize so well with the noodle and it left me wanting to eat more.
The roasted chashu was extremely soft and melts in my mouth.
The spring onion and red ginger added subtle flavours, making the ramen a complete creation.


My face was full of smile as I told the uncle how good the ramen tasted.
Looking at me smiling, the uncle nodded in satisfaction.

[It seemed that my hard work paid off]

My comment acted as a catalyst, resulting in many adventurers rushing towards the store.
Recently, there are a constant stream of customer in the street stall district.

[Pork ramen! I want a large serving!!]

[I want the same! Serving for three!!]

The uncle subconsciously shrieked in joy as he was overly excited.
It seemed that his stall recorded the highest ever sale since opening day.


Well then, I have time off for the whole of today.
The current time is 8 in the morning.
I heard a knock on my door, just when I was wondering how to spend my free time.
[Please enter]
I gave my acknowledgement and invited my visitor into the room.
Eleanor-san, Miranda-san and Tiffany-neechan entered.

[Today is your off day, right?]

Eleanor-san then continued with the conversation…

[Since that is the case, let’s buy clothes for Saint-sama! Let’s do it!]

Her eyes were sparkling and burning in fiery after she said that.
This is bad! She looked like a predator that found its prey!!

[Let’s escape now while I am free!]

I ran towards the door!
Gak! A pair of soft breast appeared in front of me.
This breast belongs to Eleanor-san.

[How… did she…!?]

Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump…!!
I seemed to hear such sound effect resounding in my head.
Probably, the sound came from my heart beating so rapidly.

When I ran towards the door… Eleanor-san was definitely behind me!!
But before I even realised it, Eleanor-san appeared in front of me!
This is not a dream nor an illusion!
I saw a glimpse of something horrifying…!!

[Didn’t you know? As long as it is related to shopping, nobody could escape from her!]

Scaryyyyyyyyyy! Women are so scaryyyyyyyyyy!?

[Just once, act as a dress-up doll for Eleanor-san]

With her face smiling, Tiffany-neechan held onto my tightly.
In the end, Tiffany-neechan and Eleanor-san, each held one of my arm and dragged me towards the business district in Philimichia.

Donna~donna~do~na~do~na… (T.L This is a song about a calf being led to the slaughter house

The lyrics of that song is filling my head right now.
You can’t fault me if I cry now.


We finally reached the business district.
Around the magnificent looking building, many people can be seen shopping for items.
Many beautifully decorated coffee house are located around this area.
And different from the street stall, the customers that shopped here are people of higher status.

[Well then, we are here~]

Tiffany-neechan smile and stop in front of a shop.
The shop has a signboard which read [Elegant Clothes]
I have a bad feeling about this.

We walked into the shop.
To be exact, I was dragged into the shop.
Aah… so this is the gate to hell?

There are a variety of clothing being displayed.
We walked towards the area where children clothing were kept.
In my opinion, those clothes could function as my torture device.

There are countless number of children clothing.
Half of the merchandise in this shop are children clothes.
Skirt that looked fluffy and is decorated with big ribbons… waittttttttt!?
Why are there bunny suit for children!?
This is obviously weird!?

[Well then, without delay, let’s give everything a try]

The female group started moving their fingers while laughing dangerously.
This was not their usual personality!!

And then, I am forced to change into various clothes.
Black gothic Lolita dress, a pure white dress as well as a kimono, which exist in this world for unknown reason.
It is totally crazy that there are a total of twelve layer of clothes in the kimono! An individual would be unable to wear it alone!
Adding salt to my wound, I am even made to wear the bunny girl suit.
Simply put, I am made into a dress-up doll!! (Face turning white)

It is already afternoon by the time I am released.


Everything is finally over once we finished choosing the clothes… but this is only a wishful thinking of mine!?

And now, we are going to shop for accessories.
I did not owe a comb.
As I found it troublesome, I usually tidy my hair with just my fingers. I was met with disapproval and dragged to the accessories shop once again.

Couldn’t I just use magic to solve the problem?
When I told them my opinion, they simply refuted by explaining that finer details required human interventions.

So picky… I could finally understand why man and female are different creatures.
Ah, but I am a female now.
I forgot, hahaha…ha… I want to turn back into a man.

Hence, we arrive at the accessory shop with a name that reads [Milky Lovely]
Can’t they think of a better name for the shop?
The females group then walk into the shop without minding the name.

Countless combs are being displayed in the shop.
There were some many varieties.
Comb for long hair, comb for curly hair and even comb for beastkin.
Just when I sighed and thought to myself that this shop really carries everything, I discovered a white-coloured comb with a tag that read ‘for elf’.
And I held it in my hand.

[This, this! Friend, I am buying for them…!]

What friend… I am just giving random excuses.
I like this comb and wanted to bring buy it…

[The total cost will be 5 gold coin]

[So expensive!?]

I growl and check my purse at the same time.
I only has 5 gold coin left so I felt embarrassed.
That white comb cost my entire fortune.
The reason behind this was because I purchased too many clothes.

[I should give it up… Fukyun]

Reluctantly, I return the comb to its original position.

Let’s come back again after earning enough money…

In the end, I purchase a comb, hand mirror, perfume and hair clip that are equivalent to my entire fortune.
It seemed that those were only the minimum required accessories for female.
Females really could spend a lot of money!

It is evening by the time we leave the shop.
Eleanor-san, Miranda-san and Tiffany-neechan seems extremely satisfied.
I saw a different side of them today.

In contrast, I felt gloomy.
Although I have the appearance of a little girl, my soul is still that of an uncle.
My mind has been greatly damaged today!

Well, it might not be so bad since they are happy, considering that they took care of me all these time… the four of us then started walking back home as I was thinking of such a thing.

Shadow formed under the evening sun and I walked while holding onto Eleanor-san and Tiffany-neechan’s hand.
And beside us, Miranda-san smiled happily while sticking close to us.
Although I do not know how long our friendship will last, it thought it would be great if we could maintain this relationship longer.

I am currently a small girl.
Although I am an elf, my current growth rate is normal.
Those clothes that I wore initially were too small since I grew taller, so I kept them in my [Free space].
The growth rate of an elf child is similar to that of a human.

… But is that really the case? It seemed that my body is just smaller due to slower growth rate?

However, the difference between a human and me, is that I will not age.
But not aging does not mean I will not die.

Within 10 years, my height will be similar to them.
but let’s not talk about the other attribute of Miranda-san (Its impossible).

During that time, just how will our relationship change…

Maa~, I would not know even if I think about it now.
Let’s think about it when the time comes.

I walk slowly beside them while thinking of such stuff. I really appreciate my current happiness.

T.L End of chapter 24/ End of volume 1~~~

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