Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 25

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 25

T.L Konko
E.D Kuroyuki-san

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25th Meal: School


[That’s right. Saint-sama has already turned 6 so please do attend]

I became 6-years-old a few days ago so Delkett-jiisan persuaded me to attend school.
There is a huge learning institute operated by the country within the capital of Philimichia.
This is a facility built for the sake of grooming talented children in this kingdom.
The troublesome task of finding talented people is the same even in a different world.

The entrance fee and school fee are all covered. Furthermore, they also provide free school lunch.
Due to receiving such a special treatment from the school, most of the children in the capital will attend.

[But…I still have work?]

That’s right! I have a job!
I am a salaryman! A working adult in society!?

[You don’t have to worry, if that’s the case, since Tiffany-san just became A rank. We should be able to handle the work even if Saint-sama withdraws from the team]

The guild master of the healer association, Rayen, told me the news.
Recently, the state of healer association was slowly improving.
Most of the patients have also recovered from their injuries.
They would be back to their full health with some rest.

[Your classes will usually end around 3 p.m. Furthermore, elementary school has classes for only three days a week. There will be no problem if we simply adjust your schedule]

He also added [You can also make friends]
Hmph, he made sense.

It is troubling that I don’t have any friends around my age.
Besides, I don’t have any financial problems right now.
Since I don’t have any problems with my job, I’ll then focus on clearing my other problems.
Alright, I’ve decided!

[I understand. I will give it a try]

It is not necessary for me to attend school.
I have the knowledge of my predecessor, and she was also a graduate from this school.

In other words, the purpose of me attending school is to make friends.
I do not know anyone around my age, even though I am friendly with many of the adults here.
I must do something about this, since I don’t have any friends my age, I must definitely make some friends at school.

Delkett-jiisan then happily told me that he would [Make the preparations].
Many people had been taking care of me recently, so I had started to feeling guilty about it…
Next time, I shall massage his shoulders.


Time passed slowly and spring arrived.
Today was my school entrance ceremony.

I wore my school uniform, and walked to school while holding Eleanor-san’s hand.
The name of the school is The Royal School of Langusten.
Bearing the name of the country, it is a school with a thousand years of history.

[So big!]

This was my honest opinion.
Behind the humongous gate is an even bigger building.
Just how big is the school? The size of the school that I saw is so stupidly big.
Moreover, the carriage arrived by using [Teleporter].
That was certainly overkill…

There is an establishment within the hostel where various brands set up stalls and sell things.
It could also be considered a city within the school.
The security of the school is excellent, as there is a protective barrier over the school.
It seems that the school could be used as a refugee site in times of emergency.
There are also golems patrolling the campus for security.
The safety of the students is guaranteed.

Students ranging from ages 6 to 15 will study in such a big school.
You will be considered an adult once you graduate, after reaching 15-years-old.
Many choose to become adventurers, merchants, knights, or even just finding work within the capital.
Of course there will be those who become unemployed and homeless.
Those people will have a hard life.

[Alright, we’ve arrived!]

I am currently in the gymnasium.
Would the entrance ceremony be held here?

However, it is not very funny considering how big the place is!
The size of the gymnasium is even bigger than a baseball field.
It seemed tiring to even walk through it…

There are 320 children who have enrolled this year.
Except those living in cities or villages far away from the capital, most children, including nobles from other countries, will study in this school.
As getting involved with the nobles seems troublesome, let’s try my best to avoid them.

Even though I said that, I have already gotten involved with them.

In addition, my status as a Saint is being hidden by the country.
I was using a mask when I was treating the civilians, so my identity was a mystery to others.

Well, I still kept my mask on even during the time I visited the street stalls.
I will not be using healing magic outside of the healer association. Eleanor-san would also whisper to me when we were outside.
My identity should not be known since we took so many precautions.
And now, I can spend a peaceful campus life and make some friends.

Hmm…someone is approaching me.
It was a girl surrounded by many followers.

[Are~, could you be a white elf?]

[Ah, this lady is Cluten Tron Babal-sama. How are you doing today?]

Wah, I got involved with a noble right at the start.
The young noble girl, with a slightly uptight face, was accompanied by her followers.
She has thin silvery eyebrow and sharp looking golden pupils. Also… the back of her hair was curled into six rolls.
I could not focus on anything besides her hair roll.

Uoooo… this is my first time seeing hair drills, they are even silver!
This kind of hairstyle is too amazing for a six-year-old girl! (Excited)

[And this lady over here… is Eltina-sama]

Eleanor-san started introducing me to the noble girl named Clatten.
During the introduction, she avoided saying my full name.
As expected of a capable woman.
If it was just me, I would even leak more information regarding myself besides my full name.


I made a simple introduction.
I could not think of anything interesting to add, given the short amount of time I had.

[Well, you looked as cold as your appearance suggested. Well, this is also fine with me. I am Clatten Tron Babal. Nice to meet you, white elf Eltina-sama]

She left with her followers, without waiting for my response.
For an instant, I felt that she would be a strong lady in the future…

Well, the girl with the drill hair that I just met is the eldest daughter of a baron in Militanas Holy Kingdom.
After graduating from this school, her worth when negotiating for marriage among nobles will increase.

I proceed to take a seat at the area designated for students, while Eleanor-san went to the area designated for parents.
I started looking around the gymnasium.

I am not trying to look suspicious.
This was for the sake of observing the area.

… I am not lying, alright?

Ooooh, it’s here, it’s here! Dark Elf! Beastkin! And that… a Dwarf!
I see a Lizard-man! Even Ogres and Goblins are present!

This was the first time I have seen how their children look.
Before this, I only ever saw the adults of their species.
So this is a valuable experience…

[Iya~, it’s so rare seeing a white elf desu]

No, no! I find you to be even more rare than me.

I am currently talking to a slime.
The slime is wearing a red bow tie on its greenish body.
Two black and round eyeballs are fixed to its circular body.
he is probably about as big as an adult’s head.

This is a relatively free country that welcomes all!!
There are so many species gathered here!

The principal then began his speech.
While he was speaking, I thought to myself that this speech was the same no matter which world I lived in.
Furthermore, the principal belongs to the race called Giant. He is huge!!
He is a 3 metre tall jii-san.

We were then guided to our respective classroom by the teachers after the ceremony.
There are approximately 40 students in a class.

And the class I belongs to is Year 1 Class 8.
Well then, I wonder who will be my classmates…


[Are~? We meet again?]

……….. Silver drill hair.
It seemed that this is our fate.
Since there is no other choice, let’s greet her in a friendly manner.

[Try saying my NAMEEEeeeeeeeeeee!!]

[Ha, ehhh?]

The silver drill hair girl showed a stupefied expression. I wonder what she is surprised about?

I ended it with an appropriate greeting by saying [Please take care of me], and sat on my seat.
Our homeroom teacher also entered the classroom at the same time.

[Take your seat~ the class is beginning~!]

Just who would be our teacher….!

[Eh! Alphonse-ossan!]

[Hey! Call me sensei here]

The person that entered the classroom is an uncle named Alphonse.
It seemed that he retired as an adventurer after the subjugation of the demon lord.
But never did I expect that he changed his occupation to be a teacher.
Well… as expected, it is strange seeing him dressed in suit and tie.
Please return to your normal self and wear the leather armour.

[I am the homeroom teacher for year 1 class 8, Alphonse Geylon. Nice to meet y’all! Alright~ Although it’s sudden, but let’s start with self-introductions]

Under his urging, the first student sitting on the extreme left of the classroom started with his self-introduction.

[Raito Dale. Lionkin. My future dream is to become a martial artist that is even stronger than my oyaji. Everyone, nice to meet you!]

The first to introduce themselves is the lionkin named Raito-kun.
He is an energetic looking boy with a human face.
He possesses golden-yellow hair, and a pair of animal ears can be seen on his head.
With thick eyebrow, and playful looking, gold coloured eyes.
Naturally, he has a tail.
I have a sudden urge of wanting to play with his tail.

[My name is Clatten Tron Babal. Human. I came from the Holy Kingdom of Militanas and the eldest daughter of baron Chrisland Tron Babal. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance…]

The next person to introduce themselves is the silver drill hair-sama.
She proceed to talk about the magnificence of her family and country after she introduced herself.
Alphonse-ossan stopped her skilful and called the next person.

As expected of Alphonse-os… sensei.

More than half of the students in the classroom are human.
Demi-human just like me accounts for the remainder.
Everyone in this world has a common means for communication, so every race could interact with one another.
In other words… he is included.

[Gerroid Gol Steiner. Slime desu. I hope to gain valuable experience by interacting with the nobles in this school. My goal is to succeed the throne desu]

…… His goal is way bigger than expected. He is a slime, right?
I received a shock when I was informed of the existence of a slime kingdom.
Speaking of which, he is a male. They even have gender…

The student’s self-introduction then proceeds smoothly.
And this happened…

[Qulitia. Dark elf… end]

Ending her introduction without any courtesy is the dark elf named Qulitia.
Actually, I already knew her.
She was part of the children first aid team and cooperate with me during the [War with the demon].
I became friends with her during the time when she was in the team. (T.L I thought the MC said she has no friends of similar age?)

Long silvery hair that reached her waist, healthy tanned skin and beautiful long ears.
Pretty green coloured pupils that gave off the impression of a cat. Cherry red lips.
With thin and long eyebrow. In addition, perfectly shaped nose.
She would definitely grow up into a beauty in the future.

Sob… she’s totally different from me…

I reconfirmed once again when I looked at her face. After Qulitia relaxed, she looked at me and smiled… a goddess!

[Ganzurock Dalton. Dwarf. I will be inheriting my family business, and I aim to become the best blacksmith in the world. Nice to meet you!]

Even at the age of six, dwarf children have beards.
He looked young like us, but he has the facial features of a typical stubborn blacksmith.
He has a short, light brown hair, a thick and big nose, and black eyes.
Also, his unique way of talking is also a characteristic that belongs to the dwarfs.

[Edward de Langusten. Human. My dream is becoming an outstanding king. Nice to meet you!]


An uproar starts in the classroom.
They showed such reaction because some important person appears? (Shocked)

He is the grandson of the current king. Moreover, he is the eldest son of the first king.
In other words, he will be the king in the future.

The first time I met him was during the first time when I visited the castle in Philimichia.

During his first meeting with the Saint (Me), the first word he said to me was [Puni puni desu].
He then used his hugging attack on me. During the hero summoning ceremony, he also said things like [I am so touched] and held my hands.

And the last time I saw him was during my birthday party.
I did not care about my birthday as I don’t even know the exact date of it.
Delkett-jiisan then suggested that [Let’s take 3rd of March as your birthday], which is exactly one year since I came here. He announced it and everyone came and celebrate….

Edward also came during my birthday party.
He proclaimed that [This is my privilege].
It seemed that he requested Hero Takaki to bring him over here,
such a trouble maker prince.

[Happy birthday! Eltina!]

[Fukyun! Ed, why are you here? And thank you!]

Edward then ran over and hugged me once I gave my thanks.
I could feel his good intention for me.
When I remember hugging the future king, I felt slightly troubled.

In the end, he would always hug me whenever he got the chance.
I did not expect that things would turn out this way.
Such a terrible tenacity.

Edward finished his self-introduction during the time when the class is in confusion.
And he looked in my direction and showed me a refreshing smile.

All the girls in the class shrieked [Edward-sama….]
With gold hair, blue eyes, and a good look, he is the perfect king.
His face could be passed off as a girl’s so it seemed that he inherited his mother’s genes.

My peaceful school life. It seemed that it’s the end.

I am the last to make my self-introduction.
A white elf enrolling into the school. This is the first time in a thousand years.
So what should I say to make a good impression…?
Alright, let’s do this. This will definitely cause a lot of impact.]

[Hello everyone. I am the rare white elf in Langusten. My goal is to [Travel the world for food]. It’s a pleasure to meet everyone…]

Perfect… I capture everyone’s attention!

Yosh! I clenched my fist and did a victory pose.
Someone in the class spoke up while looking at me.

[Ah! I know! You are the Kuishinbo Elf!]

How! The class then became excited.
What is going on!
I became the subject of laughter for everyone?

Damn it, nooo!

We were dismissed after everyone did their self-introduction.

The class officially starts tomorrow at 8 a.m.

[Nice to meet you~ Kuishinbo-san!]

[Oh! Nice to meet you!]

My nickname officially became [Kuishinbo].

There are many others that called me [Rare creature-sama]

I started walking home after I greeted students around me.
Eleanor-san was waiting for me at the reception area.
We walked back to the healer association hand in hand.

[I became classmates with Edward]

Eleanor-san smiled bitterly when I whispered to her.

[… Are you surprised?]

It seemed that she knew beforehand.
Her face showed that she was apologetic.

I’m afraid that it was Edward’s plan. To surprise me,
he definitely ordered everyone to keep it a secret.
Good grief. He only acted like a king when playing a prank.

My classmates are full of energy.
Also, I am sure Alphonse-ossan will have a tough job.
I went back to the healer association while feeling delighted.

T.L End of chapter 25.

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