Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 26

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 26

T.L Konko
E.D Kuroyuki-san

I have sad news for everyone. I will be dropping all translation until further notice due to real life commitment (P.s Struggling with my final year project for the next 8 mths and looking for job -.-) Anyone who is interested, please feel free to pick up any of my series.

26th Meal: No talent

Hello. I am the strange and rare creature named Eltina from year 1 class 8.

Today is the day where our affinities will be measured.
All new students are gathered in the gymnasium.

You say that I already know my own affinities?
That’s right, I have no talent at all! (A nightmare)

The students are all excited, except me.
I am feeling the complete opposite from them as I am feeling down.

[El-chan’s affinity with magic should be exceptionally high!]

The one who said that is my classmate, Linda Hirts.
She is a human and aims to walk the path of a magician in the future.
With light brown coloured shoulder length hair, she is an energetic looking child.

Urgh! Please stop adding salt to my wound! I am the least talented white elf the world has ever seen!!

[Oi,oi… this is a matter of fact, right? She is a white elf and is different from a certain dark elf]

A boy with red hair looked towards the direction where the dark elf Quitina is with discrimination.
His name is Danan Juran Jeff.
He is also a human and the son of a wealthy merchant.

His features include his red hair that is parted to the side, thin eyebrow, a sharp nose and a droopy looking violet coloured eye.
He is a thin but tall guy.
He plans on following his parent’s footstep and inheriting their business.

I am starting to feel extremely tired, because of everyone having such high expectations of me!
You can do anything else, but please spare me from this!!

[You guys… you should not say such a thing without any confirmation. However, it is true that white elves are masters in attack magic. It is a race that is loved by all the spirits. They are totally different from us]

An unsociable looking boy wearing glasses called Floberto Domon deals the final blow to me.
His face looks extremely uptight and he has beautiful glossy black hair.

His eyes also reflect his strong will.

Many girls around are attracted to him. (T.L Are they really 6 years old? ED: You’d be surprised. I myself was attracted to the opposite gender in 2nd Grade, though it was more because I thought they were softer, and cuter than guys.)

Uuuuuu… My HP…. Dropped to zero…

Furthermore, the possibility of me being neglected by spirits is extremely high… (Roll my roll).

The examination begins heartlessly even though I took a serious blow mentally and felt my soul disappearing like ashes.

The examination started in sequence from year 1 class 1. It is finally our turn to be tested.
The test was over in an instant. It is that simple.
Your affinity would be displayed on your card once you press your finger on it for 5 seconds.
This also serves as proof that you are a student of the school.
It acts as a student identity card.

The motto of the school is [Decide on your future based on the affinity displayed on your card].
Moreover, there is no function to hide your status so we could easily see the status of one another.

[Hey, hey!! How is it, El-chan!? My affinity for magic is B!]

Ah!? Eh!? Linda is more of a white elf than me!?

[Oooo…. this… that, that’s right! My card malfunctions!]

I… I could only buff my way through here!
I spun a half-baked lie during a moment of confusion.

[This is impossible… let me see your card?]

My card was easily snatch away by Linda during a moment of surprise.
Then, everyone in the class saw my card.


Everyone that saw my card showed an expression of being astonished.
Voices of surprise could then be heard
[Is this real?]
Linda returned the card to me while looking apologetic.

[Really, it’s fine to laugh at me. Even all the spirit abandoned me!]

I started laughing like a broken recorder so everyone attention turned to me.

[So… sorry. This was not my intention…]

[I forgive you]

I immediately forgive Linda since she apologies sincerely.
It seemed that she felt relieved.

[You forgave me so easily! As expected of a white elf!]

Linda also felt surprise when I forgave her so easily.

[This much is nothing]

I replied humbly.
Then, I told Linda who is still feeling down and apologetic.

[Don’t mind it! I really don’t care about it]

I lightly tapped her shoulder while laughing heartily.

[Even if that’s the case… you really have it rough, with your affinity for magic being E?]


The boy with glasses! What are you saying!?
I looked at my affinity card in a hurry… and discovered that my affinity with magic became E. (T.L If you remember, her affinity with magic was barely D at the beginning)

[How could this happen… this]

This, my status turned from bad to worse… twitching

[… Even your affinity with weapons are E… El, you really have it hard]

Even the dark elf Quitina looked at me with eyes of pity.

[There…… problem….. none!! White… elf…. must not be flustered!!]

I entered into self-denial mode.
Affinity does not count for everything!
Anyhow, I need to appeal my strength!!

[My… heal]

I abruptly stopped.
Eleanor-san requested me to keep my status as a Saint as well as being a S rank healer a secret.
This is for the sake of avoiding troubles and getting involved with power struggles.

…EH? Beside healing magic, what am I good at?
This… what should I do?
I should say it! Eltina, let’s go! (Desperation mode)

[… I am good at!!]

Linda hugged and kissed my cheek…

[What, was that for~!?]
I immediately retorted.
I heard things like [There is no other way] or [Let’s protect her]. It seemed that everyone is looking at me like a small animal that needs protection.
For some reason, I looked like a small animal that is shivering as I got captured. In actual fact, the smallest in class… is also me.
I am always standing at the front when we need to form a straight line.
I remember being tall in my past life…

[I will protect you…]

Quitina smiled gently and placed her hand on my shoulder.
Since she is a dark elf, her affinity for magic is also E. However, her talent for weapon is exceptional. Her affinity for swords is A, while all other weapons are B.

[Ahhh… my soul mate!!]

The combination of the white and dark duo is completed right here.


Well then… my affinity for healing magic is recorded as E on this card but this is not the true value.

After school, students must either visit the Maius church or the healer association to test for their real affinity for healing magic.
Those with talent for healing magic will be immediately recruited into the healer association and Maius church and received special education.

Of course, there are people who refused and prefer going to school. Hence, Rayen and Thrust-san put in a lot of effort to recruit talented individuals.
… But, why am I being chase away in that case?
Isn’t it weird that me, being S rank in healing magic, need to attend school.
The card issued by the healer association is different, so I just keep the card issued by the school that indicate my healing magic as E as a memento.
Hence, a rare situation of having all E rank appearing in the card occurred.

This is not something to be proud of….

We are dismissed after the examination at the school ended.
I have work in the afternoon so I returned to the healer association.
… However.

[El-chan also came to test for your affinity?]

Linda is also here.
Ah… I see… this is the place to test for your affinity with healing magic.

[Is that so… this is the place?]

[Hahaha]… I just laughed and deceived her.
I sneaked into my work station while Linda is testing her affinity.

[Welcome back! How was your examination?]

I told Tiffany-neechan the truth since she asked.
[All of them are E rank!]
[Uwa… all E rank. Isn’t this even more uncommon?]
Tiffany-neechan retorted.

Now that she mentioned it… this, it is rare.
Someone with all E rank is rarely seen.
No matter who they are, there would surely be something he or she is good at.

Let’s not be discourage and focus on work.
There are many jii-san and baa-san catching a cold during the beginning of spring!
Well then, let’s vent my anger by going all out casting healing magic!!

On a side note, Linda’s affinity with healing magic is E…

Hugh-san brought me some snacks after I finished with all the treatment and am currently writing the patient’s medical record.
I thanked him and created peachy-sensei for him. It seemed he is happy as he told me that [I want to eat it with my family], so he brought it back to his family after work.

After I finished writing the records, I returned to my room and begun my training.
I don’t intend to give up even though I have no talent.
I was told that it is just matter of accumulating more experience.
Finally, I crawled into my bed after eating peachy-sensei.

Class will officially start from tomorrow onwards.
I wonder what lesson we will be having?
While experiencing a feeling of expectation, as well as slight uneasiness, I slowly drifted asleep.

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