Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 27

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 27

T.L Here chapter 27. Well I will translate this on and off until someone offer to take over ~

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27th Meal: The Exploding Girl

[Next~ Eltina]

Alp-sensei (Still not used to calling him this way) gave me an instruction.
I activated the fire attribute magic [Fire ball].
A ball of flame appears in my hand… and self-exploded.
I got caught in the mess…

A shriek could be heard.
[Kuishinbo elf! Are you alright!?]
The voice of a man could also be heard.

After the black smoke dissipate, a crater was formed without any resemble of the original ground.
I did not sustain any injury despite being in the center of the explosion.
The reason for this… is because my magic resistance is exceptionally high. This is probably the case.
Brrrrrrrrrrr (Shivering)

Well… I expected such an outcome.
If you ask me for the reason, I once tried using this magic after I knew I could cast it.
The end result is the same as what happened now.
And the outcome of using [Fireball] after one year had passed is still the same.

[I knew it wouldn’t work, but…]

All my classmate remains speechless.

[Why are you totally unharmed!?]
It seemed that all my classmate retorted together.

Even if you ask me for the reason… How should I explain this now?

[I got abandoned by magic from all attribute, but there is still one fellow who did not abandon me! That is the traitor of magic, [Magic resistance]! I have resistance… to all attribute!]

Don! I raised my chest while accompanied by the sound effect.
Looking at my action, my classmate tried to follow-up.

[Everyone will have at least something they are good at…]

The silvery drilled-hair girl named Cluten looked amazed.
I have no choice… I could not reveal the only ability I am good with.
Of course, I am talking about my healing magic.
But if the situation calls for it, I will not hesitate to use it.


One month had passed, and my… exploding magic, turned into something weird.
It changed into water bomb when I activate the offensive water attribute magic [Water ball].
It changed into a mini typhoon when I activate the offensive wind attribute magic [Wind ball].
It changed into illuminating light when I activate the offensive thunder attribute magic [Thunder ball].
A small mountain was formed when I activate the offensive earth attribute magic [Ground ball]
I became surrounded and immobilized by a lump of black mass when I activate the obstructive dark attribute magic [Dark ball].
I started glowing brightly… after activating the offensive light attribute magic [Shining ball].

Everyone started calling me the [Exploding girl], but I still did not realize this matter at that time.

[El-chan is amazing]

I was still shining when Riot spoke to me.

[There is no injury…? Wouldn’t it be alright to hit the dummy under your current condition?]

Fukyun! This is it!


Applying the [Shining ball] over my body, I slammed towards the dummy.
The dummy was created using magic and it is exceptionally strong against physical attacks so it would be difficult to destroy it without using magic.
[Shining ball] is a magic against undead so would normally be ineffective against anything beside them.
The sound of the dummy breaking could be heard.
It seemed that any magic will work
.… I could not understand the logic behind it.

[Uoo!? I really destroy it!?]


[Well… this is an unexpectedly strong magical and physical attack… and there are still some room for improvement…]

Not matter the case, my original magic is complete!
I don’t care that I could not use magic normally!

[Well~ alright~ You pass, Eltina]

I finally passed after being sympathized by Alp (ossan) sensei, and with this, my magic class is finally over.

Fuuu~ this is tiring~….


It is now after lunch… and we are currently chatting in the classroom.
I grew closed to my classmate after a month.

[However, I have never known that a white elf could be bad with long range magic?]

[Stop saying that, Danan. I knew of my own weakness]

[I’m sorry]
Danan apologized to me immediately.

This fellow is someone whom doesn’t hesitate to express his opinion.
But he has a good personality so as long as you gave him a proper explanation, he would reflect upon his words and reach a mutual understanding.
He has since make-up with Quitina.
As expected of the son of a merchant.

[I can’t use any magic too… but my physical ability is high so I could still live without any trouble, but as for El…]

Quitina hugged me tightly while speaking.

[Such poor thing… a white elf that could not use offensive magic… you must have a tough life]

Looking at how much Quitina is shivering, even I could understand what she is feeling.
Dark elf is a race that is being treated like slaves… surely, she must have experienced a lot of suffering.
However! A small setback such as being unable to use offensive magic would not break my spirit!

A great man once said!
Everything would be alright if you just raise the level of your physical attack!!

[White elf… physical ability is the lowest]

[What… did you say…!]

It is my turn to start shivering.
Two pretty elves are hugging each other (White and Black) (T.L The raw stated two pretty cures is hugging each other, but that doesn’t make sense to me)

[That is true… you could only hit an immobile object like a dummy with that speed]
Linda added.

Stop it! My fragile pride will shatter into pieces!
Clink! Clink!

[However, its power is high so if we could create a situation where the opponent is immobilized…]

The glass wearing boy named Floberto-kun calmly gave a useful analysis.

Such a ikemen!! So dreamly! I really admire him!!

[However, if the opponent is someone with high physical ability and could withstand El-chan’s tackle, you might be kidnapped? El-chan is so cute after all…]

Linda-san, please do not shatter my dreams.

However, she also made her point.
This ability put the user at risk.
In other word… it’s an all of nothing attack.

However, I do not desire being kidnapped.
It doesn’t sound all that bad being kidnapped by a beautiful onee-sama though.

[At the very least, you should have some affinity for weapon?]

Ganzurok stroked his beard while observing my slender wrist.
He already has a splendid beard growing despite being the same age as me.
Everyone, please remember this! It will appear in the next test! (Unconfirmed) (T.L No idea what this sentence means)

[If only it is possible to make a weapon that even someone with no affinity to weapon could use…]

[It is possible to make it, but the cost of it will be 250 big gold coins!]

I spited out the red tea in my mouth on reflex.

[Isn’t it too expensive!?]

[You fool~ It require the use of unique ore to create a weapon that El-chan could use]

[Hahaha… so it requires the use of rare metals? It is understandable if that is the case]

Floberto gave Ganzurok his view while wiping his glasses with a cloth.
It seemed that he received a direct attack by my red tea.
I am sorry…

[Well… El-chan, it is still too early for you to have that item. Let’s start from training your body!]

[Fukyun… in the end, I still must start from basic?]

I must do my best even if I have to struggle desperately.

I must obtain the strength to defend myself for the sake of conquering all the food in this world.
And I must fulfill my promise with the initial Eltina.
I still don’t have the ability to subjugate that rotten man.
That bastard is still alive somewhere in this world!

[It seemed that Eltina-san is thinking of something… but we are still young. It is bad to brood over something so much. Jiggling]

It seemed that I was seen frowning.
Gerroid seemed extremely worried about me and looked at my gently. (T.L Remember he is the prince of slime kingdom)
This does not seem like something a 6-year-old would say… but as expected of royalty.
He definitely has thought process that is different from ordinary citizen.

[El does not need to participate in any battle! I will protect you!!]

Edward hugged me while declaring so.
Uoooo… even if he is royalty, he does not seem all that different from us!?
Edward should learn something from Gerroid! And immediately!

[El is really, soft and nice…] (T.L Lolicon prince)

[Fukyun, Fukyun!]

Edward possess exceptional strength despite how slender he looked.
I experienced this many time and could not escape from him on my own if I got hugged by him.
Hence, my only choice is to scream [Fukyun] for help.
This is already a common scenery.
There is nobody that helped me (Deeply hurted).

[El-chan got hugged again]

[It seemed that Edward-sama really like the rare creature]

Or should I say, there are many spectators looking at us pleasantly.

As expected, it is embarrassing being hugged while being seen by so many people.

[Are~… Eltina-san got treated as a toy by Edward-sama again?]

Cluten came back to the classroom.
This girl is one of the few people in the classroom with common sense.
Equiped behind her head is six silver colored drill which gave people a sense of reliability.

[Clu-sama, help, me~] (T.L  She said help me in English)

Cluten started walking towards me steady.
And she hugged my other side that was opened.
I did not expect a sandwich attack!

The silver drilled hair betrayed me! I suffered a critical attack! My eyes are turning white!

[Fufu… as expected of Eltina-san, this is the first time I felt such a sensation]

Silver drilled hair-sama sticked her face on my cheek and started rubbing. Of course, I could only start calling [Fukyun] for help.

This is such a common scenario that nobody is willing to help me.

[You are so popular, Eltina]

The person who saved me is our homeroom teacher, Alp-ossan-sensei.

It seemed that break is over.

[Lunch time is over! Start preparing for your next lesson!]

All my classmate gradually returns to their seat.
Edward and silver-drilled hair unwillingly parted with me.

The moment I got released, I felt the warmth feeling disappearing. Suddenly, I felt a sense of loneliness and unconsciously said [Fukyun].

No matter the case… I am already familiar with this situation.
Could I even resist them under my current condition…?

I simply could not obtain an answer.
Hence, I could not focus in class as my mind is in a mess.


As usual, I began work in the healer association after school and is currently writing a patient medical record.

Hence, I ate a late dinner at the association’s canteen.
I chatted with Miranda-san after dinner.

…. Miranda-san, seemed like she still missed her husband.
I also heard of her miscarriage from Eleanor-san.
If Miranda-san child is born safely… he should be the same age as me.

I returned to my room and started jumping on my bed.
A stray Nyanko that is currently sleeping on my bed got thrown in the air.


[Uoo, sorry about that]

The Nyanko then climbed on top of my belly as a sign of protest. It seemed that to sleepy and lie directly on my stomach.
Since my companion fell asleep, I enter into a deep thought on my own.
The first image that enters my mind, is Miranda-san lonely smile.
I wanted to do something… but it is out of my power.
Giving her true happiness, is something that I could not bless her with.

[Work harder and show your charm… Alp-ossan]

I gave a silent complain to the late bloomer Alp-ossan.
In the first place, he has not even taken the first step, and does not show sign of doing so.

[He must change his way…]

I closed my eyes while thinking of such stuff.

Various stuff had since changed in my daily life.
My tour around the world should happen in the near future.
Or… is it possible to do it now? (Shock)

I felt the sleep demon taking over my conscious while feeling a sense of unease. Zzzzz…

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