Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 28

Kuishinbo Elf Chapter 28

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28th Meal: Me and my weapon

Bonjour, I am the [Explosive weapon] and white elf named Eltina from Langusten. (T.L MC said Bonjour = hello in french)

Today class is battle training with weapons in the field.
Everyone is attacking the target by using the weapons they are proficient with.
The target I am referring to are the simple wooden dummies anchored to the ground.

In addition, only blunt weapons were used for training to ensure our safety.
However, it is still necessary to take precaution.

There are various type of weapons made for training.
There are even stuff that I don’t know if they could even be considered as weapons, but…

[My long-awaited day is finally here, so let me choose this weapon!]

I chose an axe from among the bunch of weapons! Furthermore, it is a huge 2-handed axe.
This is the romance of all man…! (Confident)

[El-jaan… are you fine using that?]

Ganzurok looked at me with face full of worries.
Hehe, just wait and see!? I will show you! My FULL POWER!!

[Uoooooo….. fukyun, fukyun!…. aaaaa]

It is regrettable that I could not lift my romance!
For some reason, I am being rejected by my romance!!

[Well, I can understand the reason you choose an axe… there are no issue wielding it?]

Ganzurok easily lift the 2-handed axe using just one hand.
I don’t think this is the physical strength a six-year old child possesses!
Just what is going on?

[For us dwarf, we have strength equivalent to an adult human at my age]

Ganzurok rested the axe against his shoulder while explaining happily.
This person, looked exactly the same as a character from a game I played previously.
Although it is nice finally witnessing this scene in real life, I still felt regretful being unable to use an axe and kept grumbling to myself.

[Its vexing, regrettable…]

I buried my strong feeling of unhappiness deep in my heart and proceed with the next weapon.
Then, I noticed a lone weapon being left in one corner.
This weapon will feel lonely if I didn’t choose it… let’s give it a try.

[A whip! Lets go!!]

The weapon I am holding on my hand is a whip.
It is a famous weapon used by a certain vampire hunter.
This is very light so it seemed I could use it!

… That’s right, there was once I held such thoughts…

After I swung the whip, not only did the whip not move away from me but instead curled back coiled around me. In a blink of an eye, I am currently like a [Caterpillar].
It seemed that the whip will be lonely… Fukyun.

[El-chan… a whip is extremely difficult to use?]

Linda explained to me while trying to uncoil me from the whip.
It seemed that if your affinity for a weapon is not at least C, you will be unable to freely manipulate that weapon.

[Sorry… whip. I, could not use you]

I returned the whip into the box after apologizing to it.

As expected, everything in this world depends on affinity.

All of my affinity for weapons are E.
If that is the case, I would be unable to use almost all types of weapon.

No, wait… Oh! If I do this, it doesn’t matter if I have no affinity!

[I decided… to use my fist]

[Oh, Well then, will you like to spar with me!?]

Riot, the lion-kin spoke to me while punching and kicking the air with fightening speed.
As expected of a beastkin, even their child showed extraordinary physical ability.
Honestly speaking, I could not even see his actions.

I decided to withdraw immediately.

This is enough! How could I even expect to beat him!

I stopped practicing and decided to observe the weapon that my classmate were using.
It is not too late to decide after this.
Among them, I discover one fellow using an unusual weapon.
Danan is actually attacking using a blowgun…
Such an unexpected weapon…

[I will be a merchant in the future so I must raise my combat skills to improve chances of survival]

In addition, it is easy to add various types of poison on the darts.
I see, so there is still such a method.
I also tried using the blowgun.

[I am going… Fuuuuu!]

Plop… and the dart rolled out beside my foot.
It seemed that if your lung capacity is insufficient, the darts would be unable to fly far.
Everyone looked at me with eyes of pity after I could not even use its basic function.
Stop it! Don’t look at me with such eyes! (Sadness)

[Well… Haa, it’s impossible for you to use a blowgun]

Danan laughed without a hint of trying his laughter.
For the time being, lets this fellow flying with my original magic [Wind ball].
I am against sexual harassment!

It seemed Quitina is using a huge two-handed sword.
The glittering silver sword looked even more brilliant when contrast with her brown skin.

Beautiful! Oh… beautiful!!

[That, I also want to try it…]

I tried wielding it, but failed to even lift it.
Our class rep next to me also tried challenging the two-handed sword…
It seemed like the sword didn’t even move an inch even after lifting it with all his strength.

Let’s not be discourage and observe the surrounding again!
Of course Edward is using a rapier that is favored among nobles… or not.

[Shiiing….Ha! Shaaaa!!]

Edward is screaming while ripping the dummy apart, by swinging his claw at a speed so fast that my eyes could not follow.
His polish movement made him seemed like he is dancing.

[Edward has good sense. Hehe… somehow, I feel excited! Shall we have a spar?]

Riot showed an expression that looked like he found a prey.
It will grow into a good rival if it’s between these two people.

I also tried using the claw but it slipped directly through my tiny hand.
I hate this thing! Hmph!

The silver drilled-hair is practicing with a sword.
It seemed like she received training from her home tutor.
All her moves are elegant and sharp.

If you said that Edward gave off a feeling of a violent carnivorous beast, then Cluten gave a feeling of a gentle herbivore.

[Such a splendid sword technique without any abnormalities.

[Ara~ Eltina-san… are you observing?]

I shared my troubles with Cluten.
She then recommended with the rapier.
As it is light, you could pinpoint and hit vital spots with great accuracy.

I followed silver drilled-hair action of swinging the sword.
It still felt heavy to me even though I could lift it.
Despite the case, I could still barely use it.

[If you possess more strength, you could use it even more easily]

[Un, that’s right. I will take it as one of my candidate. Thank you so much, Clu-sama]

I finally found one a candidate but I decided to continue observing.
I wanted to find whether there are other weapons suitable for me.

Speaking of Floberto… What is that? He is wielding a weapon that I never seen before.
He is holding onto a baton-like thing.

[Ah… this is how you, use this]

Shuiiiin! At the same time as I heard this sound, a glowing blade appears.
Isn’t this your so called [Light0aber]!?
You, are you a 0edi knight!? (T.L Some Star Wars reference)

Vu~un! Vu~u~un! Accompanied by the sound, Floberto easily destroy the dummy.
The light sword he is using felt as though it is weighless.

Wait a moment! If that is the case, even I….

[Floberto, please let me try that sword!]
[I am sorry, but this is an extremely unique weapon. It has been passed down for generation so only our family are allowed to use it…]

Uu~uu, so regretful!

However, it is still not impossible for me to use it.
If that is case, I just have to make a new one for myself.
Alright, let’s make it one of my candidate (Keep in memo).

Well then, what weapons are other using?
Oh? Let’s go and observe Linda.

[Linda, what weapon are you using?]

After I asked her, she seemed slightly embarrassed with whispering into my ears.

The weapon she is most proficient with is blunt weapon.
Furthermore, it is S rank!
She is holding a small size bat in her hand.

[Isn’t it a good thing, that you have something with more affinity than your magic?]

[However… it is embarrassing]

Ah… that’s true, a girl yelling [Heyahhhhhhhhhhhh!!] while swing a blunt weapon….
But a portion of people would definitely jump in joy if they have her talent.

Al, alright… everyone, have weapon they are suited with.
In comparison, I… no, wait, it is still too early to give up!
If I give up hope now, I will not be able to accomplish anything!

That’s right, I am the rare creature that is full of possibilities.
I will show you, my real power!

I decided to try every single weapon.
But in the end… all the weapon treated me like a fool.

[Uuuu, the weapons are bullying me….]

I crumble like sand.
You see! This is my true form!! (Tears)

[This… you tried about every weapon here… for the time being, go run around the field to build up your body strength during weapon training]

Alphonse-ossan-sensei told me.

I don’t understand… Fukyun!



You will feel hungry after exercising.
I felt half dead after running several rounds around the field.
I then came to the school canteen with my classmate.

The food served in this canteen is not a good as Miranda-san’s cooking, but they have a lot of varieties and their service is fast.

[What should I eat…? Umuuu, alright!]

I chose Naporitan for my meal.
This should be something that is introduced by a reincarnator or summoned hero.
Even commoner food has great varieties, which is a good thing.

The oba-chan working in the canteen that served me the Naporitan said:

[Ara~, you looked so small as usual!? You need to eat properly?]

And piled a small mountain of Naporitan for me.
The amount of food could even cover my face… this, how could I even finish it!? (Stunned)

Maa… if there are any leftover, I can ask Ganzurok and Riot to finish it for me.

There isn’t a need to fight over seats as the canteen is very big.
And there is a corner that is empty so all of us sat there.

[Well then, let’s eat!]

Following Linda’s word, all of us started eating happily.

Linda is eating sandwich.
Quitina is eating hotdog.
Danan is eating yakisoba.
Floberto is eating cream puff.
Will you really be full eating those?
Ganzurok is eating yakitori… and beer (A big mug)

[Gan-chan, let me take a sip!]

[You fool! Beside dwarf, it is prohibited for other race to drink at this age. Alp-sensei also reminded me not to let El-chan drink any beer]

After Ganzurok declared so, he drank the beer in one gulp.
It seemed so nice to drink….

So jealous, I want to be able to drink soon!

[Is the drink that nice? I will just take a sit here]

And Riot…. Aaahhhhhhhh! Meat with bone!!! (T.L Basically anime meat)
As expected of carnivore!

Speaking of which… it had been some time since we started eating together.
However, never have I once saw them eating something besides what they are eating now.

Well, forgot it… I should also start eating.

The Naporitan is still piping hot.
The freshly made pasta tasted exceptionally well.
The noodles are covered with red tomato sauce.
There are also onion, green pepper, sliced carrots and bacon.

I twirl the noodle with my fork…
And [Chomp] it.

The sour taste of the tomato, spicy taste of onion, bitter taste of green pepper… and sweetness of carrot! (This is extremely important) The carrot tasted sweet, just like fruits!

With the saltiness of bacon mixed with the juicy meat sauce, it made me keep eating.

One of the factor is due to it being hot as it is just served.
It is not an exaggeration to call a cold Naporitan an entirely different food.
A cold Naporitan became unworthy to be called Naporitan.


I chomped down as much as I could before the Naporitan turned cold.
However, serving given by oba-chan was too much.
It is regrettable that I could not even finish half of it.

[… Leftover~]

[Pass it over, this is just right to go with beer]

Ganzurok took over the leftover Naporitan and started eating.
Most of the time, he will eat our leftover food.
It is bad to have leftover so we are extremely greatful to him.
I must also work harder, and eat more…

On a side note, the nobles have their own canteen and will eat their meal over there.
It seemed that various problem arise in the past.

It seemed Edward felt regrettable as he is looking forward to eating meals with me.
Well, there is no problem with me going over to eat
However, my identity is still being hidden so might be impossible now.


[Fuu… as expected, Miranda-san’s cooking is happiness]

After eating my dinner in the healer association’s canteen and chatting with Miranda-san, I returned to my room.

Although Miranda-san started feeling better after my constant encouragement as well as help from Alp-ossan….
But as expected, she still is affected by her dead husband.
She is also constantly feeling down due to her miscarriage.

[Regarding this matter.. ah]

After lying on my bed and thinking about the matters regarding Miranda-san, I suddenly felt a strong sense of sleepiness.

Eleanor-san… she got proposed by someone.
I never heard, who the fellow is…
If he is a weird guy, I will bury him with my [Fireball] (Self-explosion).

It might be due to me running on the field for half a day, or due to me being full.

I began to slowly drifted into sleep.

Probably… due to both factors… Zzzz

T.L End of 28…

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